Twitch Banned Word List: All You Need to Know

Embarking on the journey of creating a new Twitch channel can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to understanding the platform’s guidelines.

Are you thinking about starting a new Twitch channel but aren’t sure what you can or cannot say? In this article, we give the lowdown on the latest Twitch banned word list in 2023.

This ensures you stay on the right side of Twitch’s guidelines and avoid the banhammer. You’ll also learn effective tactics to fend off internet trolls and protect yourself – and your audience – from cyberbullying.

What Words Are Banned on Twitch?

Twitch has banned using three specific words – whether used by a streamer or viewer – which are ‘simp,’ ‘incel,’ and ‘virgin.’ In addition, Twitch enforces strict rules against inflammatory, sexually explicit, and violent language to maintain a secure environment for all users, regardless of race, gender, or culture. 

Why is Simp Banned on Twitch?

According to, the word ‘simp’ is:

“A slang insult for men who are seen as too attentive and submissive to women, especially out of a failed hope of winning some entitled sexual attention or activity from them.”

It’s also considered misogynistic, derogatory, offensive, and disrespectful, so you cannot say simp on Twitch.

Twitch has banned this word to curb sexist behavior in its community and prevent gender-related stereotypes.

List of Banned Words on Twitch in 2023

There’s no exact list of Twitch words that are banned except the three words mentioned earlier. However, Twitch prohibits any content that fosters discrimination, objectification, or denigration based on various characteristics. This includes discrimination based on the following:

● Race, ethnicity, or nationality, such as ethnic slurs and racial stereotypes.

● Faith, beliefs, and religion, including religious stereotypes and derogatory remarks about religious practices or figures.

● Gender or gender identity, such as sexism, misogyny, or making demeaning comments related to someone’s perceived or self-identified gender.

● Sexual orientation and the use of homophobic or transphobic slurs.

● Age and using ageist remarks targeted at individuals based on their age.

● Physical or mental characteristics, including body shaming, ableist language, or mockery related to someone’s appearance, disabilities, or mental condition.

Reasons for Creating a Twitch Bad Word List

There are a few reasons why Twitch maintains such a strict policy and forces its users to adhere to it. The main ones include:

Protecting Users

The primary goal is to safeguard Twitch users from harm and potential violence by prohibiting discriminatory language.

Creating a Safe Space

With the bad world list, Twitch aims to cultivate a safe and secure community where all individuals feel welcomed and respected.

To Curb Cyberbullying

The policy aims to keep online stalkers, harassers, cyber bullies, and internet trolls at bay.

Promoting Inclusivity

By strictly enforcing these rules, Twitch offers an inclusive, diverse environment devoid of racial, gender, or religious stereotypes.

Does Twitch Allow Swear Words in Chat?

No, the Twitch guidelines discourage excessive profanity or explicit language in chat. While mild swearing may be allowed, it’s up to the streamers and viewers to maintain a respectful atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.

Can You Censor Swear Words on Twitch?

Yes, you can censor swear words on Twitch. It’s highly recommended to censor swear words on your Twitch stream to safeguard your content from potential penalties.

The first step is to be mindful of what you say and how you say it when streaming. After all, you don’t want to come across as rude or obnoxious. The next step is to create a ban list on your channel by issuing commands to Nightbot.

How Do I Ban Words on Nightbot?

Here’s how you can use Nightbot to filter out inappropriate words and phrases:

1. Go to Nightbot’s official website and log in to your Twitch account.

2. Before proceeding further, ensure Nightbot has been added to your chat by clicking the ‘Join Channel’ button at the top-right corner.

3. Click on ‘Spam Protection’ from the left-hand pane.

4. Now, look for the ‘Blacklist Words/Phrases’ tab on the main screen and click ‘Options.’ You should see a new dialogue box.

5. In the ‘Blacklist Box,’ type in the words you want to censor. Press enter to add a new word.

6. Add an asterisk symbol (*) at the end of each word to censor words derived from your blacklisted word. For example, “test*” will block test, testing, testerino, etc.

7. You also have the option to set a timeout length (600 seconds by default), exempt user groups, and silent Nightbot spam filter notifications and send a custom message to violators.

8. Press the ‘Submit’ button to close the dialogue box once you’re done.

9. Lastly, head to your Twitch Chat, add NightMod to your mod list, and that’s it!

Can Mods See Banned Words?

Mods can see your banned words list by default. However, as mentioned earlier, you can choose which user group can see banned words. For example, you can exempt your subscribers, regular viewers, VIP users, moderators, or the owner of the Twitch channel, i.e., you.

Other Ways of Creating a Twitch Blocked Words List for Your Channel

Another way of creating a blocked word list on Twitch is by using the Twitch Automod. Here’s how you can set up AutoMod.

1. Head to your Twitch account, click on your profile picture at the top-right corner of the screen, and select ‘Creator Dashboard.’

2. From the left-hand pane, select ‘Preference’ (with the gear icon), and from the drop-down list, select ‘Moderation.’

3. In ‘AutoMod Controls,’ select ‘Blocked terms and phrases.’

4. Click on ‘Search for a term to block’ and type in the words or phrases you want to block.

5. Here, set privacy to either ‘Private’ or ‘Public.’ This controls whether or not the moderators can see your banned list.

6. Finally, press the ‘Add’ button to add the typed-in phrase to the ‘Active Terms’ list.


To conclude, streamers must understand and adhere to Twitch’s banned words list. It’s the only way to run and maintain a channel that aligns with Twitch’s Terms of Service and User Guidelines and avoids potential penalties.

By censoring swear words using tools such as Nightbot and AutoMod, you can create a fun and welcoming environment for your audience, both of which are prerequisites to growing your channel and succeeding on the platform!

And if you’re a new Twitch streamer and want to start on the right foot, check out our Twitch Streaming Starter Kit.

FAQs – Twitch Blacklist Word List

Find answers to widespread and controversial Twitch FAQs!

Can You Mention OnlyFans on Twitch?

The short answer is ‘no.’ As per Twitch’s latest community guidelines, “users are prohibited from broadcasting, uploading, soliciting, offering, and linking to pornographic or sexually explicit content.”

Can Men Be Shirtless on Twitch?

No, male streamers are typically not allowed to be shirtless on a live Twitch stream. As per Twitch’s latest Attire Policy: “We [Twitch] don’t permit streamers to be fully or partially nude….”

However, there are a few exceptions to this rule:

“Streamers are given some leeway for making transitions between contexts with different limits of acceptable attire (e.g., beach to general outdoor IRL streaming).”

Can You Smoke on Twitch?

Yes, streamers can smoke on a live stream, as Twitch doesn’t expressly prohibit tobacco cigarettes or e-cigarettes. However, the guidelines strictly prohibit the “Use of hard drugs and substances not fit for human consumption.”

How Long Are Twitch Chat Bans?

Temporary chat bans last for anywhere from one to 30 days, depending on the severity of the violation. However, frequent violations may eventually result in an indefinite suspension, usually permanent. 

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