Turtle Beach Ear Force i60: The Best of Both Worlds

With the Turtle Beach Ear Force i60, you get the quality that you pay for. The design flaws can be overlooked compared to the overall audio quality, portability, and of course, its wide range of preset options.


SteelSeries Arctis 7 Review: A Superior Gaming Experience

With the retractable microphone, the Arctis 7 stayed true to its classy profile. Performance wise the boom microphone is very good. However, this is not the quality you are looking for if you are planning to use the mic for streaming.


Corsair Void Pro RGB Review: Experience Immersive Wireless Gaming

The Corsair Void Pro is exuding a futuristic vibe with its angular ear cups and broad elastic headband. It comes in two colors, black with white and carbon. The build is plastic; however, it is reinforced by metal pillars, so it will stand the test of time.
But then again wireless is plagued by a stigma of not measuring up to the sound quality of wired ones. After all, you might be thinking whether the freedom from wires will result to poor sound quality. To know once and for all I placed it under the scope to find out.


Corsair Strafe RGB Mk.2 Review: Taking Gaming Further

Corsair gaming keyboards routinely attract the attention of the gaming community, thanks to their practical yet sleek design. The Corsair Strafe RGB Mk.2 is no exception to this as it packs quality materials and added features. I was curious to check if this keyboard delivers as promised.


BenQ Zowie XL2540 Review: For Competitive Gamers

For this panel, BenQ ditched the overblown design and flashy LEDs and concentrated on things that matter: Performance. With a 240Hz refresh rate, I can see competitive gamers lining up to test this monitor. That is why, me a fan of fast-paced games, did not hesitate to give the Zowie XL2540 a try.


Tips on How to Grow and Promote Your Streaming Channel

Streamers are entertainers and entertainers need publicity. Marketing yourself out there is essential if you are serious about streaming. No one will know you exist if you won’t make a loud noise.


Sennheiser PC 373D Review: Engaging Gaming Experience

Most gaming headsets are manufactured by companies who are already a mainstay in the video game gear industry. The Sennheiser PC 373D is an addition to Sennheiser’s growing gaming collection. Well worthy of a good test. It promises 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound. That means amazing gaming immersion. I say I’m in!