The 8 Best Mobile MMORPGs for Android + iOS in 2023!

Greetings, fellow adventurers! Are you tired of the old mobile games with repetitive gameplay and bland graphics?

It’s time to delve into the world of incredible MMORPGs that will keep you entertained for hours and reignite your love for mobile gaming.

In this blog, we’ll talk about some of the best mobile MMOs – and more specifically, the best mobile MMORPGs in 2023 – available on the App and Play Store.

All set? Let’s dive into some amazing virtual worlds!

The Best Mobile MMORPGs of 2023

●        Genshin Impact – Best mobile MMORPG to play with friends: Open-world, adventurous gameplay. Anime-inspired themes. Fun to play with friends.

●        Maplestory M – Best mobile 2d MMORPG: Immersive mobile MMORPG. 2D graphics. Excellent customization and multiplayer support. Nostalgia!

●        Ragnarok M – Best mobile MMORPG like WoW: Excellent WoW alternative for mobile gamers. MMORPG. Excellent guilds and quests.

●        Runescape Mobile – Best MMORPG for Android: Mobile version of the famous PC title, Runescape. Top MMORPG for Android. Optimized graphics.

●        Toram Online – Best mobile MMORPG with no autoplay. Extensive character customization. Unique skill system. Real-time multiplayer. No Autoplay!

●        Villagers & Heroes – Best mobile PvE MMORPG: Immersive gameplay. Strategic combat against AI-controlled enemies. Excellent crafting and exploration options.

●        Albion Online – Best mobile PvP MMORPG: Cross-platform MMORPG. Full loot PvP battles. Player-driven economy. Strategic gameplay. Excellent graphics.

●        Black Desert – Best mobile F2P MMORPG: Open-world, action-packed combat. Visually stunning graphics. Dynamic weather. Fluid combat mechanics. An excellent fan base.

The Criteria for the Best MMORPGs of 2023 List

We considered numerous factors to determine the best mobile MMORPGs for 2023. Our team looked at each game’s overall features, mechanics, and storyline. For example, how much character customization is available? Are there story-driven adventures to embark on? Is the combat system engaging and skill-based?

Graphics also play a massive role in the overall mobile gaming experience. While most gamers prefer immersive visuals, some OGs love the nostalgic charm of 2D graphics—so we didn’t overlook those games.

We also considered whether these titles are freemium, offer app purchases, and took cross-platform compatibility into account.

As always, we delved into Reddit to search for the popular games in the MMORPG category based on honest feedback. In addition, scouting the best mobile MMORPG Reddit 2023 thread helped us uncover extra gems.

Whether you prefer story-driven adventures or PVP-focused fighting, this list has something for everyone.

1. Genshin Impact – Best Mobile MMORPG to Play With Friends

Developer: miHoYo, Shanghai Miha Touring Film Technology Co., Ltd.

Platform: GeForce Now, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows

Similar to: Honkai Impact 3rd, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Developed by MiHoYo Studio, Genshin Impact features an intricate and compelling storyline that you’ll love to play with your friends. It also won the 2022 “Player’s Voice” Award.

The game takes place in Teyvat, divided into seven different regions, each with its own history and lore. Our story begins with the protagonist, “Traveler,” who separated from their twin sibling and is on a journey to find them. The game has a wide variety of characters with rich and interesting backstories.

In addition to the main storyline, many daily missions and side quests make Genshin Impact worth your time. Mihoyo constantly rolls out new updates, including new characters, events, and storylines, to keep it interesting.

Genshin Impact is free-to-play, but you need primo gems to unlock characters and weapons. While you can earn Primogems by completing missions and quests, you’ll probably have to spend money to beat the Gacha system and obtain your favorite items.

Overall, we highly recommend Genshin Impact, especially to play with your friends. Engaging combat, stunning visuals, and an amazing storyline make for a remarkable gaming experience.

2. Maplestory M – Best Mobile 2D MMORPG

Developer: Nexon, NSC

Platform: Android, iOS

Similar to: Forgotten Tales MMORPG Online, Hero Town Online

Developed by Nexon, MapleStory M is one of the finest 2D MMORPGs you can immerse yourself in via your smartphone.

It’s a spinoff of the popular MMORPG MapleStory and follows the same plot where adventurers explore Maple World and complete quests while facing and defeating monsters along their journey.

The game offers an exciting character lineup, each with unique abilities and strengths. But the highlight of this nostalgic MMORPG is its combat mechanics, fast-paced, immersive, and non-stop action to keep users on their toes (or thumbs?!)

You can download and play MapleStory M for free, but you might need to make a few in-app purchases to speed up your progress or get certain items. However, for 2D mobile gaming fans in particular, MapleStory M promises to be fun and engaging.

3. Ragnarok M – Best Mobile MMORPG Like WoW

Developer: Gravity Interactive

Platform: Android and iOS

Similar to: World of Warcraft

Given World of Warcraft (WoW) mobile has been canceled yet again (we know, right!), Ragnarok M is probably your next best option. In this game, just like WOW, you roam vast virtual lands, covering changing terrains, battling monsters, and completing quests.

Ragnarok M has a well-crafted (no pun intended) storyline that takes place in Midgard’s grand world. You assume the role of a warrior, exploring new lands and fighting monsters and other players. But if you’re not into intense fights, you can take advantage of the auto-battle system and take a back seat.

In terms of multiplayer compatibility, you can team up with other players to take on challenging bosses as well as immerse in intense PvP battles.

On the PvE end, dungeons and raids require groups of players to win against powerful enemies, which can be really interesting.

Like most MMORPG games, it’s free to download and play, but in-game spending is required to buy cosmetic items and speed up your progress.

Ragnarok M has an immersive storyline, and if you’re a WOW fan, you’ll love it!

4. Runescape Mobile – Best MMORPG for Android 

Developer: Jagex

Platform: iOS and Android

Similar to: EverQuest, Elder Scrolls Online

Runescape Mobile offers a rich storyline and engaging combat mechanics. As the MC, you embark on various quests and missions across Gielinor. The game has multiple dimensions, ranging from simple tasks like gathering resources to more complex challenges requiring strategy and teamwork.

The turn-based combat mechanics set the game apart from conventional MMORPGs. We appreciated the intuitive and easy-to-learn combat system, and its depth for those who want to enjoy POG CHAMP moments makes it an enjoyable experience.

Why do we think Runescape is the best MMORPG for Android? Because its graphics are beautifully optimized to work on a wide variety of phones, you don’t need the latest smartphone to enjoy this game.

Runescape is free-to-play, but there’s also a reasonably priced membership option to access additional areas, items, skills, and quests.

5. Toram Online – Best Mobile MMORPG With No Autoplay

Developer: Asobimo

Platform: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows

Similar to: SoulWorker, Twin Saga                               

Toram Online is one of the finest MMORPGs with no autoplay. It’s developed by Asobimo, the Japanese MMORPG powerhouse behind other popular titles like Avabel Online, Iruna Online, and Alchemia Story.

The story takes place in a massive open world, entrenched in themes revolving around adventure and magic. That game starts with you waking up in a mysterious realm with no recollections and must explore the great beyond and undertake quests to uncover the secrets of your past.

With real-time gameplay, anime-style graphics, and a stunning soundtrack, it promises an immersive mobile gaming experience. The game also offers a deep customization system for characters and weapons so you can enjoy and experiment with unique builds and playstyles.

The party system lets you pair up with friends and other players to compete against challenging enemies and complete difficult quests.

All in all, it has all the elements of an incredible MMORPG.

6. Villagers & Heroes – Best Mobile PvE MMORPG

Developer: Mad Otter Games Inc.

Platform: Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS

Similar to: Diablo Immortal, Lord of the Rings Online

Villagers & Heroes is a strategic and dynamic mobile MMORPG that sets the stage for immersive and fantasy PvE gameplay. The storyline revolves around a hero exploring new lands, fighting monsters, and unlocking new and exciting regions. It’s a free-to-play PvE game with in-app purchases.

You’ll journey through varied landscapes and encounter unique characters while unraveling the mysteries of Black Thrush, Stone Lord’s army, and the return of Mallok. We really enjoyed the faceoff against villains in a PvE environment.

Despite being a PvE game, it offers good social gameplay. You can team up with other players to build villages, complete quests, and participate in events. Moreover, the customization options are great—you can create your own weapons and equipment.

7. Albion Online – Best Mobile PvP MMORPG

Developer: Sandbox Interactive GmbH, Sandbox

Platform: Android, macOS, Linux, GeForce Now, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS

Similar to: Guild Wars 2, Runescape

Hungry for some PvP action? Albion Online is the perfect MMORPG to satiate your cravings.

A player-driven storyline and dynamic gameplay, will keep you entertained for hours as you engage in different PvP Roles, including Faction ZVZ, Guild ZVZ, Gank, and more. From dungeon diving to small-scale fights, you’ll find plenty of interesting combat options vs. other players.

Also, there’s more to enjoy than intense fights. You can also craft items, gather resources, and sell them to other players for profit. It supports cross-platform play allowing users to play with friends using a different OS or device.

Despite being a PvP-focused game, Albion Online’s PvE isn’t anything to scoff at. In fact, you can play solo dungeons, which can be invaded by other players, leading to PvP fights—adding a whole new dimension to the PvE gameplay.

Albion Online is free to download and play, but you must purchase in-game premium currency (Gold) to unlock certain features and abilities.

What’s our take? A must-try MMORPG for mobile PvP players.

8. Black Desert – Best Mobile F2P MMORPG

Developer: Pearl Abyss

Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, iOS

Similar to: The Elder Scrolls, Guild Wars

Black Desert is a blend of fascinating storytelling, immersive graphics, and engaging duel mechanics—ticking all the boxes of the requirement for the best mobile F2P MMORPG.

The plot revolves around the conflict between two factions, the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. Your role as an adventurer is to navigate this conflict and uncover the secrets of the world of Black Desert—sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

We liked the fast-paced and fluid combat mechanism, and it was refreshing to see the wide range of abilities and playstyles on display. There are layers of depth to the gameplay, and with no dominant meta themes, you can get creative with your combat approach.

Also, the social features of the Black Desert are something worth mentioning. From joining guilds to participating in PvP battles, there are plenty of ways for players to interact with each other.

Black Desert is free to play but has a variety of in-game purchases. But unlike many MMORPG games, you don’t need to break the bank to progress faster.

The verdict: even if you’re not into this mobile gaming genre, this game is definitely worth a try.

Which MMO Is Best for Solo Players?

Elder Scrolls Online is the best MMO for solo players. It has excellent solo arenas so that you can complete the main story and side quests entirely independently. In this game, you embark on a quest to save Tamriel from an ancient evil. The game’s combat mechanics are fast-paced and dynamic.

With plenty of content to discover and explore, it’s a great choice for solo MMO players looking for an uninterrupted mobile gaming experience.

Who Is The Biggest MMO Streamer?

EsfandTV is a popular Twitch streamer with a whopping 1.2 million followers at the time of writing. He rose to prominence for his WoW content. Known for his entertaining personality, he has deep knowledge of WoW and MMORPGs in general.

Esfand streams high-level gameplay and also comments on WoW-related events and news. Moreover, he regularly interacts with his chat and fellow streamers. As per online reports, he banks over $30,000 per month, and his net worth is around $1.8 million.

FAQs About MMORPG Games for Mobile

Time to answer some juicy mobile MMORPG questions.

What Is the #1 MMORPG for Mobile?

RuneScape Mobile is regarded as the #1 MMORPG for mobile, owing to its engaging gameplay, never-ending content, and amazing graphics. Released over two decades ago, it remains one of the most popular MMORPG titles among gamers—for both OGs and newbies. It also has a dedicated fan base and a thriving, active community.

Which Mobile MMORPG Has the Most Players?

RuneScape Mobile also tops the list of mobile MMORPGs with the most players, securing the number one spot with millions of downloads. It attracts large traffic due to its deep lore and ongoing story that’s been built over the years, as well as the rich and immersive experience it offers to mobile gamers.

Some other popular and successful mobile MMORPGs with large player bases include MapleStory M, and Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

Is There a Military MMORPG?

Yes. Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare is a next-gen MMO strategy game with a military setting. You can train your army, build your base, and fight against enemies. The objective is to capture black sites and outposts for resources. You can also team up with friends to dominate the battlefield.

The best part? It’s free to play.

Is Call of Duty an MMORPG?

While Call of Duty (COD) mobile can be counted as an MMO game because it’s a massively played multiplayer online game, it’s not a role-playing game. At best, it can be dubbed an MMO shooter game.

What Is the Most Complex MMORPG?

Order and Chaos 2: Redemption is among the most complex mobile MMORPG games. Featuring a vast and unique open world, it has a very intricate skill system. Challenging raids and dungeons also aren’t as simple as in most MMORPGs. You also have to choose from five races: Orc, Human, Elf, Mendel, and the all-new Kratan—adding a new dimension of complexity.


So that was our list of the top 8 mobile MMORPGs for Android + iOS. Whether you want to explore virtual worlds alone or with your friends, engaging in PvP or PvE battles, there’s an MMORPG on our list that you’ll enjoy.

These MMORPGs are a great starting point for gamers looking for an exciting MMORPG gaming experience on their smartphone and veterans planning to embark on a new adventure.

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