Friday the 13th: The Game: Latest Changes Overview

It would be excessive to say that Friday the 13th: The Game had a smooth launch but against all odds it managed to cement itself a spot among the trending survival horror video games. IllFonic has already addressed a number of serious issues, although it seems there is still room for improvement.

It would be excessive to say that Friday the 13th: The Game had a smooth launch but against all odds it managed to cement itself a spot among the trending survival horror video games. IllFonic has already addressed a number of serious issues, although it seems there is still room for improvement. The good news is that the developer seems to have sped up the process of fixing bugs and glitches. Over the last couple of days, the game has been in the spotlight with some exciting enhancements. Here are all major changes that will be implemented in the near future.

Players Leaving the Game Early Will Get Punished

Gun Media and IllFonic have recently taken actions towards handling bad players’ behavior. The developer announced that the next patch addresses the team killing issue. However, it turned out that the team killing was not the sole misdeed some players are committing on a regular basis. Consequently, IllFonic decided to take further actions in that direction.

Friday the 13th: The Game code of conduct is now updated. One of the major rules is related to the early game leaving. Players who “log out or exit the Service during live game-play” too often, risk receiving a temporary ban. Those who continue to violate the rule will get a longer temporary ban.

Leaving mid-game in the asymmetrical matches is undoubtedly one of the serious game issues. Currently, if the host leaves the game, it ends because there is no system in place to migrate the host. However, if the game does not end when the Counselors escape or get killed, or Jason is killed, or the time limit is reached, players have to watch the game until it’s over. As most players do not see a point in sticking around, they simply leave and find a new match.

However, the code of conduct update seems to have caused confusion instead of bringing clarity. Players started second-guessing what “live” gameplay means. It is unknown whether the live gameplay includes the time in which players are alive or they might be banned if they leave the game when their character dies. At the time of writing, IllFonic is yet to provide an explanation.

The other conduct code updates include warnings against spamming chat, the usage of mods, cheats, and bots, as well as attempts for accessing Service areas that “have not been made available to the public”.

Keeping in mind the upcoming arrival of the game’ physical edition, the timing of these amendments seems right. Once the physical edition is released, it is expected to cause a considerable influx of players. The sooner the developer sets limits and outlines what is acceptable and what is not, the sooner all players will be able to have a trouble-free gaming experience.

Players Get a New Way to Report Bugs and Misbehavior

Gun Media and IllFonic have introduced a brand new site aptly named The latter enables players to report glitches as well as fellow players who violate the established rules.

The site uses a report-a-bug system comprised of several fields players have to fill and bring a bug to developer’s attention. Players can also upload videos and screenshots to detail when the issue has occurred.

The new website is considered a convenient option for those who would like to contribute to making the game bug-free. Previously, players reported issues mainly via Twitter but most of them found it challenging to outline an issue in 140 characters. Others used to send direct emails to the IllFonic team, but with so many emails pouring in, it was difficult for the developer to handle all complaints in an efficient manner.

Friday the 13th: The Game Single Player Mode Delayed

The highly anticipated single player mode of Friday the 13th: The Game will not be released this summer. A fan has asked via Twitter when the single player campaign was to be released and the response was brief and disappointing. The F13 Game Support representatives answered that the single player mode was in progress and it had no official release date. The tweet further explained that the delay was necessary as the developer wanted to “be satisfied before unleashing it” (the single-player mode).

Tons of New Content Coming to Friday the 13th: The Game

Gun Media and IllFonic announced that plenty of fresh content would be added to the game. According to the released information, the development team was working on a new playable Jason. In addition, several new maps were also in development. One of them was “ripped straight from the films” and the best of all is that it will be launched soon.

The next patch will also bring smaller versions of the Packanack, Higgins, and Crystal Lake Map maps. Therefore, fans will be able to play with friends without needing at least 8 players to jump into a match. The maps will have different spawn locations.

Players will also get two new counselors and the Spring Break 1984 clothing pack. In addition, they will gain access to a free emote pack that allows them to communicate with other players via gestures.

It is important to note that the new patch is expected to go live across all platforms at the same time.

Team Killing Removed with the Next Patch

Apart from the emotes and the new map variants, the next patch will bring a change in the team killing policy. When the new patch arrives, players will not be able to kill their teammates at all. In public matches, they will be unable to blast their teammates with a shotgun or hack them up with the machete.

Although the change puts an end to one of the major in-game setbacks, it is seen as a potential catalyst for other issues to emerge. According to people who commented the matter via gaming forums, some players may take unfair advantage of the fact that they cannot be team killed. A reddit user drew an example that some players might do stuff such as “running around with the gas or battery and refusing to drop it in”.

Another member of the reddit community asked “How are you supposed to deal with some [person] standing in a doorway, blocking you in?”. The user added that beating them to death was the only viable option and sarcastically asked if the developer was planning to make it possible for players to walk through each other.

Retro Jason Skin Temporarily Removed from the Game

The Retro Jason skin will soon disappear from Friday the 13th: The Game, but the developer hurried up to clarify that the removal will be only temporary. The skin will be revamped and updated before being brought back to the game; new music will be added and both counselors and Jason can hear it.

When IllFonic announced the arrival of the Retro Jason skin, fans got really excited. Soon, they were disappointed to find out that it was just a “reskin” of the Part 3 Jason with the most distinctive difference being the change in the colors.

That is why most players are likely to put up with the temporary absence of the Retro Jason skin. They remain hopeful that this time around, the one-month wait will be worth it.

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