Gigabyte AORUS H5 Gaming Headset Review: Great Drivers Without Paying Extra

Are the Beryllium Drivers Worth it? The Gigabyte AORUS H5 Gaming headset is armed with beryllium drivers , which is deemed superior than Neodymium-based drivers, and AORUS is banking on that as its secret weapon.

Are the Beryllium Drivers Worth it?

Not letting itself be outperformed by other companies, Gigabyte has expanded from PC parts to gaming peripherals, and one example of this vision is the Gigabyte AORUS H5 Gaming headset. Armed with Beryllium drivers, which are deemed superior to Neodymium-based drivers, it looks good on paper. Now let’s see how the AORUS H5 does on the factors to consider when buying a gaming headset.

GIGABYTE Aorus H5 RGB Gaming Headset
  • Aorus H5 RGB Gaming Headset
  • 50mm beryllium metal drivers
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Lightweight frame
  • Multi-platform compatibility

Build and Design 

The Gigabyte AORUS H5 is a budget headset, so it’s no wonder it’s heavy on plastic. I did not subject it to harsh treatment during testing, but the two thin, plastic bars over the headband look suspiciously weak. The earcups are also given the plastic treatment, though they look more reliable than the headband. On the bright side, the plastic build does lessen the weight. At 10.1 ounces, it is perfect for extended usage.

Design wise it’s furnished with matte black plastic and looks minimalistic. There are a few orange trims, which are in line with AORUS ‘s color branding. It’s clearly designed to appeal to your everyday gamer – not flashy but still pleasing.


Although H5’s headband is plastic, I was impressed by its auto-adjusting feature. The use of tension wires and springs adds support to the inner part of the headband.  The weight is evenly distributed, which is convenient – you don’t have to constantly tinker with the headband to get that perfect fit.


H5’s earcups are comfortable despite their plastic shell. The cushions themselves are made of memory foam that is covered in leatherette. The overall feel is soft, snuggly, and comfortable.

The earcups’ shape and size are perfect as they fit all the way over my ears, and I have average-sized ears. Design wise the ear cups sport a closed-back design, with an AORUS logo on the back with built-in RGB lighting.

Sound Quality 

It seems that Gigabyte’s banking on its drivers has paid off, as the 50mm Beryllium drivers are notably powerful. You can tell that the AORUS H5 is built with gamers in mind. During testing, the headset produced some serious punch to in-game explosions and blasts.

Testing it with Battlefield 4, grenade explosions, firefights, and loud bangs were quite defined. The sound was neither distorted nor muddy. Considering that the H5’s body is mostly plastic, we can now deduce that the bulk of the budget went to the audio drivers’ performance, and to be honest, the sound is incredible.

Of course, the drivers aren’t premium grade; however, considering the price range, they’re clear, sharp, and deliver a good bass thump. If you plan on using them for music or non-action movies, they’re pretty capable, though they won’t really please the picky audiophiles’ ears. All in all, this is a gaming headset, and as such, it focuses on gun sounds, grenades, and video game ambiance.

Controls and Software 

The controls of the AORUS H5 is simple, it only consists of a volume dial and a mute switch for the microphone.

You can tweak the RGB lighting with the software. The AORUS Graphics Engine is downloadable from Gigabyte’s official website., and can also be used on Gigabyte’s graphics cards. Being in the budget spectrum, it’s even surprising that this headset offers RGB lighting. A word of warning, the software is basic and loads slowly.


This is a wired headset with a 9.8-foot cable, which gives you plenty of freedom to move about. The AORUS H5 is generous in plugs: two 3.5mm jacks (for the headset and the microphone), and a USB plug for the RGB lighting. In case you decide to use the headset with your phone, you’ll have two extra plugs hanging around, quite odd. So this feature makes the AORUS H5 exclusively for gaming.


AORUS H5’s microphone is modestly designed. It is detachable, and fortunately, it attaches on quickly. The boom is nice, with an adequate length.  

However, the mic doesn’t offer much in the way of noise cancellation, and the sound quality is not that great. If you are a streamer, I suggest that you get a separate microphone for streaming.

Final Verdict 

Overall the Gigabyte AORUS H5 produces a sound profile at par for the budget category. The Beryllium drivers deliver a good audio bass quality. However, the plastic build will be a concern for some, especially when questioned about durability. I guess it just depends on how much abuse you subject your gear to.

Nevertheless, if build plus audio quality is non-negotiable for you, then I suggest that you look at something like the ASTRO A40 TR or the Razer Thresher Ultimate. Sure, these devices will cost you more, but that is because their build and audio quality have stood the test of time.

But then again, if you work on a budget and just want something to make your everyday PUBG more immersive, then the AORUS H5 will meet your needs.

GIGABYTE Aorus H5 RGB Gaming Headset
  • Aorus H5 RGB Gaming Headset
  • 50mm beryllium metal drivers
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Lightweight frame
  • Multi-platform compatibility
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