Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair: An Unbiased Comparison [+ Reddit Poll Findings!]

Are gaming chairs just fancy additions to our gaming setups, or do they actually offer any “real” benefits over office chairs?

It’s a legitimate question that often confuses gamers when shopping for the ideal seating solution for their ludic lounge. Unfortunately, no one seems willing to give a straight (and honest) answer. 

That’s why we decided to look deeper into this gaming vs. office chairs debate and put an end to it once and for all.

Gaming Chair or Office Chair: Which is Better?

In this article, we’ll explore the key factors differentiating the two chair categories, gaming and office, offering valuable insights from extensive internet research and first-hand experiences. We’ve even included a Reddit poll to get the opinion of the gaming community. Unfiltered facts only, no BS!

Comparing Gaming Chairs and Desk Office Chairs – The Research Methodology!

For this article, we studied 50 gaming and office chairs in different price ranges, comparing their features, material, and warranty coverage. The budget chairs picked fell under $200, medium-priced chairs ranged between $200 and $300, while the premium chairs all had a price tag upwards of $500. 

In addition, we studied gaming chair vs. office chair Reddit threads on popular subreddits to see which gaming chair category users considered superior overall. These included r/BuildaPC, r/OfficeChairs, and r/PCMasterRace, to name a few.

Finally, we asked our in-house team members for their first-hand experiences with each chair category and included their opinions and viewpoints in our consideration. 

Based on the findings from all these sources, we evaluated the two chair categories in terms of looks, comfort, ergonomics, price, durability, customization, warranty coverage, and maintenance to give you the complete picture.  

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the comparison!


Computer gaming chairs feature a visually distinctive aesthetic compared to office chairs, characterized by high backrests, racer-style bucket seats, and winged backs. These features not only provide a sporty appearance but also offer excellent lateral support during intense gaming. Meanwhile, the raised seat edges on these chairs help keep users firmly seated. 

Furthermore, gaming chairs are available in various upholsteries, including real or faux leather, cloth, and mesh with bold colors and logos. Some gaming chairs even come with RGB lights that can be customized to match the user’s gaming setup, making them an ideal choice for gaming enthusiasts.

In contrast, office chairs prioritize function over form, resulting in a more understated, professional appearance. Their color palette mainly revolves around neutral shades like black, gray, and white, making them look somewhat bland and monochromatic. That’s not to say they don’t look classy.

Winner: Gaming chairs because of their colorful, attention-grabbing design aesthetics!


When it comes to gaming chair vs. office chair comfort, budget gaming chairs tend to have a clear advantage over budget office chairs. They come with thick foam padding with soft, plush PU, or faux leather. Some entry-level gaming chairs even feature memory foam that molds to the user’s body shape, greatly enhancing overall comfort. You’ll also find moving head and lumbar support cushions, 3D-adjustable armrests, and a greater recline angle on these chairs.

On the other hand, low-cost office chairs generally prioritize utility over user comfort, resulting in thinner padding. They are also typically upholstered in cloth, which gives them a somewhat cheap feeling. The max you can expect from an entry-level office chair in terms of comfort is a mesh design, which promotes better airflow. Overall, low-end office chairs aren’t ideal for budget-conscious gamers seeking optimum comfort.

However, as we venture into the mid-range price segment (between $200 and $300), office chairs start to compete head-to-head with gaming chairs in terms of comfort. Mid-range office chairs offer comfort levels comparable to mid-range gaming chairs, even surpassing them on rare occasions. 

Office chairs take a clear lead in the premium range, beating expensive gaming chairs hands down. They offer top-tier materials, such as genuine leather, with heavily-padded headrests, armrests, and backrests with lumbar support, providing excellent comfort.

Winner: Draw! Gaming chairs excel in the low-end segment, providing surprising comfort for their price. However, as we move to the mid-range and high-end price segments, office chairs offer comparable or superior performance, making it a tie in the comfort category overall.


One of the most crucial aspects of an office or gaming chair is ergonomics, which refers to an efficient and healthy body posture while sitting. Poor ergonomics in a chair can lead to back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders. Hence, looking for a chair that allows for a neutral body posture with no pressure points is essential.

How to maintain a neutral body posture? 

Scientific studies conducted by various organizations, including OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association), recommend the following body posture to achieve a neutral position during excessive sitting:

  • Head should be upright with no forward tilt.
  • Neck needs to be at or near a 90-degree angle. Adjust the headrest or use a neck pillow to maintain the posture.
  • Shoulders should be relaxed and not excessively elevated or rounded.
  • Arms need to be kept at an 80-degree angle from the shoulders, with forearms supported by the armrests and parallel to the ground.
  • Wrists should be in-line with the elbows, with a minor 5 to 10-degree elevation if needed.
  • Upper back needs to be upright and flush against the backrest, ideally with a 90 to 100-degree recline angle.
  • Lower back should have a slight inward curve, maintaining the natural lumbar curvature. Use lumbar support for this.
  • Hips need to be level with or slightly above the knees, with thighs parallel to the ground.
  • Calves should be upright with an 80 to 90-degree angle from the knees.
  • Feet need to be placed flat on the floor. Adjust the seat height or add a footrest until your feet can firmly rest on the ground.

What is considered excessive sitting, you ask?

Sitting on a chair for ten or more hours straight is considered excessive sitting. Health professionals recommend taking short breaks periodically to reduce the risk of back pain and lower back-related injuries during excessive sitting.

Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair Ergonomics

Budget gaming chairs typically offer a wider range of adjustability than similarly priced office chairs. Most gaming chairs have tilt, height, and recline adjustments, often absent in budget office and ergonomic chairs. 

However, as we move into the mid-range price segment, office chairs quickly climb up the performance ladder, often offering better levels of adjustability than gaming chairs. At the high-end, office chairs further consolidate their position at the helm, providing unparalleled ergonomics.

Winner: Office chairs! Even though gaming chairs provide a wider range of adjustability compared to office chairs in the budget price range, the latter outperform their counterparts in medium and high price ranges by a significant margin.


Price is a key determinant when shopping for a seating solution. Both office and gaming chairs can accommodate customers with different budgets and preferences.

For those seeking entry-level options, the affordability factor resonates strongly. Both gaming and office chairs offer viable choices under the $200 (or even $100) mark. Shoppers can find economical yet functional seating solutions, ensuring that comfort and support are not sacrificed even on a tight budget.

If your budget is a little less constrained, the landscape remains versatile. Here, the options expand further, with multiple selections available for gaming and office chairs. This range caters to those willing to invest more in pursuit of enhanced comfort, ergonomics, aesthetics, and features without breaking the bank.

If you prioritize premium quality and are willing to splurge, the higher end of the spectrum opens up. Gaming and office chairs in this price segment exude luxury and advanced features, embracing cutting-edge design and superior materials. However, it’s worth noting the cap on luxury office chairs can often go north of $1500, signifying the extent to which the office chair market caters to increased comfort, ergonomics, functionality, sophistication, and durability.    

Winner: No clear winner here. You can find a gaming or office chair quite easily, regardless of the budget you may have.


In the low-end price range, gaming chairs often have an advantage over office chairs in terms of durability. Many budget gaming chairs feature durable PU leather upholstery, providing better resistance to wear and tear compared to the cloth materials often found in entry-level office chairs. They also offer superior finishing. 

However, office chairs take the lead as we ascend to the mid-range and high-end segments. Mid-range office chairs are designed to focus on improved ergonomics, featuring adjustable lumbar support, synchronized tilting mechanisms, and customizable armrests using superior and high-quality materials. This ensures prolonged comfort during extended work or gaming sessions and greater longevity.

In the high price range, office chairs solidify their dominance even further with top-quality casters, sturdier bases, more durable gas lifts, and a superior fit and finish overall.

It’s commonly observed that high-end gaming chairs typically last around 5 years on average. In contrast, premium office chairs can last up to 7 years or more thanks to their robust construction, superior craftsmanship, and premium materials.

Winner: Office chairs! Gaming chairs excel in the low-end budget range but office chairs take the lead in mid and high-price ranges, offering greater durability and longevity.


Gaming chairs offer numerous customization options, including aftermarket light strips, footrests, cup holders, Bluetooth speakers, and storage pockets. Add embroidered logos, personalized patches, and stickers to create a unique gaming chair.

In contrast, office chairs have more limited customization potential. While you can customize them with retrofitted seat pillows and lumbar support and reupholster them with new materials, their smaller physical size compared to gaming chairs leaves little to no room for extras like Bluetooth speakers or even RGB lights.

Winner: Gaming chairs. They offer a far greater degree of customizability than office chairs. 

Warranty Coverage

Low-cost gaming and office chairs typically offer a one-year warranty. Popular gaming chair brands in mid to high-range, such as VertaGear, DXRacer, and AKRacing, provide warranties of up to 2, 3, and 5 years, respectively. The same is true when it comes to mid-range office chairs. 

Premium office chair brands, notably Herman Miller and Steelcase, go the extra mile with warranties extending up to 12 years.

Winner: Office chairs emerge as the clear winner in the high-end, while both office chairs and gaming chairs offer similar warranties in low and mid-range price segments. 


Both gaming and office chairs require a similar level of maintenance. Whether you have a gaming or office chair, cleaning them regularly with a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner is essential to maintaining high performance. Also, make sure to lubricate the casters, gas lift, and recliner mechanism to prevent creaks, squeaks, and wear and tear. Check out our complete gaming chair cleaning guide here!

Winner: Tie. Both office chairs and gaming chairs require similar maintenance and attention. 

Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair – What Redditors Have to Say

We conducted a Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair Reddit survey to gain further insight into the user preference between the two chair categories. A total of 85 votes were cast, where a vast majority of Reddit gamers chose office chairs over gaming chairs.

Alt Image Text: Reddit poll for gaming vs office chair with users favoring office chairs

It’s important to mention here that the survey didn’t consider pricing, which might have swayed some of the votes in favor of gaming chairs.

Choosing Between Gaming Chairs and Office Chairs

Gaming chairs and office chairs cater to diverse needs and budgets. Gaming chairs excel in low-end comfort and visual appeal, offering distinctive designs and durable materials. Mid-range office chairs compete in comfort and ergonomics, while premium options provide superior durability and warranty coverage. For customization and unique aesthetics, gaming chairs are the go-to choice. The following chart summarizes the comparison:

Gaming Chair vs Office Chair Comparison

If you’ve budget constraints and can’t afford to spend a large sum of money on a chair, the best idea would be to get a gaming chair. They reign supreme in the budget price segment. No budget issues? Office chairs are a no-brainer in that case!   

What to Look for When Shopping for a Gaming Chair

Okay, what should you look for when shopping for a brand-new gaming chair on a budget? There are several important factors to consider:


Your top priority should be ergonomics. Look for a chair with extensive tilt and recline adjustability, adjustable seat height, armrests, lumbar support, and neck pillows to ensure a neutral, upright sitting position.


Comfort depends on your specific use case and environment. Opt for a chair upholstered in breathable materials in hot and humid environments. In colder climates, chairs with thick foam padding and genuine or faux leather upholstery should be preferable.


Remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for either office or gaming chairs. Always ensure that your chair is height-appropriate and provides a comfortable fit without being too large or cramped.

Weight Limit

It’s crucial to check the chair’s weight limit to ensure it is designed to accommodate your weight safely. This is especially important for plus-sized individuals, as using a chair not designed for their weight may lead to potential injuries.

Can You Use a Gaming Chair as an Office Chair?

Absolutely! It’s a common misconception that office chairs are only for work while gaming chairs are only for gaming. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, a gaming chair is just as suitable for gaming as it is for writing, typing, teleconferencing, and other tasks.

So, if you’re trying to decide between a gaming chair vs. an office chair for work or gaming, the only thing you’ve to consider is the budget. Premium office chairs are perfect for both purposes, provided you can afford them. If budget is a concern, getting a gaming chair is a much better option.

What budget gaming chairs are actually good?

  • Respawn 110 Fabric Gaming Chair: Respawn 110 is our favorite gaming chair with footrests. It features a retractable footrest, padded armrests, and built-in lumbar support with massage functionality. The backrest is up to 155-degree recline adjustable, and the 330 lbs weight capacity ensures almost everyone can use it. 
  • Homall Gaming Chair: Homall’s gaming chair combines comfort and functionality. Its ergonomic design and footrest enhance the gaming experience. A recline range of 90° to 180° also makes it great for relaxation. The chair’s stable build, strong metal base, and sturdy framing ensure durability. The high-density foam and PU leather provide comfort and longevity. Ideal for extended gaming sessions.
  • GT Racing Gaming Chair: GT Racing Gaming Chair needs little introduction. It’s one of the best budget gaming chairs available in the market with a 170-degree recline angle, adjustable lumbar support, neck pillow, and an impressive carrying capacity of up to 300 lbs.

You can learn more about some of these gaming chairs in our best reclining gaming chairs with footrest guide!

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