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Asus VG278Q Review: For the Fast-Paced Gamer

Tagged ‘Eyecare Technology’, the ASUS VG278Q is sure to attract attention. It sports ergonomic design and extra gaming experience customization features. I quietly obeyed to the Voices, and went to my lab to take it apart and see what it has in store.

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Rocket League Rocket Pass 4 Will Include New Car and Updates

The new car, which will be made available for you when you purchase the Rocket Pass, is called the Mudcat. This is the latest rally-inspired Battle-Car, which features an Octane hitbox. Basically, it is safe to assume a lot of it will be seen, as the Octane hitbox is currently the most popular one in the game. Very much like the previous Rocket Passes, you’ll get the Mudcat as soon as you pay for that Rocket Pass Premium.

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Release of Spelunky 2 Delayed, Possibly Moved To 2020

Developer and creator Derek Yu of Mossmouth has announced a delay in the release of the much-awaited Spelunky 2. He took it to Twitter and said that he “don’t think we’re going to release Spelunky 2 this year”. In his words the “density and detail of the game is demanding more time.”

Gaming Mice & Pads

Razer Lancehead Wireless Review: Uncompromising Precision

Wireless mice still bear this stigma of failing when it really matters. Certain factors, such as the battery dying in the heat of the battle, and wireless interferences, are scary for gamers. Razer, however, has invested considerable efforts in assuring players that this is something possible to prevent.

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Halo: Master Chief Collection PC Developer Talks about Modding, Anti-Cheat and Funny Bugs

In a recently published blog post, 343 announced that it continues to be in “full support” of modding games within The Master Chief Collection on PC, but there is some information that you need to be aware of first. Before installation, mods must be compliant with Microsoft’s Terms of Use, most importantly, players must have their own legitimately purchased copy.

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Swery’s The Good Life Announced to Be Delayed Until 2020

The anticipated game is about cats, dogs, journalism, and murder in a small English town. The brainchild of Deadly Premonition creator Swery, it was successfully funded thru Kickstarter last year, guaranteeing “a Daily Life Simulator x SWERISM”. Originally scheduled for a Q4 2019 release, Swery has delivered the message thru Kickstarter to announce that it will be delayed until spring 2020.

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Hand of Fate Developers, Defiant, are “Ceasing Development”

The Brisbane, Queensland-based studio which is known for the Hand of Fate series, Defiant Development, has stated on Facebook that it is “ceasing development” of new titles and shifting to “caretaker mode to support our existing products.”