How to Get Viewers on Twitch: 50 Ways to Rack up Your Twitch Audience

Twitch streaming can be a legit and lucrative career. The interactive live broadcasting platform generously rewards content creators who actively stream on it and provide value, either in the form of entertainment, knowledge, or both, to the Twitch user base.

Is it hard to get viewers on Twitch? Well, of course! More than 7.7 million unique creators stream each month on Twitch, so it’s a competitive space out there.

But the best part about Twitch is that you can earn a substantial amount of money even with a decent following, i.e., you don’t have to be a Tfue or an xQc to kill it on the streaming platform.

Now, if you’re wondering how to get your first viewers on Twitch or increase your existing viewer count, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to get viewers on Twitch for beginners, as well as advanced tips and techniques to scale up your audience to the next level.

Let’s get started, shall we?

TL;DR: How to Get More Viewers on Twitch – Top 5 Tips!

Are you in a hurry and have no time to read the full blog? Here are our top 5 tips for increasing Twitch viewers that will set you up for success and effectively grow your audience:

  1. Promote your stream on social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, TikTok, YouTube, etc.
  2. Host giveaways
  3. Get your audience involved
  4. Network with industry influencers
  5. Leverage video on demand (VOD)
Table of Contents

Winning on Twitch: How Twitch Algorithm Works

As the saying goes – “You must know the why if you want to conquer the how”. Things aren’t any different when it comes to winning on Twitch, either.

To fully understand and appreciate how to make it on Twitch, it’s important first to understand how Twitch algo works and why it recommends certain streams over others.   

The Twitch algorithm serves one goal, and one goal only: to help users discover content they’ll enjoy. It shows them relevant and interesting streams to optimize their viewing experience, thereby increasing platform engagement and retention.

The audience size is always a good indicator of that. After all, if you are getting a high number of views on your streams, Twitch will look at it as a strong signal and push your content out to even more users interested in similar content.

However, that’s not the only thing the Twitch algorithm considers when evaluating your stream against the competition. Over the years, it has become more sophisticated, and you’ll need to analyze other factors to determine what content is valuable, fun, and entertaining for the users.

Relevance and consistency now play important roles. Chat velocity is still as significant as ever. Optimizing for the right category gives a boost to your recommendations. Stream raids are favored as long as you don’t end up spamming other streams. And so on and so forth!         

The main thing to remember here is to create a plan, test it, identify what works for you, and optimize for improvement. While the number of viewers will always be crucial to your Twitch success, they are simply the by-product of what you do to attract and keep them hooked.

This begs the question, what if you buy viewers to boost your Twitch rankings artificially? Does it work?

A Burning Question: How to Buy Viewers on Twitch? Is It Legal?

Buying viewers to create fake engagements is against Twitch’s Terms of Service. Newbie streamers with non-existent audiences get tempted to buy viewership to get a headstart, but it’s not a sustainable option. Instead, you might end up receiving a ban from Twitch.

Still, if you want to take your chances, you can Google ‘how to get fake viewers on Twitch’, and you’ll find dozens of websites that allow you to buy viewers to inflate the audience size on your Twitch channel artificially. Some popular ones include BoostHill, Stormlikes, UseViral, SidesMedia, and Twitch Booster. However, we don’t recommend the practice.

Is It Too Late to Make It on Twitch, Though?

It’s always possible to start your Twitch journey as long as you’re passionate about streaming and not just looking for a way to make a quick buck. The best time to start Twitch was during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the second-best time is now. The current Twitch climate is highly competitive. But if you commit to consistently creating discoverable and quality content, there’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to make it on Twitch.

50 Ways to Get More Viewers on Twitch

Now, as promised, here is a list of 50 ways to get more viewers on your Twitch channel:

1. Promote Your Stream on Social Media Platforms

If you ask around for advice on growing your Twitch audience, most people will recommend you utilize social media platforms, and rightly so. With billions of monthly active users, these platforms allow you to reach a broader audience across the globe and build a loyal following.

YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and TikTok are arguably the best social media sites for this purpose. Make sure to use them to upload creative content and stream highlights regularly. (PS: Strategic tips on how to use each individual platform to come later in the blog)

What’s even more interesting, social media can help you get eyeballs from brands and investors as they see you promoting your channel. This can open doors for potential sponsorship opportunities and merch sale partnerships and give your regular Twitch earnings a nice boost. You can then use this money to reinvest in your channel and attract more viewers.

2. Create a Powerful Brand on Twitch

Personal branding is extremely important for increasing traffic on your Twitch channel. For starters, it allows you to establish a unique identity that sets you apart from other Twitch streamers. Moreover, it makes you appear more authentic and trustworthy, which helps build trust with your viewers.

In addition, it empowers you to connect with your audience at a more personal level. As a result, you can foster a sense of community and build a defined, stronger relationship with your viewers. Moreover, you’ll get recognized within the Twitch community; hence, more people will follow you and view your stream.

All in all, personal branding is a great way to differentiate yourself in a crowded Twitch market.

3. Invest in High-Quality Gear for Your Streaming

Using high-quality equipment goes a long way in creating a positive viewer experience, which is essential to getting in new viewers and retaining the existing ones on your Twitch channel. Here are three reasons why investing in good computing equipment for Twitch streaming is an excellent idea:

  • Reliability: High-quality equipment is less likely to fail or cause technical issues during your stream, which can obviously frustrate your live viewers, including new joiners and the regular audience.
  • Efficiency: Top-of-the-line equipment will allow you to stream more efficiently, freeing up your time to focus on important tasks, i.e., interacting with your chat or creating quality content.
  • Quality: Using the latest equipment will result in smoother audio and video and fast load times, translating to a seamless viewing experience for your audience.

Overall, investing in high-quality computing and streaming equipment will help you appear more likable and professional to your Twitch audience. As a result, you’ll be able to rack up your audience faster and successfully grow your Twitch channel in the long run. Check out our streaming starter kit blog to find quality equipment recommendations.

4. Generate Valuable Content for Your Audience

Providing value to your Twitch audience should be your number one priority. By focusing on consistently delivering a high-quality streaming experience that meets the expectations and interests of your audience, you differentiate your channel from other streamers and build a strong reputation in your niche.

Always strive to give your viewers something valuable. It incentivizes them to keep returning to your Twitch channel and even recommending your content to their friends. This can also be beneficial for your personal growth as a streamer as you stay motivated and inspired to find unique and creative ways to entertain your audience.

Avoid the most common mistake most Twitch streamers make: Don’t pick the most popular game!


There’s no point streaming a game already broadcasted by hundreds and thousands of other streamers. Your chances to compete with them and get noticed are little to none.

To rack up your Twitch audience, you should target games with a decent following but not many active broadcasters. This will increase your likelihood of attracting more viewers to your stream. You should ideally target ‘the top 20 spots’ to attract viewers to your Twitch channel.

6. Engage Your Audience Throughout the Broadcast

Audience engagement goes a long way in building a sustainable viewership for your Twitch channel. You must regularly interact during your streams to engage the people watching your live broadcast to make it a fun experience for them.

Remember, no one wants to watch somebody just sitting silently and playing a game. If you stay quiet during your stream and don’t converse with the audience, there’s a very high chance that you’ll lose out on viewership very quickly. And you definitely don’t want that to happen, do you?

So, be engaging if you want to build a viewership that regularly visits your channel and watches your stream. Strike up a conversation with them by asking them generic questions. For example, you can ask your viewers about their day or what they have been up to lately.

If you’re not big on chatter, consider doing game commentary or explaining critical aspects of the game. You can also ask questions, run polls, or create a question of the day to keep your audience engaged.

Remember that talking to your audience makes them feel part of your stream and more likely to hit the follow button or even subscribe to your channel.

7. Engagement Alone Isn’t Enough; You Must Provide Entertainment Value

The primary reason people watch streams on Twitch is to get entertained. Think about the streamers you follow. Why do you follow them? Because you find their stream enjoyable and exciting. All successful Twitch streamers focus on providing entertainment value to their viewers, and that’s the key reason behind their growth.

The key to creating an entertaining anti-boring stream environment is embracing your personality and quirkiness. Don’t be afraid if viewers will think your laugh is funny or you make weird faces during hard clutch moments. You can only be entertaining when comfortable in your skin.

8. Inclusivity Goes a Long Way!

Always use inclusive language during your stream. Of course, you must refrain from using prohibited language, including insults, hateful or racial slurs, etc., but consider taking a step further to ensure your viewers feel embraced, or at least not excluded.

Simply using phrases like “we” or “us” instead of “I” can make your stream more engaging. “How about we try a ninja defuse? Let’s do it, people!”, “We should try opening the second door”, ”I think we’ll win this round” —phrases like these are subtle but make the audience feel more immersed and involved.

9. Play with Gaming Buddies

Playing with your gaming friends is a great way to make your stream more energetic and fun. It will allow you to create an enjoyable and inviting environment for your viewers effortlessly. This idea particularly comes in handy if you’re an introverted person and not good at social interactions.

In addition to prompting banter and conversations, playing with regular gaming buddies will help improve the overall gaming experience, especially if you develop good in-game synergy.

10. Invite Family and Friends to Watch Your Stream

There are multiple reasons why having friends and family in your stream is a great idea. First, they’ll add to the total viewer count. For instance, if you ask 10 to 15 people to join your stream, you’ll get a head start against a large pool of streamers broadcasting with a low viewer count.

Moreover, people like watching streams with an audience as it appears more credible and exciting. You can ask some friends to remain active in the chat and create a sort of community for viewers to chill and hang out, so they stay longer and potentially follow your channel to revisit later.

11. Master the Game You Play – ‘Git Gud!’

While entertainment is an important prerequisite to viewer engagement, you can retain viewers by being exceptionally good at the game you choose to play in your streams, especially if you play first-person shooters. People love to see streamers annihilate the enemy teams and skilled gameplays.

Even if you’re playing non-FPS games like FIFA, Rocket League, or Trackmania, you can focus on hitting creative goals or setting up incredible records. Being one of the top players, even in your area, will potentially help you attract a sizable following for your Twitch channel.

12. Study Other Streamers and Study Them Well

Watching experienced streamers is a great way to gain inspiration and perspective for your own Twitch stream. You can take notes of aspects of their broadcast that work so well. Learn what makes them so entertaining and how they interact with viewers to keep things interesting.

While learning from other streamers is an excellent idea, make sure you don’t spend too much time watching them. It’s important to find the right balance. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t consume more streaming content than you produce for your Twitch audience.

13. Actively Work on Networking with Gamers and Influencers

Networking can play an instrumental role in growing your Twitch channel audience. It helps you build relationships with other streamers and professionals. You can connect with fellow gamers and influencers sharing similar interests, which paves the way for incredible growth prospects.

When done right, networking can lead to various opportunities, including collaborations, guest appearances, and cross-promotion partnerships. In addition, by simply building a connection with fellow streamers, you can expect a number of their audience to drop in and check out one of your broadcasts.

Interacting with experienced streamers will also help you get valuable advice and feedback for improving your streaming content. Ultimately, it can help you develop a loyal viewership base and create deeper, more meaningful connections with your audience and other streamers on the platform.

14. Stream During the Right Times

What is the right time to stream? Well, it depends on your geo-location and niche. Experiment with different schedules and monitor the engagement rates to identify the times when most people who view your stream are active.

Keep in mind that the ideal timings to stream might not necessarily be suitable for your personal schedule. However, you must be flexible to get the timing right and keep your regular viewers around. Also, remember to put your stream schedule on your Twitch channel and social media handles to let your audience know when to tune in.

15. Get a High-Speed Internet Connection

It would be best if you got a good internet connection and the hardware to support it to make a splash on Twitch. This will allow you to broadcast a high bitrate and seamless video quality stream, giving your viewers a streaming experience that’d make them stick around.

To avoid buffering and lagging issues while streaming, you need at least 12 Mbps upload speed for 1080p broadcasts at 60 frames per second (FPS) on Twitch.

Suppose you use several apps and programs while you stream, for instance, Discord and YouTube, or have other people in your home using the same internet connection. In that case, you’ll need an even higher internet speed to ensure a smooth streaming session without any buffer or lag.

16. Invest in a Solid Graphics Card

A graphics card (GPU) is the hearth of your gaming setup, allowing you to stream flawlessly rendered pixels to your viewers. Using a low-end GPU will get you by if you stream low-spec games, but you should invest in a decent graphics card for graphics-intensive games.

At a bare minimum, you should aim for 60 fps to ensure a smooth viewing experience for your Twitch viewers. Moreover, the latest graphics card can also help with video encoding, which frees up CPU bandwidth for other tasks, resulting in a more stable stream.

17. Show Your Face to the World

Streaming with a webcam is an absolute must to increase the audience for your Twitch stream. Broadcasting live with a face will help you build trust and relationships with your viewers. Also, people like to see the streamer who is playing. If they wanted to watch gameplay, they’d simply go to YouTube.

Still, if you want to stay anonymous, consider Vtubing, which involves using an interactive avatar like a cartoon character. It’s a great way to build a new persona while maintaining anonymity.

(PS: By the way, if you are interested, here are some of our webcam recommendations for your Twitch streaming gig)

18. Ensure Good Lighting for Your Stream

It’s imperative to ensure good lighting for your stream. The right setup can uplift your stream’s overall quality, make your live video more attractive to your viewers, and set their mood for a fun and enjoyable experience.

The ideal way to go about it is getting a three-point softbox setup, but if you’re on a budget, LED bulbs and translucent umbrellas will do the trick. Just avoid relying solely on your monitors’ lighting. If you don’t have space in your room, a ring light on top of your monitor will also suffice.

19. Use a Green Screen to Show Some Creativity

The idea of setting up your own unique streaming room sounds incredible but is not practical in many cases. The good thing is that you can oomph the ambiance of your stream without breaking the bank. You can create a visually stunning background by simply using a green screen.

Green screens provide an easy and fun way to bring your personality to your Twitch stream. In addition, you can dynamically modify your background and make your stream appear more interesting.

20. Twitch Audio Setup Matters More Than You Think

The audio component for your stream is really important. Crisp audio quality can provide a better experience to your Twitch viewers. Hence, pick a high-quality mic that would allow you to deliver a clear voice to your audience, removing the background noise.

A budget condenser microphone can be a good starter mic. But if budget isn’t an issue, consider getting a professional microphone and a boom arm and pop filter to ensure rich sound quality. We are big fans of Shure MV7. It is solid, durable, and has great audio quality and range.

21. Choose a Memorable Username for Your Channel

Your Twitch name can also have an impact on your viewership. It can revolve around your gaming niche or simply be a cool nickname. For instance, if there’s a funny aspect or pun in your streaming niche, you can use that to come up with a creative username.

Ideally, you should keep your channel name short so it’s easy to remember. Ninja and Shroud demonstrate this perfectly. Both usernames are fairly simple and instantly recognizable. Depending on your personality and branding, you can add playful elements to yours.

22. Create a Clear and Concise Bio

You can make your Twitch profile more attention-grabbing and inviting to your existing and potential audience by writing a concise bio that tells them what your stream is all about. A well-written bio will give viewers a glimpse into your streaming channel and help them learn about the type of content you create and your persona.

A smart way to write a bio that encompasses key information about you and your stream is: “Description of your content, games, fact/unique selling point, and incentive (optional)”. If you accept donations, you can give a call-to-action in the bio and explain how you will use the money to incentivize viewers to donate.

23. Use Tags on Twitch to Get Discovered by New Audiences

Do Twitch tags matter? Using relevant tags in your Twitch stream will help maximize your stream’s visibility and draw more viewership. You must select tags that correctly describe the content of your stream. For instance, if you’re streaming FIFA 23, you might use tags like “FIFA23,” “gaming,” “live,” etc.

Think of tags as hashtags on social media channels. Keywords that categorize your stream and help users discover the relevant content. When a user searches for a particular tag relevant to your niche, your stream will pop up in the search results if you’ve used that tag.

24. Create an Attention-Grabbing Thumbnail

You can create the best content on your Twitch channel, but if you use an unattractive, dull thumbnail for your videos, you’ll be unable to pull in many viewers. 

Thumbnails are the first thing people see — they give them a glimpse of what to expect from a stream and help them decide if they want to open it. No wonder the best-performing Twitch creators use custom thumbnails.

It’s essential that your thumbnails exude “incredible content here, check it out now!” so people click your channel and stay for the stream.

Don’t sleep on the thumbnails!

25. Curate a Compelling Title for Your Streams

Do you use a generic title for your stream, like “Playing DOTA 2 with friends”? It’s unlikely that it will get you a lot of viewers. Twitch is an ocean of streamers, and to differentiate yourself; it’s essential to pick a compelling title that would give the audience a reason to click on your stream.

You can experiment with creative titles that resonate with your brand or persona as long as they are engaging and interesting. Have some wow factor. However, make sure to avoid clickbait titles, or the viewers will end up leaving right away.

26. Long Streams Work Like a Charm

Long-duration streams are excellent for building a dedicated audience for your Twitch channel as long as you do them with a purpose. You can host a charity event or offer exclusive drops for the audience to encourage your followers to rally around and support you through the extended streaming hours.

A 12 or 24-hour stream offers a unique experience to viewers. However, it can be more intensive than a regular stream. Ensure you have the right equipment and a stable internet connection for a seamless broadcast. You can pre-record some content and run it during the breaks to keep your audience entertained.

27. Use Creative Stream Alerts to Make Things More Interesting

Creative stream alerts are short animations displayed when you get new followers, subscribers, or donations. The audio and visual notification instills a sense of excitement among the audience and encourages them to participate in the stream actively.

While a well-designed stream alert enhances the viewing experience, it’s important to ensure these alerts don’t pop up too often. Excessive alerts can distract viewers from the stream’s content and may lose effectiveness.

28. Use Visually Appealing Overlays to Add Finesse

Twitch overlays are thematic designs displayed on top of a stream. These include elements like a webcam frame, a customized chat window, a stream name or logo, stream labels showing the latest followers, etc.

Overlays make your stream look visually appealing and professional, which can help attract and retain viewers. In addition, they can be used to display important information, for instance, your streaming schedule, social media usernames, or donation information.

All in all, an overlay serves as a subtle addition to the aesthetics of your stream that can contribute to the success of your Twitch channel.

29. Create YouTube Videos to Promote Your Channel

A great thing you can do for your Twitch channel is to create regular YouTube content. It’s a sure way to ramp up the traffic of your stream. Spend some time on keyword research, create catchy thumbnails, optimize your channel, and get started with YouTube content creation.

Depending on your niche, you can pick the type of content you want to create. Compilation videos work great for most games, especially first-person shooter (FPS) games. Alternatively, you can create educational content like tips and tricks or explore other entertainment avenues.

30. Use Instagram to Target Broader Audience

If you want to maximize the audience of your Twitch channel, supplement your YouTube content creation with Instagram. After you finish your stream, edit the best gameplays, highlights, and moments of your stream, and share them via posts, stories, or reels.

The clips can be anything from an insane 360 no-scope shot to a funny own goal. Basically, anything that helps you get attention and draw additional viewers to your next stream.

31. Facebook is Meta

Create a Facebook page for your Twitch channel and join the relevant communities and groups to promote your stream. You can collaborate with other gamers and streamers to reach new demographics and expose your channel to new audiences.

Facebook is undeniably among the largest social media platforms, with billions of active users. However, remember that building a following on Facebook takes time, so you must be persistent and patient. You can use Facebook Ads if you have the budget to expedite the process.

32. Make TikTok Content… Because It Always Works!

In addition to Instagram and Facebook, use TikTok to grow your Twitch stream and get more viewers to your channel. Sharing your Twitch stream highlights on TikTok will help you improve your channel’s discoverability and open new avenues for content creation and dissemination. The best part is it requires minimal effort.

You can simply repurpose your Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube content to bite-size videos to create some amazing TikTok content. However, if you want, you can also go outside of the box and experiment with creating content not directly related to your Twitch niche but still relevant.

33. Conquer the Twitter Ground with Confidence

Twitter can also play a big role in your Twitch broadcast promotion. Learn to make good use of popular hashtags and connect with fellow gamers. Then, as you discover people in your niche, regularly tweet at them and favorite their tweets. This is a really simple yet effective way to build your network.

Moreover, you can use Twitter to keep your regular audience updated about your stream timings. For that, you must direct your audience to your Twitter handle. So, make sure to add your Twitter profile and all other social media profiles to your Twitch bio.

34. Reddit is PogChamp, Really!

Reddit is the hub of the best gaming clips on the internet. From impressive play and big clutch moments to the funniest shots and unlucky moments, you’ll find the most insane stuff on this social sharing website. That’s why your content should be up on Reddit as well.

You can post your clips to popular subreddits to gain traction for your stream. Viral posts can result in hundreds and thousands of users flocking to your Twitch channel. Often YouTubers review Reddit posts, which can help your Twitch channel get more exposure.

Of course, this might happen or not, but it’ll significantly help you increase your Twitch audience in the long run.

35. Discord Communities Are OP

Discord is a highly popular community-oriented platform used extensively by gamers, streamers, and content creators. Building a Discord server for your Twitch stream can create a wonderful space for your audience to hang out and interact with you one-on-one.

You can create dedicated channels for different topics, answer questions, participate in discussions, and host events and tournaments to build an engaged community. Moreover, you can post exclusive content or offer special perks to your Discord members.

You can also use Discord to announce when you go live, so your community will remain updated over any latest broadcasts. To maximize your Discord audience, promote your Discord server in your Twitch stream and ask community members to invite their friends.

36. Use Giveaways and Promotions to Increase Viewership

Giveaways and promotions are among the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to increasing viewership on Twitch. Imagine watching a stream titled “$30 steam card giveaway!” with just 15 to 20 viewers. These are great odds; many people would tune in to your stream and hang around until the announcement.

Remember that giveaways are not a sustainable option to increase viewership as the audience leaves after the winners are announced. So, don’t make it all about them. That said, they are still a great way to incentivize new people to check out your streams.

37. Do Crazy Challenges to Make Your Stream More Adventurous

Crazy challenges can be an entertaining and exciting way to engage with your Twitch audience. By taking on difficult tasks, you can add an element of anticipation and unpredictability to your regular content, which helps attract and retain viewers.

Some examples of crazy challenges that you can try on your Twitch stream are playing a game with bizarre rules or modifications, participating in a physical challenge, or perhaps watching horror videos with jump scares as long as it provides entertainment value. Challenges are indeed a great way to keep your content fresh and interesting.

38. Ask Streamers to Roast You. That’s Easy, Hah!

Roasting is one of the trending topics these days. If you have thick skin and can take a joke, you can ask streamers in your connections to roast you. It can be something related to your habits, gameplay, or the stream itself. As long as it’s funny and in good taste, it will make great content for your Twitch audience.

Roasting clips perform well on social media and can give more visibility to your channel. You can upload them as reels on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to drive an audience to your stream.

39. Start a Podcast Channel – Everyone Does It, and Everyone Loves It!

Ever since Twitch expanded its categories to draw an audience interested in topics other than video games, podcasting has become really popular. Many Twitch streamers have started podcasting to increase their viewership. The good part is it doesn’t require any financial investment other than your time.

You can have a weekly roundup of the latest trends and news in the space, share your journey and future plans with your podcast audience, or maybe even invite influencers or streamers and interview them. This will also give you plenty of content to post on your social media.

If you get creative and manage to stand out in your style, you should be able to create a new avenue of viewership for your Twitch channel. Make sure to add your podcast link in the bio and promote it in your Twitch stream to encourage your existing audience to check it out.

40. Turn on Video-on-Demand (VOD) to Leverage Your Streams to the Fullest

Video on Demand (VOD) is excellent for growing your channel when you’re not streaming. Users can’t check out your content if you don’t have VODs enabled. Likewise, if you stream for four to six hours and don’t have VODs for later, you are archiving nothing, and all that content is gone forever.

Saving VODs also help you go back and use the Twitch highlighter tool to extract the highlights and best parts of your stream. You can then repurpose those into new content for your social media accounts.

41. Use Twitch Analytics to Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Twitch analytics provide valuable insights pertinent to your streams, including your viewer count, the demographics of your viewers, and more. Analyzing this information will help you learn about the performance of your streams and identify areas that might need improvement.

For instance, you may use analytics to determine the days of the week or times of day you get the most audience in your stream. You can then adjust your streaming schedule for those times to increase your viewership. You can also identify the content your viewers like the most and focus on creating similar content.

At the end of the day, Twitch analytics are great for identifying trends and understanding things that work and don’t work for your channel. But make sure you don’t get too caught up in the numbers and start over analyzing things. The most important aspect is that you have fun while streaming.

42. Enable Channel Point Redemptions to Incentivize the Audience to Stay

Channel points are a way to reward your Twitch audience with special perks or prizes. Viewers can earn points by watching your stream, following or subscribing to your channel, or making a small donation while your broadcast is running. They can then use these channel points to redeem special rewards, such as custom emotes.

It’s a fun and interactive way to add an element of entertainment and fun to your Twitch streams. A more interactive viewing experience ultimately leads to increased viewer retention.

43. Play Games with Your Viewers to Make Them Feel Part of Your Channel

What better way to engage viewers than making them part of your stream? Your audience would love to participate in matches with you. If you’re popular and enjoy a decent following, you can do subscriber-only involvement to encourage people to subscribe to your channel.

Though if you’re located in different regions than most of your subscribers, ping can be an issue. In that case, you can play online games like Scribble, Jackbox Party Packs, Words on Stream, etc. The idea is to make them feel welcomed and part of your Twitch family to maximize the viewer retention rate.

44. Raid Other Twitch Channels to Build Rapport

Before turning off your stream, raid the Twitch channel of a streamer with a similar content style and following. Just hang around for 10 minutes and engage a bit before bidding farewell to the audience. This is a smart way to make your channel more recognized in the long term and get a bit of extra traffic.

If you manage to build a rapport with a few streamers that share your interest and vision, they might return the favor and raid your channel with their followers, which can give your channel a big viewership boost. Just make sure you take a genuine interest in their stream and don’t spam for followers.

45. Join a Twitch Team to Make Your Life Easy

Teamwork makes the dream work! Joining a Twitch team is a great hack to grow your channel audience. Reach out to broadcasters with similar content on online platforms and Reddit and team up with them. You can also create your own team by collaborating with other solo streamers.

Being a part of the Twitch team will keep you encouraged and motivated. Team members help promote other members’ content and raid each other’s channels. While you can join multiple teams, it’s recommended to stick to one or two to ensure you can channel your complete focus into them.

46. Add a Twitch Leaderboard Extension to Give Credit Where It’s Due

You can find various Twitch leaderboard extensions that track a range of audience actions, including bits, subscribes, gifts, chatters, and emotes. Twitch users often compete to get the top slot of the board, which helps your stream in terms of viewership as well as earning more revenue.

Pick an aesthetic leaderboard that displays your top fans with the most gifts or subs. You can customize most leaderboard panels, for instance, adding dark or light themes, adjusting the layout, and more.

47. There’s Always Room for Improvement

Streamers who become complacent fall behind. To ensure you’re churning out top-quality content, review your stream regularly. Get suggestions from your audience on how to improve your streams further. You can even ask them to put in requests for the type of content they’d like to see.

Moreover, ask your friends to frequently check your streams’ quality to ensure that your audio and visuals are on point. They can also give you other critical feedback.

Make notes of all the points, rectify your mistakes, and implement the suggestions in your future streams to attract more audience and retain the existing viewership.

48. Set Realistic Goals to Get the Best Results

Most streamers quit in a few months because they set unrealistic goals. While you should strive to rack up the maximum audience to your stream in minimal time, it’s essential to set reasonable milestones to keep you motivated to stream regularly and become successful.

Even three concurrent viewers is a great start that sets you up for the affiliate path. After that, you can gradually target 10, 20, 50, and 100 — onward and upward. Don’t try to rush it.

Keep your audience informed to know about your goals, and they will play a part in helping you reach them. There are great Samaritans on Twitch!

49. Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat!

It’s okay to take a break from time to time, even if Twitch is a significant source of your income. Remember, your mood sets the tempo of your stream. If you feel obligated to stream or do it when not in a mood, it’ll reflect in your body language, and your streaming performance will take a hit.

You’ll not be enthusiastic or pay much attention to chat interaction. It will make the audience feel disengaged and disconnected and force them to leave. Therefore, it’s better to take a break and rejuvenate yourself so that you are all energized and pumped up when you go live.

50. Never Give Up!

Often, streamers do all the right things and still don’t get the results. It happens to the best of the Twitch streamers. The key here is not to feel overwhelmed; continue experimenting with different niches until you find your true calling and get persistent results.

Sometimes, the niche you start might not work out, and you won’t get opportunities to grow or even sustain your viewership. In such cases, it’s okay to pivot to new niches and explore new avenues that are perhaps more popular or allow you an opportunity to rack up a bigger audience on your Twitch channel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Twitch, Twitch Viewership, & Twitch Discoverability

How to Get Consistent Viewers on Twitch?

To build a loyal audience on Twitch, it’s important to be consistent with your content and follow a regular streaming schedule. Furthermore, make sure to engage with your viewers, focus on providing fun, entertainment, and value, and promote your streams aggressively on social media.

The key to getting more Twitch viewers while streaming a popular game is to differentiate yourself through skilled gameplay or finding a sub-niche. Of course, people prefer watching skilled gamers as they get knowledgeable insights and motivation watching pro players getting the dubs. But if you can’t grind hours to master the game, find a way to differentiate yourself.

How Long Does It Take to Get Viewers on Twitch?

It takes an average streamer 3-4 weeks before their viewership actually starts growing. However, this is not granted; the outcome depends on various factors, including your stream quality, the games you’re playing, your personality, the number of hours you stream, and more. If you consistently promote great streams via social media and networking, you’re likely to build a decent audience sooner or later.

How Many Viewers on Twitch to Get a Partnership?

The minimum requirement to become a Twitch Partner is 75 concurrent viewers. Twitch also reviews stream frequency, entertainment value, and chat activity, among other metrics, when deciding whether or not to give you the partnership status. You must target higher than 100 average concurrent viewers on your stream to maximize the approval chances of your Twitch partnership application. As a Twitch Partner, you’ll be able to monetize your stream and get access to special features to grow your channel.

Important: Please note that before you become a Twitch Partner, you need to gain an Affiliate status. For that, you must maintain 3 concurrent viewers or more–on average and have 500 total minutes broadcast over 7 unique days over the last 30 days, with at least 50 followers.

Are 50 Viewers on Twitch Good?

Despite how big Twitch is now, 50 viewers on your channel will put you among the top percentage of streamers. With thousands of streamers on the platform, it’s actually a good number — as long as you reach 50 viewers on average, and not occasionally, of course.

How to Get Free Viewers on Twitch?

While multiple boost Twitch viewership services offer you free credits and free trials, the best way to get free viewers on Twitch is through organic interactions with people on social media and users following Twitch streams similar to yours.

What Are Golden Hours on Twitch?

If you are based in the United States, the 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM PST window is considered the best for streaming content on Twitch. The logic is fairly simple. During these hours, you would find fewer active streamers online, allowing you to build more traction. Of course, this may vary from niche to niche and country to country. 


Growing on Twitch isn’t rocket science. You just have to be smart with your approach, and you’ll be able to find success. If you’re determined to rack up your Twitch viewership, take the 50 golden nuggets we’ve shared and put them into practice.

At the end of the day, it’s all about being consistent and putting in hours to increase your Twitch viewer count. As long as you remain persistent and do the basics right, you’re going to make it through and get incredible results. Good luck! 

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