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How to Improve Gaming Reaction Time: Pro Training & Diet Tips!

As you watched a top eSports streamer on Twitch, you couldn’t help but be amazed at their sharp reaction time and how effortlessly they lined up headshots one after the other. Pew-pew; snap-attack! You want to become more like them. You want to achieve that level of mastery.

Gaming Mice

Gaming Mouse History and Evolution: A Scroll Through Time

When the dynamic duo, Douglas Engelbart and Bill English, collaborated over the invention of the world’s first-ever mouse in 1964, which was still just a simple X-Y position indicator device when it launched, little did they know they would change the gaming world forever. It was a milestone that served as a springboard for companies like Nintendo, Sega, and Razer to come out with their own first gaming mouse versions almost three decades later.


Get Ready For Aerial Warfare In Gta Online!

Rockstar Games is set to release a new update for their popular game GTA Online on June 13th, titled San Andreas Mercenaries. This expansion will introduce aerial warfare, smuggling, and various quality-of-life changes to the game. Players will have the opportunity to team up with military pilots and vets to take on Merryweather Security, steal valuable data, launch raids, and drop bombs on specific targets.