GTA Gunrunning Update Arrives on June 13th

Rockstar Games announced the release date of the long-anticipated GTA Gunrunning update. It is to be launched on June 13th.

Rockstar Games announced the release date of the long-anticipated GTA Gunrunning update. It is to be launched on June 13th. The update will be available across all platforms – PC, Xbox One and PS4, and it is expected to enhance players’ multiplayer GTA experience. To fuel players’ interest in the upcoming patch release, the publisher released an official Gunrunning update trailer.

Up to now, information about the Gunrunning mode has been scarce. Nevertheless, the trailer comes to confirm that the mode will be action packed. The most notable feature the Gunrunning update brings is the selection of new weaponized vehicles players will be able to drive around the streets of Los Santos.

The trailer also clarifies that apart from enabling players to create chaos in a new squad of weaponized vehicles, the update will also provide them with the chance to gear up a subterranean bunker or strike it rich in the SA arms trade.

The unlocking of new personal gear goes through investing in a special bunker where players can manufacture weapons and exchange them for money. The special bunker will also feature storage space for jaw-dropping vehicles.

The adaptive construction of the drivable command center enables players to have luxury living quarters, weapons and vehicle workshop, and a command center allowing them to tweak the storehouse and customize weaponized vehicles.

As for the weaponized vehicles customization, players will be able to construct a fleet and/ or use these vehicles as company assets helping in sending cargo to every storehouse.

GTA Online has become one of the most successful games ever released by Rockstar Games. The publisher has acknowledged the constantly increasing demand for new content and regularly issued updates.

The release of the Gunrunning update coincides with the start of the LA expo. Rockstar is among the notable attendees and it will reveal more details to about the update during the E3 event.

The publisher is also expected to provide information about the other anticipated game – Red Dead Redemption 2. Earlier this week, the GTA Gunrunning update was quoted as one of the reasons for the RDR 2 delay.

GTA Gunrunning Update Trailer

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