Fnatic Flick G1 Gaming Mouse Review

If you are looking for a budget-friendly FPS mouse – check out the Fnatic Flick G1- a gaming mouse approved by the strongest team in CS:GO history.

I remember that when I made my first attempts in shooters, I relentlessly searched for recommendations how I can improve my aim and overall performance. I have read tons of reviews, watched hundreds of videos and realized that the best pieces of advice I have received were given by FPS pros. That’s why I am thrilled to bring to your attention the Fnatic Flick G1- a gaming mouse designed, tested and approved by FPS veterans.

You must have heard of the FNATIC pro gamers from CS:GO, Overwatch, Dota2, LoL. They have provided valuable input into the creation of a good cheap gaming mouse that suits the needs of FPS fans. The Fnatic Flick G1 strikes a fine balance between price, durability and aesthetics. What’s more, it has scooped the “Elite Hardware” award. Let’s not waste any more time and see what is so special about it.

If you want to find out more details about the Fnatic Flick G1 Gaming Mouse before buying it, read the review below.

Basic Specifics

Do you know what I have always found puzzling about some gamers? I bet you share my opinion. They spend thousands of bucks on a fast gaming PC and then kill themselves by trying to save up from a mouse. As a result, they get a crappy rodent that does not serve its primary purpose as well as expected.

Luckily, the Fnatic Flick G1 is far from the above description and it will undoubtedly elevate your gaming. Although it is a no-frills mouse, it does fill the huge gap in the market and meets the demand for affordable FPS mice that combine reliability, comfort and simplicity. All in all, the G1 is a sleek killing machine that does not possess even one irrelevant feature.


If you have ever used a pro gaming mouse, the shape of the G1 will not surprise you. Still, it is a bit slimmer and has a lower profile, which encourages claw grip. Palm grippers may find it a bit too angled. I have great news for lefties. The Fnatic Flick G1 has a beautiful ambidextrous shape. Here you are, left-handed Overwatch freaks.


Like every FPS gaming mouse, the Flick G1 is compact and lightweight. Its dimensions are: 2.6×4.96×1.57 inches (WLH). It weighs approximately 3.17 oz or 90 grams.


Fnatic emphasized on quality and simplicity and equipped the G1 with five buttons and a scroll wheel. The top of the mouse houses the right and left clickers, the scroll wheel and the mode button. The forward and backward buttons are on the left side of the mouse. All buttons can be customized via the software.

Speaking of buttons, they feel solid and have nothing in common with the flimsy-like buttons of the mediocre rodents. They provide a good tactile feedback and their stiffness actually appealed to me.

The scroll wheel is not tiltable, but if you wish, you can assign it a specific command via the software and adjust the color pattern. The LEDs on the left side indicate the profile you are on.

Wired Mode Only

The Fnatic Flick G1 is available in wired mode only. The cord is long enough (6.5 feet or 2 metres). The cable is braided so that any kinking or fraying is avoided. The gold-plated plug ensures good connectivity and eliminates the risk of interruptions during a battle.

Responsiveness and Sensor

The Flick G1 comes with a tracking speed of 130 IPS, 30G acceleration, and a Pixart ADNS 3310 optical sensor offering a max DPI of 5000. You can adjust the DPI settings on-the-fly. I tested the mouse in Call of Duty and World of Warships and I found that the key press was simply great. The option for changing the DPI on-the-fly comes in handy especially when running versus controlling vehicles.

I rarely use DPI higher than 1,800, so the max 5000 DPI is way too much for my liking. Still, it is useful in fast-paced shooters such as the New Doom. The max polling rate is 1000Hz, but keep in mind that the default polling rate is 125Hz, so you have to adjust it via the software.

I was quite baffled by the lift-off distance. While this is not a big deal for me, high DPI players might see this as a serious issue. The faster the cursor is, the more pronounced the jitter would be when you lift the mouse off the mousepad.


You can explore G1 capabilities in CS:GO as soon as you take it out of the box, but to increase its functionalities, you have to adjust the settings. The Fnatic software follows the overall conception of the mouse- simplicity and utmost functionality. You will find exactly the settings you need, nothing more.

The software enables you to record macros, change the color patterns, and adjust the polling rate, pointer sensitivity, as well as the scroll speed. As for the button assignments, you can enable the buttons to do pretty much anything you use your keyboard for. You are free to make different settings to the three available profile spots.

Wrap Up

You know that I always outline the positive and negative sides of every piece of hardware I review but this time, I did not find anything to nag about, except for the lift-off distance. Still, the latter is not a problem for me as I play low sens. I mean, the mouse is, without a doubt, among the best budget mice for FPS. It is the perfect weapon for everyone who needs a durable mouse offering a solid construction, ambi shape, multiple profiles, reliable tracking and plenty of customization options. If the lift-off distance issue is fixed, the Fnatic Flick G1 can be a serious rival to the rodents that cost three times more. In my eyes, the G1 is an awesome device and I wholeheartedly recommend it as the best FPS weapon under 50 bucks.

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