How to Get Viewers on Twitch: 50 Ways to Rack up Your Twitch Audience

Twitch streaming can be a legit and lucrative career. The interactive live broadcasting platform generously rewards content creators who actively stream on it and provide value, either in the form of entertainment, knowledge, or both, to the Twitch user base.


Best World War II Games (With Great Storyline) For PC

Whether you fancy some intense D-Day action or crave a more in-depth veteran camaraderie journey, there is a WWII game rendition for you. Here I’ve listed the best World War II games with great storylines for PC.


10 Female Video Game Characters Not to Miss Playing In 2019

It turned out the gaming community suffers no shortage of ass-kicking heroines. That is why we have listed the top female video characters, combining both superpowers and charisma in a way achievable by girls only.


Tencent – The Silent Conqueror of the Western Gaming Market

If you are a gamer obsessed with playing the most trending games right now, chances are that the tech giant Tencent is involved in their development. Even if you have never heard of Tencent, the truth is that it is one of the most influential companies on a global scale with hundreds of subsidiaries and partners in different niches.


Overwatch Toxicity and What is Blizzard Doing About It

Overwatch has quickly made its way to becoming one of the most played FPS games, and with so much popularity and competition going on in it, negativity and toxicity are bound to take place. Nobody likes to log into the game after a day’s work only to be roasted to the core by players who are “much better” at the game, let alone when the insults are completely irrelevant to the actual gameplay.


Fortnite Battle Royale: Team Fortress 2 Meets PUBG with a Little Rust

When I first heard Epic Games’ new title Fortnite had a last man standing type of game mode, I was very excited to see Epic actually release it for free. I have not played the co-op tower defense mode however, I do plan on purchasing it just based off of gameplay video’s I have seen.


The Best Horror Video Games to Try This October

The witching month is upon us but instead of talking about the black cat superstitions, we, at RealGear decided to bring to your attention the best horror video games that will keep you terrified for the months to come. Check out the superb titles you should not try with the lights turned off.