Uncovering the 10 Best Microphone Boom Arms in 2023 for Your Setup!

Wondering why do you need a boom arm? Well, if you want to save yourself from an awkward mic positioning and a messy streaming setup, you need a boom arm in your life, stat. Not to mention, it will save you from wearing that neck strain like a badge of honor.

Therefore, it’s time to kick chaos to the curb and achieve streaming perfection with our top 10 picks of microphone boom arms. From budget-friendly to low-profile, we’ve got every kind in our kitty.

We’ll dish out the specs, pros, and cons and guide you through the ideal use cases and setups. What’s more, we’ve gone the extra mile and pitted these mic arms against their rivals in the market. Why? To ensure you make the most informed decision when choosing the ultimate boom arm for your streaming setup.

TL;DR – Top Microphone Boom Arms

1) Rode PSA1The best overall mic boom arm with 360-degree adjustability, sturdy steel construction, 3 lbs of weight capacity, and 32 inches horizontal and 33 inches vertical reach. 

2) Blue Compass PremiumA low-profile mic arm with concealed springs and cable management, 360-degree adjustability, 2.4 lbs of weight capacity, and 32 inches of vertical and horizontal reach. 

3) Neewer NW-35One of the best budget-friendly microphone boom arms with a 27.6 inches reach and 1kg weight capacity. It also boasts a 360-degree fully rotatable and 270-degree pivotable spigot and a double-layer pop filter. 

4) On-Stage MBS5000 The perfect mic arm for home studios with a compact body, dual suspension springs, 3.5 lbs of weight capacity, and 38 inches of reach with extension. It comes with a 10-ft pre-installed XLR cable, a C-Style clamp for the desk, and a screw-in flange mount for overhead installations. 

5) K&M 252An ideal boom arm for stage use, featuring a 3-piece foldable design and an adjustable 2-piece telescoping boom. It can support up to an eye-popping 15.4 lbs of weight and comes with non-scratching locking screws and non-slip rubber feet. 

6) Heil Sound PL-2TA sleek and stylish mic arm with a 3.5 lbs weight capacity, removable top and backplates, capped screws, and hidden internal springs.

7) Luling ArtsThe best boom arm, specifically designed for Blue Yeti mics, with an adjustable shock mount, a microphone shock mount, and 360-degree adjustability. 

8) Samson MBA38-38A solid yet portable and lightweight mic arm with 360-degree adjustability, 5 lbs of weight capacity, a 3-bolt spring system, and a shock mount. 

9) MoukeyWeighing at 1.64 lbs, this compact foldable arm comes with a 1.10 inches diameter for wired and wireless microphones and a non-slip rubber cushion pad. It allows for 360-degree adjustability and can support up to 2.2 lbs of mic weight. 

10) Elgato WaveThe best long-reach mic arm with a 360-degree horizontal rotation and a 90-degree upper vertical rotation, 29.1 inches in horizontal reach, and 4.4 lbs weight capacity. It features a ball head that adapts to screws of various sizes.

Does a Boom Arm Make Your Mic Sound Better?

A boom arm does not directly make your mic sound better. However, it can indirectly make your mic sound better by allowing you to position it in a most flattering way to your voice. This also reduces background noises and improves the overall sound quality of your recordings.

Can Any Boom Arm Work with Any Microphone?

If you’re thinking, are boom arms universal? Well, they’re not a one-size-fits-all solution. However, they offer incredible flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of microphones.

But the weight capacity of the boom arm must be able to support the microphone’s weight. Also, the microphone mount on the boom arm must be compatible with the type of microphone you are using.

10 Best Microphone Boom Arms – Our Picks after Rigorous Testing

To create our curated list of the 10 best mic boom arms, we ventured into online forums and subreddits like r/microphones and r/streaming to find the best boom arms.

We even scoured the best budget boom arm Reddit forums like r/BudgetAudiophile, r/streaming_equipment , and r/YouTubers, where budget-conscious individuals shared their wisdom.

Our team took recommendations of streamers and content creators and debated the pros and cons of various boom arms. But that wasn’t enough. To truly understand their potential, we rolled up our sleeves and got hands-on.

We rented some boom arms, borrowed a few from our streamer friends, and yes, we shamelessly splurged on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Then we put each boom arm through rigorous testing, assessing factors to ensure a comprehensive evaluation. Here are the key variables we took into account:

Construction and Durability

We assessed each boom arm’s overall construction and durability to ensure it could withstand regular use without compromising stability.


We examined the range of motion and flexibility offered by each boom arm, including horizontal and vertical rotation, as well as extension and retraction capabilities.


We tested the stability of the boom arms when fully extended, ensuring they could hold the microphone securely in place without wobbling.

Cable Management

We scrutinized the cable management options provided by each boom arm, looking for features like built-in channels or clips to keep cables organized and tangle-free.

Compatibility with Different Mics

We verified the compatibility of the boom arms with popular microphone models. By testing them with Blue Yeti and Shure SM7B, we ensured they could accommodate different sizes and attachment options.

Desk Space Usage

We evaluated how much desk space each boom arm occupied, as compact and low-profile designs can be advantageous if you have a limited workspace.

Weight Capacity

We considered the maximum weight capacity of each boom arm to ensure it could support the microphone and any additional accessories without strain.

Noise Reduction

We examined how well the boom arms reduced microphone vibrations and floor and stand noise, helping to improve the overall sound quality of recordings.

Price and Value

Lastly, we considered each boom arm’s price point in relation to its features and performance. So we could find the best value for our budget-conscious audience.

After testing numerous boom arms, we handpicked the top 10 contenders and sorted them into categories. From the best budget to the sleekest low-profile and the podcasting maestro, you can choose the boom arm that perfectly suits your budget, preference, and need. So, let’s dive into the “Boom Arm Extravaganza.”

1) Rode PSA1 – Best Overall Boom Arm

The ultimate boom arm for your microphone that will leave you wondering how you ever survived without it is none other than the Rode PSA1. It’s the crème de la crème of mic arms with its durable, high-quality steel body that can hold up to 3 lbs of weight.

A 360-degree swivel allows you to twist and turn your mic, capturing audio from any desired direction. Plus, it can stretch its arms a whopping 32 inches horizontally and 33 inches vertically and comes with a built-in shock mount to curb unwanted vibrations.

What’s more, it comes with a desk clamp and desk insert mounting options, a handy 3/8 to 5/8-inch microphone thread adaptor, and cable wraps. Compatible with most microphones weighing between 700g and 2kg, this boom arm can take your streaming game to uncharted audio dimensions.

In testing, we found the PSA1 ideal for podcasting and a home studio setup. It worked well in reducing vibrations with both condenser and dynamic mics. We also found it perfect for mounting a webcam, and its 360-degree positioning provided an excellent view of the face.

Compared to other high-quality boom arms, such as Blue Compass Premium Arm and the On-Stage MBS7500, the PSA1’s steel body is more durable. However, it’s pretty expensive and may not be suitable for all setups.

Rode PSA1
  • Broadcast-style Professional Studio Desk Boom Arm with Stard Microphone Threading
  • Over 3' Hizontal Vertical Reach
  • 360-degree Rotation

2) Blue Compass Premium – Best Low-Profile Mic Arm

If you don’t like your microphone taking up more space than necessary on your desk, a low-profile boom arm is an ideal pick. The Blue Compass Premium provides a sleek solution for those who prefer subtlety over showmanship.

A classy aluminum build, concealed springs, and cleverly disguised cable management system offer a suave on-camera experience. While the hand-tightened friction hinges reduce unwanted noises during recording, and a 360-degree swivel allows you to adjust the mic position in any direction you want.

What’s more, it can handle a whopping 2.4 lbs of weight like a champion. On top of that, this mic arm’s robust C-clamp ensures a rock-solid bond with your desk, leaving no room for wobbles or mishaps.

However, we observed the arm wobbling a bit with a heavyweight microphone like the Shure SM7B, but it worked well with Blue Yeti. And unlike PSA1, Blue Compass flaunts a modest 32 inches of reach both vertically and horizontally, which works well with a small desk.

But when we placed it on a large desk, we had to lean across the expansive space. And although it doesn’t come with a shock mount, it is compatible with all standard ones.

Overall, what we did like about the Blue Compass is its subtle and sleek design, quiet operation, hidden wire system, and less space usage. We found it a true all-star for game streaming, podcasting, and voiceovers, all from the confines of a cozy studio desk setup.

Blue Microphones Compass Premium
  • Broadcast studio-grade design with enclosed aluminum construction and internal springs.
  • Hidden channel cable management system for sophisticated on-camera looks.
  • Hand-tightened friction hinges for smooth, quiet operation.

3) Neewer NW-35 – Best Budget-Friendly Boom Arm

If you’re looking to save some cash while still rocking a top-notch mic boom arm, the Neewer NW-35 is the frugal audiophile’s secret weapon. Made of sturdy steel, this gem is perfect for YouTubers, podcasters, musicians, voice actors, and video gamers.

With an impressive reach of 27.6 inches and a 1kg weight handling capacity, it’s ready to take on any microphone challenge you throw its way. And there’s more. A 360-degree fully rotatable and 270-degree pivotable spigot allows you to twist and turn it as needed.

And let’s not forget the icing on the cake – the Neewer NW-35 features a double-layer pop filter to block unwanted noises and provide crystal-clear sound quality. You can even adjust the pop filter to your liking because, let’s face it, customization is the spice of life.

What’s more, it comes with a C-clamp to securely attach your microphone stand to tabletops or other flat surfaces using an adjustable positioning screw. No need to worry about thickness either, as it can handle a maximum table thickness of 1.7 inches.

During our rigorous testing, the Neewer NW-35 proved to be a reliable companion for our trusted Blue Yeti microphone. However, we must admit we had a few reservations about its springs.

Let’s just say, unlike the Blue Compass, they weren’t the most discreet during the recording. But despite this minor concern, the NW-35 still delivered exceptional results, especially in a home studio.

Neewer NW-35 Black Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm
  • Table mounting clamp: Designed to securely mount your microphone stand to table top or other flat surface using an adjustable positioning screw. Maximum table thickness is 1.7"/4.5cm; NOTE: It's NOT compatible with Blue Yeti and its maximum load-bearing weight is 1 kilogram
  • Pop filter: Dual nylon net helps you with prevention against plosion and popping to get your best vocal recordings.360 degree flexible gooseneck provides any angle or position adjustment as you want
  • NW-35 Mic stand: Made of all steel construction, sturdy and durable.The adjustable arms allow you to carry it with you easily and adjust the suitable angle and height to show your perfect voice.Folding type, convenient to carry

4) On-Stage MBS5000 – Best Mic Arm for Home Studios

Are you tight on space and craving a compact mic boom arm for your home studio setup? Look no further than the On-Stage MBS5000 – one of the best microphone boom arms for home studios.

Supporting a compact body and dual suspension springs, it ensures a quiet, quick, and effortless mic positioning during your epic podcasts, broadcasts, webcasts, and recording sessions. 

And don’t be fooled by its size. Because this boom arm is built like a tank and can handle 3.5 lbs of weight thanks to its robust square-tubing construction. What’s more, it comes with a 10-ft XLR cable neatly pre-installed inside, keeping your home studio setup professional and clutter-free.

Not to mention its square-tubing construction guarantees unparalleled strength and a longer lifespan. And when it comes to mounting, you get two options. The C-Style clamp can grab onto surfaces up to 2 inches thick. While the screw-in flange mount is perfect for those permanent desktop or overhead installations. 

Also, the boom arms measure 19.5 inches but can reach an impressive 38 inches at full extension. This allows you to easily mount it behind computer monitors or on the edge of your desk. In testing, we observed the MBS5000 could hold a meaty mic like Neuman TLM 102 mic.

We particularly liked that it was quieter and had no exposed springs to risk snagging our elbows on. But if you plan on podcasting in a small space, you may encounter difficulties fully extending it to its maximum length. And we also missed that it couldn’t rotate 360 degrees like the Blue Compass and PSA1.

On-Stage MBS5000 Broadcast/Webcast Microphone Boom Arm
  • Flexible. Articulating mic boom with dual suspension springs provides quiet, quick, and easy positioning of mics during podcasts, webcasts, and other broadcast and recording applications
  • Compatible. Industry-standard 5/8″-27 threaded stem mounts a wide range of popular studio and broadcast microphones weighing up to 3.5 pounds as well as other 5/8″-27 threaded accessories such as phone and tablet holders, lights, and cameras.
  • Organized. Pre-installed 10' low-noise XLR-to-XLR cable is routed through the tubing for convenient cable management that ensures your broadcast and recording setup looks neat and professional.

5) K&M 252 – Best Boom Arm for Stage Use

When it comes to getting a boom arm for stage use, you can confidently put all your eggs in one basket with the K&M 252. It supports an eye-popping 15.4 lbs of weight capacity and foldable tripod legs.

This creates a solid foundation, ensuring your mic amplifies music whether you’re a sitting performer, playing music on stage, recording in a studio, or singing while traveling.

Plus, you get the power to fine-tune your playing environment with the 2-piece telescoping boom. You can adjust its reach from 16.7 to 28.5 inches reach and height from 24.4 to 57.8 inches. Moreover, its compact size allows you to place it anywhere you desire, giving you ample space to play or record your melodies.

And there’s more. The K&M 252 has been meticulously designed with the traveling musician in mind. Its rock-solid build features a 3-piece folding design, making storage and transport a breeze. And thanks to its non-scratching locking screws and the non-slip rubber feet, it will lock firmly in place.

After putting the K&M 252 boom arm to the test, it performed exceptionally well in a large setup by allowing smoother adjustments. We also observed that it’s heavier than a regular mic stand and, unlike the Blue Compass Premium, it is not designed with small spaces in mind.

Also, its price tag may cause some sticker shock. But rest assured, you’re getting top-notch quality in return. Consider it a worthwhile investment that delivers unmatched performance and stands the test of time.

K&M Konig & Meyer 25200.500.55 Microphone Stand
  • INNOVATIVE LEADER IN STAND TECHNOLOGY: K&M’s Microphone Stand with telescoping Boom is flexible, positionable and stable. Foldable tripod legs create a sturdy base for your mic to amplify music or to record a seated vocalist in the studio or on the road.
  • CALLING ALL MUSICIANS: Adjust the 2-piece telescoping boom arm (16.7” to 28.5”) and height (24.4” to 57.8”) to create the perfect playing environment. Its compact size makes it convenient to place anywhere allowing you space to play or record music.
  • TRUSTED DESIGN: Created with the travel musician in mind the rock solid stand features a 3-piece folding design making storage a breeze. Non-scratching locking screws and non-slip rubber feet keep the base and stand firmly in place.

6) Heil Sound PL-2T – Best Mic Arm for Podcasting

When it comes to podcasting, the Heil PL-2T Overhead Broadcast Boom reigns supreme with its sleek and stylish design that effortlessly anchors to your desk. It can confidently hold microphones weighing up to a hefty 3.5 lbs, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of recording devices.

But here’s the real kicker: the top and backplates of this boom arm can be easily removed. This ensures you can conveniently tuck your microphone cable inside the boom during podcasting. 

Unlike Rode PSA1, the Heil PL-2T boasts capped screws and internal springs hidden from sight, sparing you the worry of them jutting out. What’s more, you don’t need to fumble with cable connectors that slow down your setup.

After putting the boom arm through its paces, we were blown away by its performance. It remained rock-solid, allowing for silent adjustments and ensuring the microphone stayed securely in place without any sag.

However, we did encounter a minor hiccup during our testing—the spinning tightener, while functional, proved a tad challenging to tighten down.

Additionally, the joints displayed a level of stiffness, and the mount stem wobbles a little. But despite these quirks, we were impressed by its subtle cable setup that doesn’t stick like an eyesore during podcasting.

Heil PL 2T Fully Articulating, Professional-Quality Microphone Boom Arm
  • Eliminate Noise - The PL 2T mic boom arm offers preset internal spring tension that provides silent movement during recordings.
  • Podcast - The PL 2T boom arm mic stand keeps your microphone in the same spot at all times to enhance your podcast sound.
  • Video Podcasting - Designed to eliminate velcro straps, the PL 2T is a professional-quality microphone boom arm that enhances aesthetic appeal.

7) Luling Arts – Best Boom Arm for Blue Yeti

If you’re looking for boom arms compatible with popular microphones such as Blue Yeti, you’ll find the perfect match in Luling Arts. More of a set than just a boom arm, it comes with an adjustable shock mount and a microphone shock mount. 

You can adjust the O-rings on the microphone shock mount to fit the mics with a more than 4.5 cm diameter. Moreover, it shields your studio condenser mics from physical vibration and unwanted noises.

You’ll also get a table clamp with an anti-scratch pad and a ⅜ to ⅝ inches screw adapter with the boom arm. Plus, 2 pop filters effectively block plosives, hissing, and lisping sounds.

Made of durable zinc alloy, the Luling Arts can support up to a whopping 4.4 lbs of weight. This makes it ideal for supporting standard-sized microphones like Snowball and Blue Yeti. What’s more, with its mind-blowing 360-degree adjustability, you can twist, turn, and twirl in any direction you desire.

In testing, the Luling Arts boom arm delivered top-notch sound quality in our recordings. Also, the included adapter and pop filter effortlessly accommodated our trusted Blue Yeti mic with finesse. Installation was a breeze, and we were delighted to discover that the clamp remained steadfast without any wiggling.

But unlike the Heil Sound PL-2T, the Luling Arts boom arm has exposed springs. And we did encounter a slight hiccup with the shock mount, as it didn’t fit snugly with our Blue Yeti mic. But that can be remedied by purchasing a separate shock mount.

Luling Arts Microphone Stand,Heavy Duty Mic Stand Boom Arm
  • Upgraded Spring Desk Microphone Arm Stand:The built-in spring balance system looks more upscale and professional and advanced than other arms(other stand springs are exposed).
  • Adjustable Mic Boom Arm Stand: Luling Arts tube 0.53 in diameter. others usual portion is 0.39 inch.the MAX reach of 38 inches horizontally and 37 inches vertically for your convenience.high grade steel tubing allows everlasting strength that will provide you with years of usage!
  • Space-saving and Improved Desk Clamp:Luling arts mic stand desk clamp Very strong and durable ,because our base made of completely solid,not hollow base as on the market.Luling arts mic suspension boom arm is foldable, which helps free up desk space. You can easily clip and unclip the boom arm from your desk.

8) Samson MBA38-38 – Best Boom Arm for Content Creators

If you’re a content creator seeking to level up your production game, the Samson MBA38-38 can be your sturdy sidekick. With its solid steel build and ability to support up to a massive 5 lbs of weight, it can handle all the extra accessories you need for content creation.

What’s more, it comes with a shock mount to absorb vibrations. Plus, you’ll have the power to swing your mic in any direction with its 360-degree swivel. A 3-bolt spring system allows you to push and pull the arm to adjust to your recording needs.

While its impressive 38-inch reach ensures you can position your mic precisely, capturing every word and note in style. And when it’s time to hit the road, this boom arm is as portable and lightweight as it gets.

Just detach, fold, and reattach wherever your audio adventures take you. It also comes with a C-clamp for attaching the arm to a desk. In testing, we found the MBA38-8 easy to carry around, and the adjustments were also silent.

And unlike the Rode PSA1, it was able to support additional accessories, such as a headphone holder and a pop filter. However, we observed that using it with a desk setup wasn’t ideal as the clamp was a bit bulky, and we were afraid that it would break immediately.

But overall, the Samson MBA38-8 is one of the premium mic boom arms to shine in every use case, whether traveling, recording live, or on a computer.

Samson MBA38-38” Microphone Boom Arm for Podcasting and Streaming (MBA38)
  • Highly adjustable microphone boom enables horizontal and vertical positioning for optimal microphone placement
  • 38” of maximum arm reach gives users max microphone placement flexibility, ideal for podcasting, broadcasting, streaming and voice recording setups
  • Boom arm offers 5/8”-27 mic clip threading for easy microphone integration

9) Moukey – Best Compact Mic Arm

If you require a compact mic arm to declutter your desk and free up valuable space, look no further than Moukey. It brings the perfect blend of flexibility and stability, with 360-degree adjustability allowing you to effortlessly adjust your mic’s position and angle.

With its versatile 5/8″ to 3/8″ screw adapter, it’s compatible with popular recording mics like the Blue Snowball and Blue Yeti. And let’s not forget the U-shaped pop filter that works wonders for enhancing your sound quality.

What’s more, with a diameter of 1.10 inches, it caters to both wired and wireless mics, making it a versatile choice for any setup. Furthermore, the arm can support up to 2.2 lbs of mic weight, and its aluminum alloy table clamp can adjust up to 2 inches thick of a desk.

While a non-slip rubber cushion pad keeps your desk surface scratch-free. Weighing in at just about 1.64 lbs and with a foldable design, this mic is compact and easy to store and carry around.

After subjecting Moukey to rigorous testing, we discovered that this microphone boom arm is fully compatible with our reliable Blue Yeti. We were particularly pleased with its foldable design, allowing us to carry it wherever needed.

However, compared to the impressive load capacity of the Samson MBA38-38, this compact mic arm needs to catch up. Nonetheless, considering its portable and lightweight nature and its budget-friendly price tag, it’s still an impressive boom arm.

Moukey Microphone Boom Arm
  • Adjustable and Sturdy: Easy for you to adjust the position and angle of your mic. Equipped with strong springs, this metallic mic boom arm is stable for use. (Max load: 2.2lbs)
  • Suitable for Recording Microphones: The 5/8" to 3/8" screw adapter fits recording mics, like Blue Snowball, Blue Yeti. The U-shaped pop filter can improve sound quality greatly. (Mics not included)
  • Widely Applicable: This mic holder (1.10" in diameter) with a knob for fixing, is available for wired or wireless mics. The mic arm is equipped with a sponge head to improve the sound quality.

10) Elegato Wave – Best Boom Arm for Long Reach

If you’re on the hunt for the best boom arm with a long reach, Elegato Wave can save you from cramping your waist leaning across a large desk. With its premium metal construction and anti-torsion design, it is built to handle 4.4 lbs worth of mic and accessories.

Not only does it offer exceptional durability, but its sleek and unobtrusive design ensures your view remains undisturbed. And the cherry on the top is the Elegato Wave’s ingenious cable management system with magnetic covers to keep the cables neatly hidden.

Its remarkable ball head also deserves praise, as it effortlessly adapts to screws of various sizes, including 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 5/8-inch. What’s more, with its 360-degree horizontal rotation and 90-degree upper vertical rotation, you’ll have the freedom to position your microphone exactly where you want it.

And let’s not forget about the impressive reach of this boom arm. With a staggering 29.1 inches in horizontal reach, even the most spacious desks are no match for its coverage.

In testing, we were thoroughly impressed by the Elegato Wave’s ability to position the mic exactly where we wanted. Not only that, but its cable management system left us in awe of its tidiness and organization.

Unlike other 360-degree mic arms, such as the PSA1 and Blue Compass, the Elegato Wave boasts an impressive range of upward motion. We observed this adds a touch of more flexibility that is missing in its counterparts.

Elgato Wave Mic Arm - Premium Broadcasting Boom Arm
  • Streamlined Design: internal springs and integrated cable channels.
  • Fully Adjustable: ball head and swivel base.
  • Extra Tall: 750 mm / 29.5 in vertical reach to extend over most monitors.

What Boom Arm Do Most Streamers Use?

There isn’t a single boom arm that all streamers use universally, as the choice can vary depending on individual preferences, budget, and specific requirements. However, one frequently used boom arm among streamers is Rode PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm.

It is highly regarded for its sturdiness and 360-degree rotation, allowing streamers to position their microphones precisely where needed. Moreover, it has a 32 inches horizontal and 33 inches vertical reach and can support up to 2kg of weight.

Another popular choice among streamers is the On-Stage MBS5000. It is a high-quality boom arm perfect for streamers who need a lot of weight capacity. It can hold up to 3 kg of weight, making it ideal for large microphones. Moreover, it is also very adjustable, so you can easily find the perfect position for your microphone.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Boom Arm

Here are the factors you must consider when looking for a boom arm for your microphone:

Build Quality

Look for a boom arm with sturdy and stable construction. This ensures it can securely hold your microphone in place without any wobbling. Besides, a sturdy boom arm allows you to position it as you desire and help prevent unwanted vibrations during recording or live streaming.

Wide Range of Adjustability

Check if the boom arm offers a wide range of adjustability regarding height, angle, and reach. This lets you position the microphone precisely according to your preference and recording setup. Remember to look for features like 360-degree rotation for effortless adjustments.

Compatibility with Microphone

Ensure the boom arm is compatible with your microphone model and size. Most boom arms support standard-sized microphones. But it’s always wise to check the specifications and any necessary adapters or shock mounts you may require.

Cable Management

Look for a boom arm that offers effective cable management. Built-in cable clips, or channels, keep your cables organized and prevent them from getting in the way.

Ease of Installation

Opt for a boom arm that is easy to install and set up. Look for features like a clamp or desk mounts with adjustable grip sizes, ensuring compatibility with your desk or studio setup.

Weight Capacity

Consider the maximum weight capacity of the boom arm to ensure it can support your microphone and any additional accessories like shock mounts. It’s also essential to choose a boom arm that can handle the weight without compromising stability or causing strain on the arm itself.

Portability and Compactness

If you require mobility or need to carry the boom arm while traveling, consider its portability and how compactly it can be folded or disassembled. Lightweight and foldable designs are ideal for travel or limited space scenarios.

What Is the Disadvantage of Boom Microphone?

A boom microphone is designed to be used off-camera, so if you’re using one for video, it’s important to make sure that it’s not visible in the shot. This can be difficult, especially if you’re using a long boom arm.

It’s also important to position them carefully so that they don’t pick up any unwanted noise. This can be tricky, especially if you’re moving around while recording. Besides, boom microphones are more expensive than other types of microphones.

Comparison Table

Boom ArmWeight Capacity/lbsAdjustability/degreeCable ManagementRating/10
Rode PSA13 lbs360Yes9.5
Elgato Wave4.4 lbs360 horizontal and 90 upper verticalYes9.5
Blue Compass Premium2.4 lbs360Yes9.5
On-Stage MBS50003.5 lbsNoNo9.5
Samson MBA38-385 lbs360Yes9.5
Neewer NW-352.2 lbs360 horizontal and 270 pivotal spigotNo9.0
Heil Sound PL-2T3.5 lbs360Yes9.0
K&M 25215.4 lbs180Yes8.5
Luling Arts4.4 lbs360No8.5
Moukey2.2 lbs360No8.5

FAQs – Best Microphone Boom Arms

Do Boom Mics Pick Up Background Noise?

Yes, boom mics are not immune to picking up background noises. In situations where there is significant ambient noise or poor acoustic conditions, some level of unwanted sound may still be captured.

But the extent to which they capture ambient sounds depends on the microphone’s design, the directionality pattern, and the surrounding environment. It’s also important to consider the microphone’s proximity to the sound source and the gain settings when aiming for optimal audio quality.

What Microphone Boom Does Joe Rogan Use?

Joe Rogan uses the O.C. White Co.’s ProBoom Ultima Gen2 Ultra Low Profile Adjustable Mic Boom. With a total reach of 29 inches, this particular boom arm is designed to accommodate microphones weighing between 1 and 5 pounds.

Moreover, it is unobtrusive and adjustable. So, it doesn’t take much space on a desk, gets in the way of a webcam, and can be perfectly positioned for a microphone.

What Is the Best Boom Arm at $50?

InnoGear Heavy Duty Mic Arm is the best boom arm you can get under $50. It offers full adjustability, allowing you to tilt it 135 degrees back and forth and rotate it 180 degrees up and down.

With a maximum horizontal reach of 38 inches and a vertical reach of 37 inches, it also provides ample flexibility for positioning. Furthermore, it can support a weight of up to 4.4 pounds, ensuring stability and reliability for your audio setup.

Can You Use Blue Yeti with Boom Arm?

Yes, you can use a boom arm with a Blue Yeti microphone. Although the Blue Yeti has a standard microphone stand, a boom arm can be more versatile and convenient.

It allows you to position the microphone closer to your mouth, improving the sound quality of your recordings and freeing up desk space. However, make sure to get an arm that can support the Blue Yeti mic’s 2.5 lbs weight and is adjustable. So, you can adjust the arm’s height, angle, and rotation.

What Is the Best Microphone Arm for Yeti?

The best microphone arm for Yeti depends on your needs and budget. If you’re looking for a durable and heavy-duty boom arm, the Rode PSA1 is one of the high-quality microphone boom arms to support a lot of weight. However, if you’re on a budget, the Neewer NW-35 or On-Stage MBS5000 are both great options.

How Far Should You Hold a Boom Mic?

The optimal distance for holding a boom microphone can differ based on microphone type, room acoustics, and desired audio quality. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to position the microphone as near to the sound source as feasible without obstructing the shot.

In the case of a shotgun microphone, maintaining a distance of approximately 6-10 inches from the subject is recommended. On the other hand, a distance of about 3-6 inches from the subject is advised for a condenser microphone.

Where Is the Best Place to Put a Boom Arm?

The best place to put a boom arm is to mount it on a stable stand positioned away from the camera’s field of view. It’s also crucial to ensure the arm has sufficient length without obstructing the camera’s view.

Additionally, having an adjustable arm also allows for precise positioning of the microphone, enabling you to find the ideal placement for capturing the desired audio.

Is a Microphone Boom Arm Worth It?

A boom arm can be a great investment as it can help you improve the sound quality of your recordings. It allows you to position the microphone closer to your mouth and away from any noise sources.

Moreover, they free up desk space. Also, boom arms make it easier to move around without getting up to adjust the microphone while recording or doing a live stream. But, if you need a microphone for occasional use, a boom arm may not be worth the investment.


And there you have it, the crème de la crème of microphone boom arms. We’ve meticulously crafted a list that caters to every budget, preference, and space-saving need.

From the budget-friendly Neewer NW-35 to the low-profile Blue Compass Premium, we’ve categorized them all for your convenience. So, whether you’re a podcasting prodigy or a streaming superstar, add a boom arm to your audio arsenal and elevate your recording game to soaring heights!

Rode PSA1
  • Broadcast-style Professional Studio Desk Boom Arm with Stard Microphone Threading
  • Over 3' Hizontal Vertical Reach
  • 360-degree Rotation
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