How to Become a Twitch Partner in 2023: Requirements, Tips & Myths!

Is streaming your passion and a full-time career as a Twitch Partner your dream? Discover the roadmap to unlocking that coveted Twitch Partner badge and turning your streaming hobby into a profitable venture.

In 2022 alone, Twitch had over 27,000 partnered streamers worldwide and doled out a whopping $200+ million in revenue to them. That’s massive! This opportunity to make a decent income while doing what you love is why more and more content creators are joining the Twitch platform.

But how do you even become a Twitch partner?

To become a Twitch Partner, you need to complete the “Path to Partner” achievements listed under the Creator Dashboard. These achievements include streaming for at least 25 hours on 12 different days. Additionally, you should maintain 75 concurrent viewers across all your streams. Once you’ve unlocked the achievements, you can submit your application for the Twitch Partner program.

While Twitch states the partner application review process usually takes 2 weeks, many people have recently reported waiting up to 3 months to receive a response on their application. Also, keep in mind completing all the Path to Partner achievements doesn’t necessarily guarantee your acceptance in the program. However, it certainly increases your chances. 

So, stay consistent, keep engaging with your audience, and who knows – your Twitch Partner badge might just be around the corner!

Understanding the Twitch Partner Program

The Twitch Partner Program was launched in July 2011 as an incentive-driven creator program to reward content producers for their efforts and turn their passion into a profession. It allowed gamers, musicians, artists, educators, fitness enthusiasts, travelers, and content creators from all walks of life to tap into multiple monetization streams and build a thriving community around their interests.

The monetization streams for Twitch partners include:

  • Subscription Fees: Twitch Partners receive a significant portion of the subscription fees their followers pay to Twitch. For the standard subscription model, where followers pay $5, Twitch Partners get 50% of this amount, translating to $2.50, while Twitch retains the other half. With different subscription tiers available, this becomes a consistent income source.
  • Bits Income Share: Cheer Bits, Twitch’s native virtual goods, allow viewers to show support. Partners earn a portion of the revenue when viewers cheer with bits.
  • Ad Revenue Share: Partners also benefit from a share in advertisement revenue. As their channel attracts more viewers, the ad revenue potential increases.
  • Hype Chat: This paid feature lets viewers pin their messages in the chat. Twitch shares the revenue earned from Hype Chat with partners.
  • Sponsors and Affiliate Links: Partners can strike deals with brands and leverage affiliate marketing, adding to their income stream.
  • Donations: While not exclusive to the Twitch Partner program, the sheer volume of viewers happy to support their favorite Twitch streamers through donations can often be an important source for Twitch partners.

How does Twitch pay its partners, and how often? 

The Twitch partner payout system pays partners through direct deposits, wire transfers (for streamers outside of the US), and checks. Partners are paid monthly, ensuring a consistent income flow for them.

However, monetization is not the only benefit of enrolling in the Twitch Partner program; creators enjoy many other perks, too. 

Other Benefits of Becoming a Twitch Partner

  • Enhanced Visibility: Twitch partners may get featured on the front page and in special promotions, exposing them to a broader viewer base. Additionally, the hosting opportunities enable interesting collaborations, ultimately helping you to expand your presence and reach on Twitch.   The verified checkmark is a further bonus.
  • Priority Support: Partners receive priority customer support from Twitch, ensuring quicker responses to inquiries and assistance with technical issues.
  • Lifetime Subscribers: Reaching specific milestones gives partners the privilege of having lifetime subscribers. While these subscribers don’t contribute to the paid subscription revenue, they can still bring decent advertising income with ads enabled on your channel.
  • Community Building Tools: As partners reach higher subscriber points thresholds, they gain access to additional emote slots. This allows them to create and offer more custom emotes to their subscribers, enhancing community engagement.
  • Early Access to Features: Twitch partners often get early access to new features and tools, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve in content creation and audience engagement.

Interestingly, the Twitch Partner Program also offers exclusive benefits for your audience. 

Audience-Specific Twitch Partner Program Benefits

  • Transcoding Priority: Viewers can watch broadcasts on multiple transcoding settings, such as lower resolutions for smoother viewing on a slower connection. 
  • Free Lifetime Membership: Viewers can enjoy free lifetime memberships to their favorite channels.
  • VIP Slots: Loyal community members can be rewarded with VIP slots, giving them special privileges in chat and other unique perks.

How do you get started with the Twitch Partner Program?

Twitch Partner Program Eligibility Requirements 2023

Despite the huge interest and competition, getting into the Twitch Partner program in 2023 is possible regardless of your channel size. It all starts with meeting the following requirements:

  • Stream for more than 25 hours in a 30-day period
  • Stream on 12 different days within the 30-day period
  • Achieve an average of 75+ concurrent viewers across your streams

You shouldn’t just focus on the 30-day period, by the way. The Twitch team will likely to track your performance over a larger time frame, so consistency is crucial.

Also, it’s essential to note not all viewers are counted equally in Twitch’s eyes. The platform is keen on nurturing a genuine community. Here’s what Twitch typically doesn’t count under organic viewership:

  • Embedded Site Viewers – Those watching from external sites with embedded Twitch players.
  • Hosts & Raids Not counted unless the viewers spend a substantial amount of time watching your broadcast. More on this later.
  • Anonymous Viewers   The participation of viewers not logged into Twitch chat may not be fully acknowledged.
  • Viewbots Steering clear from these is crucial. Twitch is adept at spotting them.
  • Default Twitch Bots   Chatbots like Commanderroot, Nightbot, and Electricallongboard don’t add to your viewer tally either.

Do You Need to Be a Twitch Affiliate to Apply for the Partner Program?

Being an affiliate is not a prerequisite for applying to the Twitch Partner program. Many people have this misconception and opt-out from applying when they may otherwise have a decent shot at getting accepted. That said, your journey as an affiliate can smoothen the transition to partnership, given the foundational audience you would have likely built.

Are There Any Country Restrictions for the Twitch Partner Program?

No, there are no country restrictions when applying to the Twitch Partner Program. You can apply from the US, Germany, India, or any other part of the world. The Twitch Partner Program is a comprehensive, rewarding ecosystem that embraces global creators. 

Lately, it has been noticed content creators applying from outside the US are getting accepted more easily than those from the US. This is merely because the competition in the US has become increasingly fierce, with a growing number of talented streamers vying for the Twitch partnership status, making it more challenging to stand out among the crowd.

So how can you grow your Twitch channel and boost your acceptance chances to the partner program, regardless of where you might be from? 

Tips to Grow Your Twitch Channel to Boost Your Partner Application

Every Twitch streamer dreams of having a busy channel with active viewers and fans to give themselves the best shot at partner status.

Let’s explore some ways to get you closer to your goal!

1) Invest in a Proper Twitch Setup

It all starts with having the right Twitch setup. Investing in a quality camera, microphone, and even a green screen setup for Twitch ensures your viewers a polished, immersive experience and encourages them to stay on your stream.

2) Generate Creative Content Ideas

Being unique and offering fresh content can distinguish you from the masses. Implementing creative and fun Twitch content ideas to boost your viewership can help bring in newer audiences while retaining existing ones.

3) Maintain a Consistent Streaming Schedule

Consistency is the key to building a loyal viewer base. Establishing and sticking to a streaming schedule shows your dedication to your craft and allows you to set a routine your viewers can depend on.

4) Leverage the Power of Raids

While raids are touted as “no-nos” in some circles, they can boost your viewer count, especially when leveraged correctly. They can help you become a Twitch partner fast. All you need to do is ensure the raiding viewers who join your stream stay behind and don’t leave immediately.

Another vital tip when collabing for a raid: Make sure viewers from the raid click on your direct Twitch link. This way, the Twitch algo counts them as unique members of your stream, positively impacting your channel analytics. 

All this must be communicated prior to the raid.

5) Incorporate Animated Elements

Animated elements can make your channel pop in a sea of static streams. Whether it’s animated alerts, chat bars, or overlays, these dynamic additions can elevate the viewer’s experience and make your stream more engaging.

6) Add Your Socials & Build Presence Elsewhere

Having your socials visible on your Twitch channel is a good idea. While social media isn’t the main determining factor for partnership, a noticeable presence on platforms like YouTube can strengthen your application. It provides a holistic view of your online influence, potentially tipping the scales in your favor. 

However, remember that high follower counts don’t necessarily equate to partnership success; it’s the concurrent viewership that truly matters.

7) Establish an Active Community

Engage with your community even when you’re offline on Twitch. Platforms like Discord can be instrumental in building interactions, allowing you to be continually active with your community. The more you engage, the more you encourage loyalty.

8) Reward Viewer Loyalty

Keeping viewers on your stream for longer durations boosts your metrics. Consider implementing rewards or incentives in the form of giveaways for viewers who stay engaged. This improves your channel analytics and builds a deeper sense of community.

By mastering these tips and constantly refining your approach, you can set yourself up for success for the partnership application and a fulfilling Twitch journey.

Applying for Twitch Partnership

It’s extremely important to understand the nuances of the Twitch partner application when applying. In this section, we’ll cover some insights, tips, and Twitch partner application myths:

What Twitch Looks for in a Potential Partner

Twitch isn’t just counting numbers. Beyond concurrent viewership, they’re interested in unique creators who bring a fresh perspective to the platform. Your content, community engagement, and growth potential are all under the scanner.

Moreover, your country of application matters. Twitch often leans towards regions where they wish to expand, making certain areas more favorable for potential partners.

What to Include in Your Application

Your Twitch Partner application isn’t merely a formality. But it’s an opportunity to show the Twitch team your value and that you can be the right partner for their platform. When drafting your application,  ensure to:

  1. Highlight your consistency, emphasizing a regular streaming schedule
  2. Point out your presence on other platforms (if you have any), indicating your potential to draw viewers from other sources
  3. Discuss your future plans, showcasing your commitment to growth on Twitch
  4. Mention any community involvement, such as charitable endeavors, indicating a well-rounded personality

What does a competitive Twitch partner application look like?

Twitch Partner Application Example

“Hi Twitch Team, I’m [your name], a variety streamer with a knack for retro games. Over the past year, my channel has grown to an average of 100 concurrent viewers. I consistently stream thrice a week, ensuring my community knows when to tune in. 

Beyond Twitch, my YouTube channel with game reviews crossed 10k subscribers. My vision is to start a monthly retro gaming marathon, integrating Twitch viewers into the gameplay. I’ve also successfully organized charity streams, raising over $7k for local NGOs. 

Looking forward to the opportunity to grow further as a Twitch Partner!”

Short, sweet, and simple. However, you don’t really have to try to match this and cover all the areas. Just do your best!

Twitch Partner Application Myths

Going through the Twitch application process means distinguishing facts from fiction. Here are some myths debunked:

  • Subscriber Impact:  It’s a myth that stacking up subscribers or accumulating bits guarantees a partnership. Remember, it’s more about genuine engagement and consistent growth than just numbers.
  • Chat Activity: A buzzing chat is always a good sign, but don’t be misled. It’s not just about quantity but the quality of interactions. Even if you have thousands of comments, Twitch values meaningful community interaction.
  • Application Denials: Being denied previously doesn’t mean your subsequent applications will be viewed negatively. Twitch values persistence, growth, and current merits over past setbacks.

Understanding the essence of what Twitch seeks in partners and preparing yourself with the above insights and tips will help you apply confidently to the partner program.

Can Twitch Cancel Your Partner Status?

Yes, Twitch can revoke your partner status based on several factors, including breaches in the Twitch partner contract, using Twitch-banned words in your streams, or a significant loss of viewership.

Twitch Partner Contract

At the heart of your partnership lies the Twitch partner contract. Think of it as the rulebook that binds you and Twitch. Stick to the agreement, and you’re golden. Step out of line, though, and you risk losing those partner perks.

Walking on Thin Ice with Banned Words

Twitch is all about creating a vibrant but respectful community. That’s why they have a list of Twitch-banned words. Slip one of those into your stream, and you might just land a warning or, worse, lose your partner status. 

Loss of Viewership

Engagement is key. Your audience tunes in for a reason, and maintaining that connection is essential. If you face a prolonged and substantial loss of viewership, Twitch might interpret it as a loss of your interest or commitment to the platform. They generally support partners and offer tools for growth, but a persistent decline could risk your partnership.

While becoming a Twitch partner is thrilling, it comes with its responsibilities. Regularly review guidelines, engage authentically, and always respect the community. Remember, the partnership isn’t a one-time trophy but an ongoing relationship.

What’s the Difference Between Twitch Affiliate and Partner Program?

The primary difference between a Twitch affiliate and a partner is the types of perks the latter enjoys. While both can earn through streaming on the platform, partners can access more monetization options. Additionally, they get priority support from Twitch. Partners also have stricter eligibility requirements than Twitch affiliates.

The following table summarizes the differences between the two content creator programs:

Twitch Partner vs. Affiliate: A Closer Look

DetailsTwitch AffiliateTwitch Partner
EligibilityEasier to achieve, with fewer requirementsStrict criteria, including consistent high viewership
Monetization OptionsAccess to bits, subscriptions, and adsExtended options like premium subscription tiers and more ad control
Channel CustomizationBasic emotes and badges for subscribersExpanded range of emotes, badges, and the ability to reward loyal viewers
Support and ToolsBasic dashboard features and lower priority supportAccess to advanced streaming tools, analytics, and higher priority support

Twitch Partnership Plus Program – It’s Here!

The news is out for those waiting with baited breath, and it’s music to the ears. Twitch has finally launched its long-anticipated Twitch Partnership Plus Program.

This groundbreaking initiative is set to reshape the landscape for content creators, especially the partners, introducing a game-changing 70/30 revenue split for them.

What does this mean for you? 

The new 70/30 split is a step ahead, ensuring that creators receive a more significant chunk of the platform earnings, further incentivizing them to produce top-notch content and engage their audiences. 

With the program’s rollout, it’s evident that Twitch is making strides, listening to its community’s feedback, and taking substantial measures to solidify its bond with creators.

But beyond the numbers, it’s the commitment that stands out. With the introduction of the Partnership Plus Program, Twitch is signaling its unwavering dedication to building a robust environment for its creators. 

Whether you’re a professional streamer or a newbie plotting your streaming journey, now, more than ever, is the perfect time to be part of this thriving community. The future looks bright, and with platforms like Twitch showing such ardor to evolve and cater to its creators, it’s one avenue you absolutely can’t afford to overlook.

As we go through the ever-evolving digital age, Twitch emerges as a beam of opportunity, an open-centered platform around its creators. And with such positive initiatives on the horizon, there’s no better time to jump in and ride the wave of innovation.

Just getting started on Twitch? Check out our How to Stream on Twitch guide!

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