Who Are We?

RealGear is entirely focused on providing visitors with essential information concerning the e-sports industry. We work hard to bring to your attention in-depth reviews of gaming hardware that is well-worth the purchase. We are committed to covering the most important topics and keep you informed about upcoming game releases, new patches, bug fixes, etc.

Over a relatively short time, we have managed to grow a vibrant online community. We are proud of being the spot gamers visit whenever they need information about a piece of gaming gear they have eyed, or want to know what’s going on with the new patches or the troublesome game servers.

Our Mission

Outperforming ourselves is our top priority. All our efforts are concentrated on becoming gamers’ irreplaceable advisor when it comes to picking up a new piece of gaming gear. Here are the standards we follow to make you glad about visiting RealGear.

Save You Time

No matter if you are a hardcore gamer or a casual player, the wide variety of vendors and gaming merchandise can make you spoilt for choice. Some pieces of hardware are well-worth the purchase, others are not. To prevent you from going through the mundane trial-error process, we explore the capabilities of various gaming products and list only the most versatile and durable ones.

Help You Purchase with Confidence

Before we publish a review, we ask ourselves a few questions:

  • Is the product a good choice for our readers?
  • Would I use the product myself?
  • Does it have a good quality-price ratio?
  • Are there any better alternatives?

Our writers spend quality time evaluating products’ capabilities and recommending the genres and games, they are most suitable for. As there are two sides to every coin, we never post a review of a piece of merchandise tested by one person only. Quite the opposite, we search far and wide for customers’ feedback with the aim of informing you about the advantages and disadvantages of owning it. We believe that trust comes first and we build our reputation on the base of honesty and professional integrity.

Remain Independent

Yes, we are an affiliate site and we do receive a commission through the available links. However, we are more focused on informing our readers rather than convincing them to make a purchase they would regret. Advertisers have no impact on how we pick the products and how we evaluate them.

All commissions earned through the links help us widen the range of products we test. Each piece of gaming gear we examine is donated to charitable organizations across the United States. The pieces of merchandise are taken to hospitals with the aim of helping patients feel a bit better and indulge in playing the games they surely miss during their prolonged stay in the hospital room.

What Should You Expect from Us?

First-Hand Product Reviews

We spare no efforts to push each and every piece of gaming gear beyond its limits and write an unbiased review.  We know that small details make the big difference, and we would never talk you into purchasing a product unless we are convinced of its in-game capabilities. To let you make an educated choice, we outline the pros and cons we have encountered during the tests.

Visual Content

We understand that time is a precious commodity. If you cannot find a few minutes to read a comprehensive guide, you can count on the plethora of images and infographics we have included to make your stay at RealGear both pleasant and useful.

Relevant News

We do our best to ensure a full coverage of the trending news in the e-sports industry. Each of our contributors specializes in writing news about a certain gaming genre so can count on accurate, timely and relevant articles.

What You Will Never See on RealGear

We would never publish:

  • Sugar-coated reviews outlining only the positive features of a product
  • News aimed at tarnishing publisher’s/ vendor’s reputation
  • Annoying ads urging you to buy something you have never supposed it existed

Meet the team

Evgeni has created RealGear.net with the aim of meeting like-minded people with a gift for writing and passion for playing computer games. He is a strategic thinker and it comes as no surprise that he spends a great deal of time playing Dota 2. He admits that playing video games brings him a huge adrenaline rush he cannot find in any other activity.
Evgeni evaluates every gaming gear review prior to publishing. His eye for detail and genuine enthusiasm is highly contagious.
Keen guitarist and a father of two.

Email: [email protected]

Joanne is a gamer who spends her time playing League of Legends and single player RPGs. She loves games with a lot of marine drama and tear-jerking story plots and is not afraid to use aesthetically pleasing weapons and armor with low stats. This writer spends hours browsing for the perfect gear and will not hesitate to annoy any salesperson with tons of questions. Joanne lives in a high-teched commissioned nipa hut with her seven cats.

Email: [email protected]

Petya is a grammar fanatic and a cat lover. She has been playing mainly RPG and now, her attention is completely captured by the Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen and The Elder Scrolls Online. Her favorite hero is Sheogorath, the Prince of Madness. The main reason why she finds video games fascinating is the gameplay, the atmosphere and the fantastic worlds that serve her as an inspiration for drawing sketches.

Email: [email protected]

Tracy has been working for RealGear since the first day it went online. She reads every e-sports related newspaper and website. She is a huge Twitch.tv fan and a gamer with a soft spot for Lineage 2, WoW, and Guild Wars 1 and 2. She says she does not suffer from PvP insanity, she enjoys every minute of it. Tracy defines herself as a person who’d spend two hours customizing a character rather than indulging in an activity that would not be as nearly rewarding as playing games and testing hardware.

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Andrew is arguably the geekiest member of our team. He has a knack for new gaming hardware and awesome gadgets. Although Overwatch is his current favorite, he thinks the Counter Strike Global Offensive is the best shooter of all times. He is constantly hunting for news about new hero releases and patches. Andrew believes that playing video games is not just a hobby but a way of life. He regards his job at RealGear as a way of helping fellow gamers make the most of their gameplay by writing reviews about the hardware he uses and the FPS/ RTS he plays.

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Ed has fond memories of the times when he played games on an 8-bit console. If you want to make him talk for hours on end, just ask him about Valla from Heroes of the Storm. Eddie despises hackers and gamers who do not take the game seriously. He sees RealGear as a place where he has the freedom to express his viewpoint regarding PC and console games and put his journalism skills into practice.

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