Streaming Made Affordable: 7 Best Budget Microphones for Streaming (Tested and Reviewed)

As a starting streamer, you don’t need to drop stacks on a fancy pro-grade mic just yet. Or if you’re budget conscious, you have more reasons to take it easy on your wallet. You may now ask, “What is the best microphone on a budget?

Straight to the point – the best choice will vary based on your specific requirements and financial limitations. To determine the perfect fit, consider your intended use and streaming environment.

Luckily, in this review, we’ve gathered the 7 best affordable microphones for different streaming scenarios. You can bet they give tough competition to their expensive counterparts in value for money. But that’s not all! 

Our review will also uncover what sets an affordable mic apart from an expensive one and how to transform your cheap mic into a professional powerhouse. So, get ready for the inside scoop!

TL;DR – Top Budget Microphone for Streaming

  • Blue Yeti NanoA budget mic for professional streaming helped by Blue VO!CE vocal effects software. It boasts two selectable cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns, a 20Hz-20kHz frequency response, and -37dB sensitivity.
  • FIFINE AmpliGame A6TAn affordable cardioid mic for streaming games featuring a 60Hz-18kHz frequency response, -40±3dB sensitivity, convenient tap-to-mute and gain controls, a built-in shock mount and pop filter, an extendable boom arm, and automatic RGB lights.
  • TONOR TD510A unidirectional cardioid mic with a sturdy metal body, 50Hz-14kHz frequency response, -54dB sensitivity, 110 dB max SPL, built-in pop filter, noise reduction technology, and USB and XLR outputs.
  • Bietrun UHFThe best wireless mic with a cardioid pattern, a 50Hz to 18kHz frequency range,130dB receiver sensitivity, 15 UHF channels, and 5 adjustable volume levels. It works up to 160 feet away and pairs perfectly with speakers, amplifiers, mixers, and AP systems.
  • ZealSound K66A top-notch 360-degree rotatable and Mac-compatible budget studio mic with 45db+-3db sensitivity, 82Hz-20kHz frequency range, DSP noise cancellation chip, and an LED reminder for unmute.
  • Caattiilaa Mkf-2An affordable USB mic featuring a unidirectional cardioid polar pattern, -38dB ±2dB sensitivity, 100Hz-18kHz frequency response, and a 180-degree flexible boom arm. It comes with a desktop stand, clip, shock mount, pop filter, mic foam cover, and a USB cable.
  • MAONO AU-UL10The best portable Lavalier mic for traveling with 30Hz-18kHz frequency response, -30dB +/-3dB sensitivity, and omnidirectional design and metal clip to attach to your lapel.

Best Budget Microphones for Streaming Reviewed

Do you need a good mic to stream? Yes, a good mic will bring clarity and crispness to your vocals and reduce background noises to make the streaming experience enjoyable for your viewers. 

Now, here’s an intriguing thought: “Which microphone is best for live streaming yet is cheap?” This very notion triggered us to unearth the answer to this query. We desperately wanted to find good microphones that blend unrivaled streaming prowess with an enticingly affordable price tag.

So, from online forums to subreddits like r/Microphones, r/Streaming, and r/Twitch, we collected wisdom from passionate audio enthusiasts, streamers, and content creators. We also consulted with our streamer friends, who shared their insights on budget-friendly options.

To ensure comprehensive coverage, we snagged mics during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and borrowed some from our generous streamer pals. As for testing, here’s a glimpse into our methodology:

1) Sound Quality – We focused on sound quality, seeking clear, accurate audio with natural tones and minimal distortion. Plus, we considered factors such as audio sensitivity and frequency response.

2) Background Noise Reduction – We also checked how well the microphones rejected background noise, ensuring they effectively filtered out unwanted distractions. 

3) Ease of Use – We considered ease of use, favoring microphones with plug-and-play functionality, intuitive controls, and compatibility with Windows/Mac. Plus, we took into account the comfort during extended streaming sessions and additional features such as a pop filter and shockmount. 

4) Value for Money – We also evaluated the value for money, finding options that delivered a good audio performance without breaking the bank.

Ultimately, we picked the top 7 contenders from 12 microphones. The result? Expert-reviewed budget microphones that won’t burden your wallet and will still elevate your streaming game. We’ve categorized each mic according to the best budget microphone for streaming games, podcasts, etc. So, look for yourself!

1. Blue Yeti Nano – Best Overall Budget Microphone for Streaming

The Blue Yeti Nano takes the cake for the best affordable microphone for streaming setup. It offers a cardioid condenser design with a 20Hz-20kHz frequency response, -37dB sensitivity, and a 120 dB max SPL.

Add to that a high-quality 24-bit sound with a 32 to 48 kHz sampling rate and the Blue VO!CE vocal effects software which makes it ideal for professional streaming. You can switch between its cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns, which makes it suitable for various streaming scenarios like gaming, podcasting, music, Twitch, and YouTube. 

An internal shock mount also protects its two capsules. What’s more, it features a headphone volume monitoring dial, adjustable gain, and volume through the Blue Sherpa app. You can also mute the microphone by pressing the headphone dial. In addition, it comes with a USB cable, desk mount, and a 1/4-inch to 5/8-inch adapter. 

During testing, the Blue Yeti Nano hit the jackpot, amazed us with its exceptional audio quality. We found it clearly picked the nuances in vocals for podcasts and live streams where clear communication is crucial, even in situations with multiple speakers. 

However, the mic’s body feels less sturdy, and the headphone volume knob lacks volume indicators. Despite being more expensive than other mics we reviewed, its versatility, features, and two polar patterns make it a worthwhile investment.



  • Perfect For Podcasting, Game Streaming, Skype Calls, Youtube Or Music
  • No-Latency Headphone Output, Headphone Volume And Mic Mute
  • Standard Threading For Radius Iii Shock Mount And/Or Compass Boom Arm
  • Plug ‘N Play-Mac And Pc Compatible

2. FIFINE AmpliGame A6T – Best Budget Microphone for Streaming Games

If you are a budget gamer, the FIFINE AmpliGame A6T is a must-have streaming mic. It boasts a unidirectional cardioid pattern, 60Hz-18kHz frequency response, and -40±3dB sensitivity. With a tap-to-mute button, your gameplay won’t be interrupted, and an easy-to-reach gain knob keeps your focus on game streaming.

And the icing on the cake? It comes with two-tone automatic RGB lights to match your gaming setup and is compatible with PS4 and PS5. Other features include an extendable boom arm, a built-in shock mount, and a pop filter.

In our tests, it delivered exceptional sound quality. The vocals were crisp and clear, and the pop filter effectively eliminated plosives and chewing sounds. In addition, the touch-to-mute button proved convenient for seamless game streaming, and we appreciated its adjustable boom arm for flexible positioning.

However, we felt its plastic body and boom arm need to be more durable. There were also occasional inconsistencies in voice clarity when leaning further away from the mic.

  • [Right Out-of-the-Box] The plug-and-play gaming microphone set is no need additional plug-ins or complicated device setup steps. The USB microphone for PC is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Mac/PS4/PS5. The streaming microphone end is reversible type-c interface, no trouble to plug the right way in dim game atmosphere. The 8.3ft (2.5m) USB cable is long enough to extend from behind the host to the desktop for clear audio gaming singing recording.
  • [Cool Lighting Design] Two-tone automatic gradient RGB makes your PC microphone icing on the cake. With soft and coordinated light effects, your game video or live streaming will be more rainbow eye-catching via the PC mic with boom arm. Make your channel stands out from ranking list. If you just a game player, the rich RGB on the streamer mic matching with your flowing colors computer accessories can meet the needs of more game atmosphere.
  • [Easier Function Use] Setting touch-mute button on the top can be easily tapped with one hand, instead of holding the computer microphone for gaming to press a button. Quick mute will not affect your Macbook computer keyboard operation, nor making a ticking sound. The big volume knob control at the USB mic bottom makes fine-tuning easier, and you can adjust the boom mic volume at will without leaving sights from the game screen.

3. TONOR TD510 – Best Budget Microphone for Streaming Podcasts

The TONOR TD510 microphone is one of the best value-for-money streaming mics. It has -54dB sensitivity and a sleek zinc alloy shell that looks classy and is durable. With its unidirectional cardioid pattern, it captures your voice beautifully, and the frequency response range of 50Hz-14kHz and 110 dB max SPL ensures natural vocals.

The TONOR TD510 has a built-in pop filter to eliminate plosives and noise reduction technology for pure sound and an enhanced podcasting experience. What’s more, you can monitor your voice in real-time with the 3.5 mm headphone jack and control the volume with the mute button.

It also offers both USB and XLR outputs for easy use with computers, audio interfaces, and mixers. During testing, the TONOR TD510 delivered excellent sound quality, capturing sounds accurately from all directions. Its metal body felt sturdy and had a nice weight. 

However, we would have preferred a knob for volume control and noticed a slight tilting issue with the microphone arm. Close proximity required an extra pop filter to eliminate pops, but from a short distance, it worked well. Overall, with its affordability and USB/XLR options, the TD510 is a choice that won’t disappoint.

  • Warm and Balanced Vocal: The premium dynamic core brings excellent frequency response range (50Hz-14KHz) and outstanding sound pressure level (Max SPL.110dB), helping you to present rich and natural vocals in video, audio recording, and live streaming.
  • Excellent Noise Suppression: The TONOR dynamic microphone designed with a cardioid pattern eliminates off-axis audio and minimizes ambient noise. Plus, its built-in noise reduction technology ensures an extremely low noise floor and a signal-to-noise ratio of 95dB, resulting in a pure and pristine sound experience.
  • USB & XLR Output: This microphone supports both USB and XLR outputs. With the plug-and-play feature under USB mode, it is easy to use for desktop or laptop recording. The XLR interface outputs analog signals with lower background noise and cleaner sound, enhances the recording quality for immersive podcast audio, and supports connection to audio interface and mixer for presenting more natural and high-end audio.

4. Bietrun UHF – Best Budget Wireless Microphone for Streaming

If you want to get rid of the cords and enjoy wireless freedom, the Bietrun microphone is one of the best microphones for streaming you can get your hands on. With a robust metal body, cardioid pattern, a 50Hz to 18kHz frequency range, and 130 dB receiver sensitivity, it delivers exceptional sound quality. 

Enjoy disruption-free operation with 15 UHF channels and easily adjust volume with 5 levels. This mic works up to 160 feet away and pairs perfectly with speakers, amplifiers, mixers, and AP systems.

It features a rechargeable receiver that offers 4 hours of playtime on a 3-hour charge (need separate 2 AA batteries for the mic). Another notable function is its real-time display which indicates battery levels and signal strength. 

During testing, the Bietrun wireless mic proved to be a surprise, punching above its price range with exceptional sound quality. We took it around, even outdoors, and without a hitch, it delivered crystal-clear audio, banishing background noise effortlessly. 

But there are a couple of quirks: no MacBook or Bluetooth compatibility and no support for AUX input. Plus, the output goes mute after a few seconds of silence, and there’s a slight delay to watch out for. But overall, the Bietrun UHF is one of the best high-quality budget mics for content creators and streamers you can get on a budget.

  • Long Distance Wireless Karaoke Microphone: Wireless Distance Upgrade To 160 Feet (50m), Upgraded the microphone manufacturing process with Signal Stability●No Delay●No Radiation●Anti-Howling●Anti-Jamming ●Constant Frequency●Distortion <0.2%●15 Uhf Adjustable Channels. ●The Mic Outer Case Is Alloy Material Which Is Harder, Lighter And More Wear-Resistant.●We provide one year warranty.
  • Plug And Play, Easy To Use: ●Can Only Plug In equipment with Mic input, Can't Plug In AUX input, Otherwise No Sound.(Not Compatible with Bluetooth Speakers and Laptop)●For With Mic input Speaker, Singing Machine, Audio Amplifier, Pa System, Mixer, Voice Amplifier And More Streaming Multimedia Equipment..●The Display Can Show The Battery Power And Signal Strength In Real Time, Don'T Worry About Suddenly Not Working.
  • Microphone Battery Powered and Rechargeable Receiver: The Microphone Does Not Come With Any Batteries, We Recommend Using 2 AA Amazon Alkaline Batteries. ●Correctly install the battery + - direction.●the receiver should be charged for 5 hours before the first use●Long Press and hold the Mic and Receiver buttons to power on, The Chargeable Receiver Is Built-In 650 Mah Battery For 4 Hours work Time And Fully Charged In 3 Hours.

5. ZealSound K66 – Best Budget Mac-Compatible Microphone for Streaming

The ZealSound K66 is one of the top-notch budget-friendly mics for Twitch streaming and other platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Zoom, and TikTok. It works well with Mac, Android, and Windows devices and is even compatible with PS4 and PS5.

A unidirectional cardioid pattern, 45db+-3db sensitivity, DSP noise cancellation chip, and 82Hz-20kHz frequency response deliver optimal sound quality. While a volume control, unmute button, and a mic gain knob enable you to cancel out background noise or fine-tune sensitivity for maximum impact. 

It even rocks an adjustable echo function and an LED indicator to unmute. You can spin the mic 360 degrees to find a perfect position and plug in your headphones with the 3.5mm interface. The ZealSound K66 exceeded expectations in our tests, delivering professional-grade sound that elevates streaming content. 

The noise cancellation feature impressed us, effectively blocking around 95% of background noise at an affordable price. While the adjustable echo control proved handy, particularly in an enclosed studio.

However, it’s worth noting that being too close to the mic may affect its performance, and it is more suitable for talking rather than streaming music. But considering its meager price, this mic is a worthwhile investment.

  • 【Easy Plug&Play Setup】 This USB gaming microphone for computer is ready to use with Computer, Laptop, PC, Windows, Mac OS, PS4, and PS5 right out of the box. Connect it easily to your iPhone, Type C Phone, iPad, or Android Tablet using the included USB IPHONE ADAPTER and Type C to USB adapter. With this plug-and-play gaming streaming microphone set and podcast equipment bundle, there's no need for additional setup steps. It's simple to start creating video content and engage with platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Zoom, TikTok, Twitch, and podcasting.
  • 【Precise Mic Gain Control】Enhance your recording experience with the professional gain knob on this USB podcast microphone. Easily adjust the microphone volume and sensitivity to achieve optimal sound quality during your recordings. Dial the gain down to effectively minimize room noise pickup, and turn it counter-clockwise for increased sensitivity. The Echo function can be adjusted using the dedicated level control and deactivated as desired. The LED mute reminder ensures you never forget to unmute yourself during important moments.
  • 【Superb Sound Quality】This stereo studio microphone ensures exceptional audio quality, delivering crystal-clear and well-balanced reproduction across a wide frequency response. It can handle high sound pressure levels (SPLs) without distortion, providing detailed and faithful sound for both studio and on-the-go use. With its Cardioid polar pattern, it minimizes background noise and offers excellent feedback control. The built-in noise-canceling chipset ensures pristine and accurate capture of your voice. This microphone is ideal for presentations, podcasts, Zoom and Skype meetings, recordings, instant messaging, gaming, and streaming on platforms like Twitch.

6. Caattiilaa Mkf-2 – Best Budget USB Microphone for Streaming

The Caattiilaa Mkf-2 stands tall among affordable streaming microphones under $30. It’s a condenser mic with a cardioid unidirectional polar pattern and an impressive 192KHZ/24Bit high sampling rate. What’s more, it features a -38dB ±2dB sensitivity and 100Hz-18kHz frequency response.

But here’s the best part. It comes with a desktop stand, clip, shock mount, pop filter, mic foam cover, and a USB cable, all included in this affordable package. Plus, its 180-degree flexible boom arm also makes everything steady and lets you adjust it at any angle you desire with adjustable tension knobs.

During our tests, the Caattiilaa Mkf-2 provided a decent sound quality that, while not mind-blowing, is still impressive for its price. The real highlight is the abundance of accessories included, like the pop filter with a windscreen, which elevates the streaming experience outside.

However, we did notice a downside with the plastic table mount, which could break if tightened too much. The clamp may also leave marks on your desk over time, so it’s important to be cautious. Additionally, the boom arm is a bit flimsy. But overall, this mic brings excellent value for the money.

  • Professional Sound Chipset: This Condenser Microphone has been designed with professional sound chipset.This recording mic captures the details, nuances, and articulation with high sampling rate (192KHZ/24Bit), extended dynamic range and smooth frequency response of 100Hz-18kHz.
  • Block Out Disruptive Noise: Background noise is greatly eliminated due to the cardioid pickup pattern that only focuses sound sources directly in front of the microphone. Pop filter with double mesh layering and foam windscreen help reduce subtle plosive and wind sound.
  • USB Play & Plug: Within a minute of plugging into USB, your microphone will be recognized by the computer system and begin recording directly. There is no need to install plug-ins during this process.Note: this pc microphone is not compatible with Xbox and PS4.

7. MAONO AU-UL10 – Best Budget Microphone for Streaming While Traveling

If you’re a streaming nomad, the MAONO AU-UL10 microphone can be your ultimate companion. With a frequency range of 30Hz to 18kHz and -30dB +/-3dB sensitivity, it can capture speech up to 15 feet away, matching the wearer’s volume.

Its omnidirectional design ensures equal sound pickup from all directions, and you can easily hide its wire beneath your clothes. Plus, it’s compatible with all devices with a USB 2.0 port. Just plug the USB head into your laptop or computer, clip the mic on your collar, and you’re ready to stream. 

During our hands-on experience, we could set up and use the MAONO AU-UL10 with minimum fuss. The sound quality surpassed our laptop’s built-in microphone, with no clipping or overwhelming audio. Moreover, the cord length was also sufficient to hide beneath the lapel discreetly.

It delivered a high gain and good noise reduction, making our voice stand out from the background. But there was still a faint presence of background noise that we could detect. We also noticed the metal clip had a tight grip that could potentially cause damage to clothing.

  • PROFESSIONAL STUDIO RECORDING QUALITY: Support high sampling rate:192kHz/24bit, featured highly sensitive sound pickup mic head, metal clip and USB plug which comes with professional high-class chip after improved by R&D teammates, allows ultimate flexibility and ease of use for anyone who needs to record or broadcast audio with a very minimum of fuss (actually a little hiss happens in any mic). plug USB head into your Laptop/computer (or USB enabled devices), and start recording
  • PROVIDE 6 MONTH WARRANTY: Designed for dictation meeting, vocal, Audio or Video Recording, Perfect for Sound or Film Recording, YouTube Streaming, capturing Interviews, Skype meetings, Television, Auditorium, conducting podcasts and Classroom Setting; Audio Recording of Product reviews, creating online videos, and so on. Note: If you don’t know how to install the mic clip, please check the product video
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: This USB lavalier lapel microphone is compatible with Windows PC, Laptops, Mac, Notebooks and other USB 2.0 enabled devices. You can think of buying this usb mic as a gift for someone who loves recording videos, films, etc

Comparison Table

MicrophoneCapsule TypePolar PatternFrequency/(Hz-kHz)
Blue Yeti NanoCondenserCardioid, Omni20Hz-20kHz
FIFINE AmpliGame A6TCondenserCardioid60Hz-18kHz
MAONO AU-UL10CondenserOmnidirectional30Hz-18kHz
Bietrun UHFDynamicCardioid50Hz-18kHz
TONOR TD510DynamicCardioid50Hz-14kHz
ZealSound K66CondenserCardioid82Hz-20kHz
Caattiilaa Mkf-2CondenserCardioid100Hz-18kHz

What Is the Difference Between a Cheap and Expensive Microphone?

Cheap microphones differ from expensive ones in build quality, frequency response, and dynamic range. Also, expensive mics are packed with additional features, such as selectable polar patterns, low-cut filters, pad switches, etc.

1) Build Quality – Cheap microphones use lower-quality materials like metal diaphragms with moving coils and magnets. They may lack durability and are prone to physical damage. 

Expensive microphones, however, are built with higher-quality materials, such as metal tubes and gold-sputtered diaphragms. They are designed to withstand rigorous use and are more robust and durable.

2) Frequency Response – When it comes to microphone specifications, you’ll often come across a frequency range mentioned, such as 20Hz-20kHz.

Typically, the range of human hearing falls between 20Hz and 20kHz. But expensive microphones are designed to capture those higher and lower frequencies more accurately than cheaper ones.

3) Dynamic Range – The dynamic range of a microphone is vital for streaming as it determines how well it can accurately capture both soft and loud sounds. Cheap microphones often have a limited dynamic range (80 dB or less).

This can result in distortion or clipping when streaming louder sounds, particularly in intense gaming or music scenarios. In contrast, expensive microphones typically offer a wider dynamic range (above 120 dB). This broader range allows them to capture a wide spectrum of sound levels without distortion, producing more precise audio.

4) Sensitivity – Cheap microphones have lower sensitivity, necessitating closer proximity to the sound source and making them susceptible to background noise. 

Expensive microphones, on the other hand, with higher sensitivity, can capture sound from a greater distance (musical instruments) while maintaining desired audio levels. They also excel at capturing multiple vocals simultaneously and effectively reject unwanted background noise.

5) Additional Features – Cheap microphones have basic functionality and limited features, lacking selectable polar patterns, filters, and advanced controls. In contrast, expensive microphones offer a wider range of features.

They may come with selectable polar patterns, low-cut filters, internal shock mounts, XLR output, and pad switches. This provides greater versatility for various streaming scenarios.

FeaturesCheap MicrophonesExpensive Microphones
Build QualityLower-quality materials with less durabilityHigher-quality materials with more robust and durable
Frequency ResponseLimited range and potential loss of detail in extreme frequenciesExtended range and accurate representation of a broad spectrum of frequencies
Dynamic RangeNarrow range and may distort or clip with loud soundsWide range, can handle both quiet and loud sounds without distortion
Polar PatternsFixed polar pattern (usually cardioid)Selectable polar patterns (e.g., cardioid, omnidirectional, figure-8)
 SensitivityIt may have lower sensitivity, requiring closer microphone placementHave higher sensitivity and can capture subtle nuances and distant sounds
Additional FeaturesBasic functionality and limited controlsAdvanced features like adjustable filters, pad switches, etc.

How Can You Make Your Cheap Microphone Sound Professional?

Improving the sound quality of a cheap microphone to make it sound more professional can be a bit tough. But there are several ways to get better results. You can position the mic, adjust its settings, reduce background noise, use EQ, filters, and an external audio interface, and invest in a preamplifier. Here’s how:

1) Position the Mic Correctly – Pay attention to microphone placement. Experiment with different angles and keep it at a consistent distance from your mouth according to its polar pattern and sound focus. 

For instance, if you’re using a microphone that can capture sound from both the front and back, position it upside down. This will reduce typing noise during streaming. A boom arm will also help you in mic positioning.

2) Reduce Background Noise – Find a quiet space with minimal background noise and echo and switch off anything that makes noises. You can incorporate soft surfaces like carpets, curtains, or acoustic foam panels to reduce echo and reverberation.

If possible, create a DIY vocal booth using blankets or cushions to isolate the microphone. Also, use a shock mount and a pop filter if your mic has none to reduce unwanted noises. 

3) Adjust the Mic Settings – Experiment with the gain and volume settings on the microphone itself to find the optimal levels for your voice and environment. 

In addition, apply a low-cut filter to reduce low-frequency rumble and use EQ to enhance your vocal frequencies. A good rule of thumb is to enhance the mid-range frequencies around 1-2 kHz for better vocal clarity. 

4) Use a Noise Suppression Filter – To deal with background noise while streaming, you can utilize tools like a noise gate or noise suppression filter in your streaming software. For example, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free, open-source tool you can use for Twitch or YouTube streaming. 

It comes with a nose filter which effectively reduces unwanted ambient sounds, especially if you’re streaming in a noisy environment.

You can also add an EQ and compression plugin to OBS. There are many free plugins available such as TDR Nova, Reaper ReaEQ, and TDR Kotelnikov.


Are USB Microphones a Good Choice for Budget-Conscious Streamers?

Yes, USB microphones are a good choice for budget-conscious streamers. You’ll find many top-notch USB microphones under $100 and even $50, offering numerous advantages. They’re plug-and-play, allowing for instant streaming without the need for configuring audio interfaces.

Many even deliver exceptional sound quality, rivaling pricier XLR counterparts. Plus, USB mics often boast handy features like multiple polar patterns, gain control, and headphone monitoring, making them versatile for various streaming needs.

Are There Any Specific Brands Known for Producing Quality Budget Microphones?

Yes, Blue, Behringer, and Samson are among the most popular brands for producing quality budget microphones. Blue is recognized for its excellent sound quality and stylish design in mics.

The brand’s Yeti Nano is particularly well-regarded in the budget microphone category. Behringer’s XM8500 mic is also worth considering as an affordable option. Samson’s Q2U, with its USB and XLR connectivity options, is another budget microphone commonly used for podcasting, vocals, and instruments.

Do Budget Microphones Come with Any Warranty or Customer Support?

Yes, budget microphones usually come with a warranty and customer support, but the specifics vary by manufacturer and microphone model. The warranty typically covers manufacturing defects and malfunctions for a certain period, often 1 to 2 years.

While customer support assists with technical issues and queries via email, live chat, or phone. However, budget microphones may have more limited warranty and support compared to higher-end options.


Hopefully, our tried and tested review of the 7 budget microphones for streaming has been able to help you choose the best contender. While these mics may not boast the lavish price tags of their high-end counterparts, they certainly pack a punch in terms of performance and value.

So, whether you’re a budding game streamer or a podcasting aficionado on a budget, go ahead, and grab your affordable audio companion. Let your streaming prowess shine without breaking the bank!



  • Perfect For Podcasting, Game Streaming, Skype Calls, Youtube Or Music
  • No-Latency Headphone Output, Headphone Volume And Mic Mute
  • Standard Threading For Radius Iii Shock Mount And/Or Compass Boom Arm
  • Plug ‘N Play-Mac And Pc Compatible
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