WRZ S8 Review: Budget Champ’s Wireless Earbuds Choice

Still on a quest to find the elusive pair of earphones that comes in good quality and at yet affordable price? This might just be your lucky day as I’ve recently laid my hands on a bold pretender which yours truly decided to put to the test.

Budget-Tuned Earbuds for the Everyday Music Binge

Still on a quest to find the elusive pair of earphones that comes in good quality and at yet affordable price? This might just be your lucky day as I’ve recently laid my hands on a bold pretender which yours truly decided to put to the test. The WRZ S8 Wireless Earbuds promised quality within a price range that was always going to raise some eyebrows. Product names consisting of seemingly random letters and numbers usually fascinate me, and I opt to take them as some secret code that needs cracking. With suspense levels heating up I put my lab coat on and here is the outcome.

What’s in the Box?

WRZ S8 Wireless Earbuds Box Contents

The earbuds arrived well packaged. No damage on the box whatsoever. There was a manual inside along with a carrying case, cable clip, 2 pairs of extra buds’ sleeves, XL and S and circular EarTips. The medium-sized earbuds sleeves are already attached to the device itself. The EarWings are provided as a spare.

Build and Design

The wire is soft and flexible. The controls house is solid plastic. Rubber is used for button material. Button access is easy, no fuss reaching and pressing it. I like its sporty vibe and vibrant colors. Sweating too much or running in a drizzle should not be an issue with WRZ S8 because it is water-proof.

The experience of having your earphones falling out of your ears is never cool, especially in the middle of your morning run or workout session. I love how the EarWings provide a proper snug, and I don’t feel any irritation or discomfort caused by poky wing tips.


There are 3 buttons available. Volume is controlled by 2 buttons, and 1 is provided for power. Long pressing the volume control button will function as forward and backward, while quickly pressing the middle button will pause music or answer an incoming call. A small USB slot can be found on the side for charging purposes.


Supported by Bluetooth 5.0 I can hear no jitter on my music binge. Testing it further I moved away by 19 yards or so. Even with a wall in my way the quality is still good.

Connecting your WRZ S8 is easy, just hold the middle button until the LED light blinks, find the earbuds in your device (it is labeled S8), and you are good to go.

Sound Quality

The sound is pretty decent considering the price tag. Higher volume levels will be required in order to experience a well-pronounced and palpable bass. WRZ S8’s high frequencies are present and the mids are smooth. No muddy sound can be heard.

With that said you can’t really enjoy the sound from these earbuds without maxing out the volume. Good thing they don’t pack that much of a punch even in full blare, which translates to your precious ears remaining unhurt by heavy blast.

I had the WRZ S8 undergo a Binaural ASMR and 8D sound checks. They delivered a decent experience, the right and left bud picked up sound cues excellently.

Call Quality

To complete my investigation of this device I had to ask a couple of friends to give me a call. According to them, my voice sounded okay and no static could be heard. On my end, their voice did sound clear enough to conclude that overall call quality is pretty decent.

Battery Life

WRZ S8 claimed 10 hours of service life. It was near the 9-hour mark when the warning was received. Who knows maybe our extremely heavy duty testing has somehow managed to drain an extra hour or something. The confirmed 9-hour ride is however a good achievement by itself. Never stopped reminding myself the price range I was operating in which made the whole thing sweeter.  

Final Verdict

WRZ S8 stayed true to their promise and delivered. It is simple and universal truth – you pay less, so you will not be able to do the big guns from the major league. And yet the quality you will receive in this case against the amount you spent is worth it. If you are after some earth-shattering bass or you are lusting over audiophile classes then move on because this headset will let you down.

If you just want a comfortable pair of headphones and will make do with a fair quality music experience, then this is well worth a shot.

Budget friendly, waterproof, good battery life and decent music quality? I’m in!

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