EVE Online Players to Quit Following the Announcement of a Local Chat Blackout

Last week there was a massive and unprecedented attack, launched by an NPC on the Space Sandbox MMO Game EVE Online.

EVE Players Under Attack!

Last week there was a massive and unprecedented attack, launched by an NPC on the Space Sandbox MMO Game EVE Online.

The NPC responsible is Drifters, a faction in-game, which is usually passive. Players now experience Drifters ganging up against them. Drifter battleships are, more powerful than anything that players can actually pilot themselves.

Now following this attack, an in-game mechanics shake will push through. EVE Online creator CCP Games has announced plans to change local chat for the whole of nullsec space.

Attack’s Aftermath

According to CCP’s canon, the Drifters’ attacks have affected the communications infrastructure of player-owned space quite significantly. In line with this, the local chat will switch to delayed mode. Though it sounds like a small shake-up, it could have a huge impact on how the players operate.

“Due to the combined impact of the Triglavian and Drifter invasions, resupply of the vital quantum entangled 4-helium superfluid used in the network is increasingly under threat”, said Eve Online in its The Scope news video. “To ensure sustainable operation of the FTL comms network and guard against the risk of strategic communications bring compromised, the SCC will be enforcing reduced bandwidth across its nullsec routers.”.

As Reddit’s u/wingspantt reiterated, players in Eve Online commonly appear in the local chat list automatically. For years, this has enabled player alliances to craft scripts that identify enemies when they invade a territory, even if they’re in stealth. When the blackout goes live, pilots will only show in the local listing if they choose to post messages.

To keep things more balanced, CCP says it will notify players 48-hours before the blackout, which means that a two-day preparation will be granted to all players. During this time players can come up with a strategy.

When the changes are live, the galaxy will exhibit behavior similar to the so-called ‘wormhole space’.

Player’s Having Mixed Reactions

No further information has been released on how long these changes will continue. However, some players have voiced their worries and concerns about the effect.

With no automatic player listing, users will be rendered clueless on how many players are hunting them. This also means that they won’t be able to make informed decisions as a result.

At the same time, The Scope is warning of another upcoming wave of attacks by the Drifters. The incoming attacks will focus on hunting down both structures and individual players.

Overall, the player base of Eve Online is very divided by the recent changes. With some going as far as threatening to end their subscription. Others believe that a change in direction is inevitable. At the very least, players will have a warning this time around.

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