Angel 65% Keyboard Review: Is It the Best Mechanical Keyboard on the Block?

Are you a keyboard enthusiast looking for a top-notch, premium keeb? Then look no further because the heavenly Angel 65 mechanical keyboard is the answer to all your prayers – excuse the puns!

Angel 65% Keyboard review summary: The Angel 65 is a premium mechanical keyboard featuring a pin mount mounting style, three different plate options, a metal chassis, CherryMX switches, Winkey or WKL PBT keys, and full customizability via QMK firmware. While its 65% layout may take some getting used to, and some of you may find its RGB lighting effects slightly on the muted side, the Angel 65 is a function-over-form keyboard whose primary goal is to deliver an impeccable typing experience, and it sure delivers on that promise!

In this Angel keyboard review, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of the Angel 65% keyboard, focus on all of its quirks and features, and finally get to the bottom of what makes this keyboard ‘click.’

What Are 65% Keyboards?

65% keyboards are compact keyboards that tend to be significantly smaller than full-sized keyboards because they lack the numeric keypad and the function keys row, and as a result, only come with up to 68 keys instead of 108.

Are 65% Keyboards Worth It?

Yes. 65% keyboards’ compact design saves precious desk space and gives your PC a clean, minimalistic aesthetic. Despite the lack of keys, 65% keyboards offer all the functionality of a full-sized keyboard and are becoming increasingly popular among gamers and programmers alike.

Angel 65% Keyboard— an Honest Review

We first heard about the Angel 65 Keyboard while we were scrolling through Reddit for premium, highly customizable mechanical keyboards. And there, we saw countless users recommending the Angel 65 Keyboard, which piqued our interest to the point that we had to have our wiggly little digits on one!

And now that the angel has finally descended, we’ll finally be taking an in-depth closer look at the Angel 65 Keyboard Reddittors love to recommend.

Build Quality

The very first thing we noticed after unboxing the keyboard is the build quality, so that’s what we will be discussing first. After all, it’s the highlight of the show.

To start off, the Angel 65 Keyboard is made of solid aluminum alloy that feels remarkably stiff and sturdy as an ox. The plate is made of polypropylene, which isn’t only lightweight but also tough and durable.

Instead of mounting the plate to the case with screws and basically fixing it into place, the Angel 65 keyboard instead uses pin mounts, which allow a certain degree of movement and result in a better, smoother typing experience.

Overall, the built quality is downright impeccable, with remarkable attention to every detail. It’s so good, in fact, that we are keen to call the Angel 65 Keyboard a piece of art. Calling it a mere computer peripheral just feels… cold.

Switch Type

The Angel 65 Keyboard uses standard Cherry MX Switches. Our particular review unit came with Gateron Brown Switches, and we must say that those ‘Gators’ have become our favorite switches to date!

Unlike Blue switches which tend to be obnoxiously loud, and Red switches, which are quieter but also tend to be ‘too’ smooth and linear with no bumps, the Brown switches fit right between the two.

Brown switches have bumps in them, just like Blue switches, but the actuation force and click sound are noticeably lower, yet still higher than Red switches. As a result, brown switches aim to fill the gap between Blues and Reds.

And Gateron Brown Switches simply nail this idea to the tee! Because of these switches, the Angel 65 Keyboard feels great for not just typing but also gaming. We often get annoyed by the constant clackity clack clack of Blue switches while gaming, but not with these Gateron Browns! 


As is customary with any premium mechanical keyboard, the Angel 65 Keyboard comes with RGB lighting. Each individual key has its own RGB backlight and can be easily customized via software.

The backlight has a very wide range of lighting, and color effects, and the RGB effects are quite bright and vibrant but not obnoxiously so, thankfully. However, you won’t find any RGB LED strips.

While the Angel 65 isn’t the best keyboard around when it comes to RGB lighting effects, it most certainly gets the job done.


You’ll find Angel 65’s compact 65% keyboard layout to be just about perfect, no matter how big or small your paws are. All keys are placed very close to each other, and it’s quite easy to reach the entire keyboard without stretching the fingers.

This compact layout may take some getting used to if you haven’t used a 65% keyboard before, but once you get used to it, there’s no going back to full-sized keyboards. Overall, we feel the 65% layout to be just about perfect for gamers and typists alike.

In terms of comfort, the Angel 65 Keyboard has a slight angle to it, which greatly reduces the strain off the wrists and also makes the typing experience more enjoyable.

All in all, you’ll find the Angle 65 Keyboard’s ergonomics to be just about perfect.

User Experience

Angel 65’s switches are simply superb, and the customization is there for people who like to tinker with their keyboards, user comfort is remarkable, and the RGB lighting effects—while not the best, admittedly—are more than good enough for everyone but the hardcore RGB enthusiasts.

Overall, the user experience of the Angel 65 keyboard is nothing short of remarkable. If you want the best of the best, this is it. Just make sure to give the unique 65% keyboard layout some time to grow on you, and you’re in for a treat!


The base variant of the Angel 65 keyboard is available for $450. However, the end price largely depends on the keycaps, PCB, and switches you choose.

1st Hand Testing— Using Angel 65% Keyboard for League of Legends

To test Angel 65 Keyboard’s gaming chops, we chose League of Legends. League of Legends, otherwise known as LoL (no joke), is a popular, competitive esports title where your keyboard’s performance can make or break the game because of dozens of key binds and hotkeys.

From the moment we started playing, we knew that we were onto something very special. The switches were clicky and tactile, yet at the same time, felt smooth and responsive. It’s difficult to convey the experience in words other than they felt perfect. The slight 6-degree tilt angle also ensured maximum wrist comfort, even after a long gaming session.

Suffice it to say, we felt like true esports pros, and we aren’t just saying that because we managed to climb a few ranks!

The compact 65% layout also proved to be quite handy. It offered us a lot of room to flick our mouse around and made quick mouse movements a boon to execute compared to our regular full-sized keyboard, which feels like Manny the mammoth in comparison. The compact size also ensured that we were always on point with the arrow keys, if you excuse the pun.

The built quality was another highlight of the Angel 65 keyboard. There were no creaks, squeaks, or flex in the chassis, and the entire thing just felt like a tank, quite frankly.

Even when things heated up and we got aggressive with the keyboard and started mashing the keys hard, the keyboard never missed a beat. Despite its lightweight, the Angel 65 held its ground and didn’t slide around on our desk. As for durability, the short version is that this tank of a keyboard will last you a really long time, no question about it!

To summarize our gaming experience, the Angel 65 keyboard felt just as good at gaming as it felt at typing. The keyboard is so versatile and flexible that you’ll feel right at home no matter what you choose to do with it.

FAQs- Angel 65% Keyboard

Where to Buy Angel 65% Keyboard?

The Angel 65% Keyboard is available at Cannon Keys, and you can choose between three colors and stocks, as well as two button layouts.

Is Angel 65% Keyboard Compatible with Mac?

Absolutely! The Angel 65% Keyboard is fully compatible with Mac OS and you can easily switch between Windows and Mac layouts on the fly. If you’re strictly an Apple user and never use Windows OS then you can also order the keyboard in WKL a.k.a ‘Win Key Less’ configuration.

What Is the Price of Angel 65% Keyboard?

Angel 65% Keyboard starts at $450. The end price may vary depending on the add-ons.

How Angel 65% Is Better than Other Mechanical Keyboards?

The Angel 65% Keyboard offers premium build quality, lots of room for personalization, full customizability, programmable keys thanks to QMK firmware, as well as an assortment of switch options to choose from. All these features make the Angel 65% stand apart from the rest of the mechanical keyboards in the market.


In conclusion, the Angel 65 keyboard is a solid choice for gamers, typists, and programmers alike. With its top-notch build quality, customizable RGB lights, super compact size, clickety-clack feedback, and native support for QMK firmware, it offers a solid, premium typing experience that you can really fine-tune and personalize to your liking.

While the Angel 65’s price tag is a bit on the higher side and rises sharply the more options you add, we believe it’s a worthwhile investment to anyone looking for a reliable, durable, yet stylish keyboard with impeccable craftsmanship that can last for years, if not decades, of regular usage.

Excellence comes at a cost, after all, and in the case of the Angel 65 keyboard, the cost is 100% justified. 

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