Razer Hammerhead: High-Quality Gaming Earbuds Review

Simply put, Razer Hammerhead Bluetooth wireless headphones outshine almost all devices promoted as suitable for mobile gaming. Read our review and decide if they will be the next fancy accessory for your Android or iOS smartphone.

How many times you have faced the following dilemma: you have to go on a long trip and wonder how can you kill the time. Basically, you have several options- you can take your huge PC headset and plug it into your mobile device, you can read the book you have never found time to finish or just talk to your fellow travelers. The latter option is not that bad provided that you are travelling with a bunch of cool people. In all other cases, I would personally prefer gaming. Just imagine how much progress you can make in a couple of hours.

If you are not among those gamers who have completely ruled out the mobile gaming options, you need to find a way to indulge into a favorite game without disturbing your travelling companions. In this case, the Razer Hammerhead Bluetooth wireless headphones come to your rescue. If you have recognized yourself in the above description, you should totally get to know the pros and cons of one of the fanciest products in Razer’s line-up.

If you travel often or play games on your way to work, the Hammerhead headphones are the perfect solution for you. And do you know what the best thing is? The iPhone 7 folks who do not have a headphone jack available can also use the Razer Hammerhead. What’s more, Razer has released a headphones version, especially for iOS devices. Anyway, let’s jump to the Razer Hammerhead Bluetooth headphones review.

PC headsets are too bulky to carry around. The regular earphones can hardly meet the high demands of serious gamers. That’s why I would like to draw your attention to the Razer Hammerhead headphones.

The headphones are not a big departure from their predecessor – the Pro V2 model. However, Razer has cut the cord and added a Bluetooth connectivity option. Hammerhead delivers high-quality sound in just 28 grams. The Assassins’ Creed and Titanfall are among the awesome titles coming to mobiles, so I guess the latest Hammerhead headphones version is a safe bet for every mobile warrior.

Design and Build Quality

Instead of cheap plastic, Razer opted for metal, which definitely gives the headphones an edge over the competition. Even if you do not diligently put the headphones in a carry case, there will be no scratches. The micro USB cable is also in matching green and black colors.

The flat cables are yet another cool feature. During my tests, they remained tangle-free. If you have used headphones with round cables, you should be well aware of the consequences of carelessly throwing them in your backpack or pocket.

Do you know what grinds my gears when I use headphones? They just don’t stay in place and you need to stand still just to prevent them from falling off your ears.

That’s why I was overjoyed to find out that Razer has opted for the following solution. Instead of placing the battery into an inline remote, it moved it further down the cable. The magnetic clip keeps it in place at the back of your neck, so you can use the headphones when you hit the gym or go for a morning run.

Well, okay, the presence of a battery makes the Hammerhead a bit heavier than its counterparts, but I believe the weight is not a big deal.

The headphones have four sets of rubber ear tips, so you should have no troubles with finding a comfortable fit. The headphones do not ship with Comply tips, but that’s not a setback at all. You get dual-flanged tips that do a better job with isolating environmental noises. Even if you turn the volume all the way up, your fellow commuters will not hear the game explosions or the latest hit you are listening to.

Sound Quality

I bet that hardcore gamers have already started to point the disadvantages wireless headphones have over the wired ones. While I cannot deny they have a point, the case with the Hammerhead is a bit different. The headphones use the Qualcomm’s aptX technology that ensures clear, well-rounded sound. My only criticism is that I felt the harshness on higher notes and percussion.

The headphones do not have an actual noise cancellation feature, but you still get a nice seal in your ears to keep the irritating noises at bay. If you are an audiophile, don’t expect the audio quality to blow you away, though.

Battery Life and Charging

I was pleasantly surprised with the battery life. The Hammerhead can pull you through eight hours of intense use in a single charge. In other words, you can listen to music all day before you need to plug the micro USB charging connector. If you are planning a trip across the pond, the headphones will help you kill most of the time.

When you are running low on battery, the LEDs will go red. You will hear a beeping sound when the battery is almost completely drained. The headphones require approximately a 2-hour charge to ensure 8 hours of usage.

Razer Hammerhead Wireless Headphones Setup

Hammerhead setup is a no-brainer. You will see the normally green Razer logo glowing red indicating that the headphones are ready to pair up with your smartphone or tablet. Press the inline remote and the Hammerhead 10mm drivers will produce a warm, clear sound. Although I think the low-end is a bit overpowered, the headphones do deliver decent vocal clarity and crisp cymbal hits.

Are the Headphones Worth the Purchase?

The Razer Hammerhead is without a doubt, a great set of Bluetooth headphones, but they still have some faults. I completely agree that they deliver excellent sound, they are made of high-quality materials, and they are portable and lightweight, but there is one thing I wish I could change. The cable, connecting the two earbuds seem a bit short to me. This is a big deal, but I don’t think it is right as it is.

Other than that, the Hammerhead squeeze a good battery life. The metal body makes the headphones look more expensive than they really are.

The price is pretty sweet too. If you do some research, you will see that high-quality headphones with Bluetooth connectivity cost at least $50 more.

To wrap up, if the sound quality is the main factor that would determine your choice of headphones, the Hammerhead will not disappoint. It would be excessive to say that they have the sound richness I have found in some corded models, but they are excellent for mobile gaming and listening to music on the go.

The Hammerhead is not the best option for audiophiles but I believe if you were an audiophile, you would not have searched for wireless headphones in the first place. Given the price, these were the best wireless headphones I have tried so far. If you do not mind the “gamer look”, I highly recommend the Razer Hammerhead Bluetooth wireless headphones.

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