Gaming PC

How Much Storage You Need for a Gaming PC [2023] – RealGear

You’re plotting a raid across gaming digital distribution platforms over the next few months, and download and play all your favorite games on your 2023 wishlist. However, you’re unsure about the ideal storage space for your unique requirements. Well, this guide is here to assist you exactly with that!

Ergonomic Chairs

Armrests and Gaming: A Fact Check

Are armrests good for gaming? If this question has crossed your mind, you’re not alone. Many gamers find the armrests visually unpleasant and feel like they clutter the look of their otherwise clean and minimalistic gaming setup.

Gaming Keyboards

How to Build a Custom Mechanical Keyboard: WalkThrough, Pro-Tips, Recommendations, and Expected Costs!

Can you make your own mechanical keyboard? Yes, you can. Thanks to the online sourcing options available today, you can order keyboard parts individually or purchase a DIY mechanical keyboard kit to build your custom keyboard at home. However, make sure you have at least $200 on the lower end as building a keyboard can be costly.