Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Glaive RGB is the latest model in Corsair’s ever-growing portfolio. The company targeted gamers with tight wallets without compromising on quality and durability. Check if Glaive is the best choice for you.

Nowadays, the variety of gaming merchandise promotes healthy competition between manufacturers of high-end gaming gear. Each of them strives to outperform its rivals and roll out gaming peripherals of unparalleled quality. It seems that’s exactly what Corsair had in mind while crafting the Glaive model. It debuted mere weeks ago but has managed to gain considerable recognition among the e-sports elite.

I have to admit that the word “glaive” did not evoke any associations, so I had to look it up and found out that it means a “sword”. Later on, I figured out that it actually makes sense.

The Glaive is equipped with removable thumb rests that enable you to tweak it to your gripping style. The Omron switches, the good tactile feedback and the incredible accuracy, make the Corsair Glaive RGB a perfect gaming mouse. No matter if you are into FPS, MOBA, or RTG, you can expect great performance. Although the number of buttons makes it relatively unsuitable for MMOs, it would not be excessive to say that Corsair designers have outdone themselves with the Glaive.

However, every rational person would ask is the mouse actually faultless?  Well, I suggest we explore its strengths and weaknesses. Grab your sword and let’s plunge ahead.

If you want to find out more details about the Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse before buying it, read the review below.


Don’t shoot the messenger but the mouse is suitable for right-handed gamers only. If you are a rightie, you will fall for Glaive’s ergonomics.

The mouse comes with swappable thumb grips that adapt to shape of your hand and allow you to employ palm, claw or fingertip gripping style. Each of the grips gives you a completely different feel.

The first grip is a no-frills, soft-coated attachment; the second one is a rugged, textured thumb grip and the third one is a rugged extension where you can rest your thumb. All three grips use magnets to lock to the mouse. The well-thought-out button placement also aids the comfort during prolonged use, but you will find more on that matter below.


The Glaive is an all-purpose gaming mouse that suits RTG, FPS, and MOBA enthusiasts alike. It is neither too bulky, nor too lightweight. Its exact dimensions are: 4.95×3.60×1.75 inches (LWH). It weighs 0.27lbs or approximately 122 grams without cable and accessories.


The mouse is definitely not a huge MMO beast featuring an intimidating number of buttons. As a matter of fact, it has six programmable buttons, and that’s more than enough. The six-button loadout consists of right and left clickers, a DPI switcher, a clickable mouse wheel and two additional buttons residing the left side of the mouse. The mouse uses Omron switches and their life expectancy is 50 million clicks. Impressive, huh?

The DPI switcher allows you to cycle through the five DPI modes in a breeze. The DPI indicator lights have a set color, blue. I might be overreacting, but the static blue light grinds my gears. I really hope you like blue.

The mouse is devoid of extra macro or sniper button, but that’s not a big deal as you can solve that issue by fiddling with the software settings.

I want to note on the location and firmness of the buttons. Practically, the chance of accidentally hitting the back button is non-existent because of its location. Plus, you cannot trigger the button unless you push it harder.

Wired Mode Only

If you think of the term “wireless gaming mice” as a dirty expression, you will like the fact that the Glaive is corded. The USB cable is not rubberized, but it is cloth braided.

Responsiveness and Sensor

Under the hood, the Glaive has a PMW3367 optical sensor offering a max DPI of 16,000. Low sens players will regard that DPI as a total overkill, but it seems that’s the new high-end default. Time will tell whether other manufacturers will follow suit.

After several days of pushing the Glaive to its limits, I have to tell you that this thing is massively precise. The sensor provides consistent tracking and responsiveness at any speed.  The ultra fast 1ms refresh rate ensures every click is instantly registered.

I tested the Glaive in Battlefield 1 and I was pleased with its performance and the utterly easy navigation through the field. When you reach an enemy, lower the DPI so that you can aim more accurately. When you take your shot and want to move out of a danger zone with the speed of the light, switch to a higher DPI.

If you have ever used a gaming mouse, you should wonder why Corsair decided to integrate only one DPI button instead of two allowing you to switch DPI up and down. Well, we have what we have. To increase/ decrease DPI, you have to cycle through all sensitivity levels. I think this is the biggest pitfall of the Glaive RGB, but let’s explore the software for any bugs.


You can tweak Glaive’s settings to your liking via the Corsair Utility Engine software (CUE for short). If you have a Corsair-branded RGB keyboard and/ or headsets, chances are you already have the CUE installed on your PC.

The Glaive RGB has an onboard memory where you can save all your settings. If the mouse allowed you to store settings only in the cloud, you would have been required to download the software to every computer you use.

The software enables you to adjust the DPI, assign macros, add, import, export files. Pretty much, the CUE gives you the freedom to customize every feature of the mouse to your personal preferences.

Wrap Up

The Glaive is the perfect match for every geeky gamer. I dare to say that the mouse is one step ahead of competition mainly because of the great design, wide range of customization features and the RGB bling. Everything is spot on and I even find it a bit bothersome that there is not a real disadvantage I can point.

Apart from the static blue lights and the lack of a second DPI button, I have nothing negative to add. So, turn thumbs up on Glaive or better yet, rest it comfortably on the thumb grip 😉

Corsair Glaive PRO - RGB Gaming Mouse
  • Comfortable contoured shape
  • Three interchangeable thumb grips
  • Gaming-grade native 18,000 DPI optical sensor
  • 50 million clicks long-lasting switches
  • Dynamic RGB backlighting

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