Razer Ouroboros Review: Magnetically Ambidextrous

Despite its fun name, the Razer Ouroboros is a contender for the title of the most incredible ambidextrous gaming peripherals. Not convinced of its capabilities? Read our review and decide for yourself.

Diversity and Performance at Your Fingertips

Some people cannot get enough of a certain gaming genre. They play only FPS, or MMO or whatever they like, and do not care about the others. Others love to switch genres and games. They can play some CS:GO, and the next moment they are raiding some boss in the World of Warcraft or Guild Wars, and before you know, they log into League of Legends, looking for a different experience. I can tell you I most certainly fall in this group.

And if you are like me, then you probably also like to “take a break” from your favorite MMO and play some MOBA title, or quit playing FPS for a while, in favor of any good RTS. Then switch back.

In such a case, you know that finding a good universal multi-purpose gaming mouse is not an easy task.

Or is it?

Well, it turns out that maybe there is such a mouse on the market that can satisfy any gamer’s taste in terms of flexibility and customization options.

As we all know, the gaming products usually cost more and you will want to make a good research before spending your money. That is why today I am going to do an in-depth review of Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse and see if it is a good fit for any gamer.

Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse
  • Customizable Ambidextrous Ergonomics
  • 8200dpi 4G Dual Sensor System
  • 1m Gaming Grade Wireless Connectivity

If you want to find out more details about the Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse before buying it, read the review below.

Basic Specifics

If you have never had a gaming mouse before, you might be a bit taken aback by the features the Razer Ouroboros has. If the gaming mouse you currently use does not make the cut anymore and betrays you in the middle of heated battles, then, go ahead and have a look at the design and the most important technical specs of Razer Ouroboros Elite wired or wireless gaming mouse.

The dual-sensor system provides up to 8200 DPI sensitivity. The dazzling 1,000HZ polling rate, as well as the smooth tracking on most surfaces, guarantees you will get the precision expected from such a sophisticated piece of engineering.

Regarding connectivity, the Razer Ouroboros can be used as a wired or wireless device. All pro gamers unanimously confirm that wireless pieces of hardware are yet to become competitive to their wired counterparts. Still, it would not be excessive to say that the Razer Ouroboros is getting pretty close to achieving that. The USB 2.0 port enables you to use it as a wired device for zero downtime.

The mouse comes with a charging dock with a magnet base and can get you through up to 12 hours of playing provided that it is fully charged.

As you can see, the Razer Ouroboros is much more than a basic gaming mouse with limited configuration options. However, if you need more solid arguments that it is actually worth your attention, let’s talk about the design and ergonomics.


The modular design of Razer Ouroboros comes with a plethora of physical adjustment options intended to reduce fatigue that inevitably occurs during lengthy gaming sessions. No matter if you have a palm, claw or fingertip gripping style, you can adjust the palmrest’s length to your liking.

What’s more, you can even adjust the Ouroboros to different angles. Even if you have larger hands, you may rest assured the mouse will provide the comfort you seek during long gaming marathons. You can extend the palmrest with almost one inch. For the purpose, you will need a suitable screwdriver. Loosen the two screws holding the palmrest, pull the sliding module to a comfortable length and retighten the screws. If you want to adjust the angle of the palmrest, you should use the knob that lifts and lowers its back end.

The only setback seems to be the fact that the mouse leaves your ring finger unsupported. You can use your ring finger for triggering the buttons on the both sides, but unfortunately, most gamers find them quite inconveniently located.


The Ouroboros has four magnetic side panels – two thumb grip and two finger rest, respectively. These allow you to tweak the shape and the grip to your preferences. The mouse is, without a doubt, among the premium-class gaming merchandise currently in existence.

However, there is one missing customization option. The Razer Ouroboros does not have a feature for weight and balance adjustment. If it’s any help, many gamers consider it surprisingly light.


The Razer Ouroboros comes with 11 programmable buttons, two thumb trigger buttons on each side, a clickable scroll wheel as well as two buttons for DPI adjustment. The sliding on and off switches on the bottom of the mouse enable you to activate and deactivate the thumb buttons so that the mouse corresponds to your playing style.

The mouse allows smooth and easy adjustment of the mouse sensitivity, too. If you have never used a gaming mouse with so many fancy add-ons, you might think that the side panels and the adjustable palmrest will distract you from your game. However, once you get the Ouroboros up and running, you will see your worries were groundless. The palmrest is solid, and the side panels come with magnetic latches that keep them firm.

If you are not planning to use the buttons on one of the sides, you can disable them and prevent accidental clicks that can be a reason for the humiliating fail of your team. Every button (except for the left click) is totally customizable. Many of them are by default quick DPI-toggles. So, if you do not want to change the DPI sensitivity on the fly, you can always use these buttons for in-game abilities.


The Razer Ouroboros is equipped with a 32-bit ARM processor, which narrows down the response time to 1 ms. The fantastic response rate ensures your command is executed first, even if your opponent reacts at exactly the same time.

The 8400 DPI 4G laser sensor is a feature that secures the Ouroboros a spot among the high-end gaming mice on the market. It allows such an accurate tracking that you can hit the target with remarkable precision. What’s more, the mouse boasts about an adjustable cut-off to lift-off tracking which ensures even greater control. The dedicated DPI clutch trigger gives you an edge over the competition and allows you to increase/ decrease mouse’s sensitivity exactly as you wish. That feature is particularly useful for games where you have to scroll at different speeds, such as lining up a shot via iron sights in FPS or firing from the hip.

The mouse uses Omron switches, which means you can expect a great tactile feedback. If you want to switch to a sniper to dispatch a target far away, slow down the DPI and then release to get back to the usual lightning fast assault mode.

Wired or Wireless?

If you have any knowledge about the most renowned manufacturers of gaming hardware, you must know that Razer is a pioneer in manufacturing wireless gaming-related tech of superior quality and the Ouroboros is not an exception. No matter if you prefer the wired or wireless mode, the mouse performance remains consistent.

The reason why many gamers prefer corded mice is the lagging issue their wireless counterparts are prone to. With Ouroboros, this issue is non-existent. The wireless signal is strong enough so that you can sit on the couch in the living room and connect the mouse to the TV in the other room.

When the battery is drained, put the mouse on the charger dock or plug it into the USB 2.0 port and use it as a corded mouse.

Overall, there is so much going on with the Ouroboros that you may feel overwhelmed at first. In fact, you have to arm yourself with some patience and set aside enough time to configure the mouse. This takes us to the next section where the Razer Synapse’s bells and whistles are outlined.


Before you are able to use all customization features, you will have to configure the Oroboros through the Razer Synapse 2.0 software. Razer’s proprietary cloud-connected customization dashboard is a tool that allows you to assign macros, adjust the lift-off distance, and create a different profile for the different type of games you play.

Thanks to the online cloud support, you can use the Ouroboros mouse on any PC where the Synapse software is installed. If you have a Razer keyboard or any other Razer-branded peripherals, you can pair your mouse with them and even use different mice without losing the settings you have made. It is important to note that the mouse itself does not store any profiles, but you can upload them to the cloud and access them from any computer in the world.

Wrap Up

The Razer Ouroboros is a superb mouse featuring a staggering number of customizable elements, but it does not come cheap. On the other hand, it is a sturdy piece of hardware that can withstand a lot of wear and tear thus making it a one-time purchase. So, if you are not willing to compromise on your performance and you want a reliable, first-class computer setup, just take the hit as the Razer Ouroboros is well worth the money.

Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse
  • Customizable Ambidextrous Ergonomics
  • 8200dpi 4G Dual Sensor System
  • 1m Gaming Grade Wireless Connectivity
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