7 Best Reclining Gaming Chairs with Footrests – A 2023 Review

If you’re looking for the best reclining gaming chair with a footrest, you’re at the right place.

A reclining gaming chair with a footrest will take your gaming experience to a whole new level and give your feet a well-deserved rest during your long gaming sessions. The level of comfort and relaxation that these chairs provide is parallel to none — the standard gaming chair doesn’t even come close.

Here’s our exclusive list of the best gaming chairs with footrests:

TL;DR – Best Gaming Chair with Footrest in 2022

Here’s a quick overview of our top picks for the gaming chair with a footrest:

Footrest Series GT800AOur top pick. An ultimate gaming recliner with a footrest and massage lumber pillow. A premium-quality product.

YSSOA Swivel Recliner ChairGreat value for money. Very ergonomic gaming chair with a footrest. Comes with high-quality lumbar cushions and a headrest.

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair — A durable and safe gaming office chair with a footrest. Built with sturdy materials and upholstered in high-quality PU leather.

RESPAWN 110 Great choice to alleviate back pain. The chair comes with a USB-powered massaging function. Supported weight up to 330 lbs with the reclining angle between 90° and 155°.

Homall Gaming ChairA solid gaming chairwith a strong metal base and sturdy framing material.Recline range of 90° to 180°.

Music Series GT890MFDelivers an immersive audio experience via in-builtBluetooth speakers. Sporty design.

Dowinx 6689Excellent choice for console gamers. Made with eco-friendly material. Retractable footrest.

Is a Gaming Chair with Footrest Worth It?

Absolutely! A gaming chair with a footrest is 100% a worthwhile investment. It can save you a trip to chiropractors and physical therapists in the long run. Plus, your gaming sessions will be more comfortable, luxurious (not an exaggeration!), and fun! In terms of comfort, it’s phenomenal and provides a comfortable and ergonomic seating experience, which is particularly important if you spend extended periods of time gaming or streaming.

Furthermore, the long-term health benefits of a reclining gaming chair with a footrest make it worth your hard-earned money. Sitting on a regular office chair, you’ll find yourself hunched over. It will result in slouching that can cause serious health issues like back pain, pinched nerves, joint degeneration, rounded shoulders, and more.

On the other hand, a footrest helps support good posture by allowing you to keep your feet planted rather than dangling, so your body weight is evenly distributed through both feet.

It helps reduce fatigue and discomfort during long gaming sessions. The ability to recline and elevate the feet also reduces strain on the back and neck and improves blood circulation in the body.

Contrary to popular belief, buying a recliner will not break the bank. You can find incredible options in gaming chairs with footrests at an affordable price range.

Best Reclining Gaming Chair with Footrest – A 2022 Review!

We embarked on an exciting journey to test the top reclining gaming chair with footrests currently available on the market. The process started with an extensive search on the internet, scouring the subreddits and review platforms to get unbiased opinions. This helped us narrow down our options for the best reclining gaming chair with footrests available in the market.

Next, we started the products first-hand. A couple of chairs were unavailable in our region, so we asked our gamer friends to test those chairs on our behalf. During the testing phase, we tried different sitting positions and assessed the lumbar and head support.

Is the lumbar support adjustable and comfortable? Does the headrest provide enough support for the neck? Does it have a smooth recline mechanism? Can you recline fully without feeling like you’re going to tip over? How does the footrest complement the reclining seat? We prepared mental notes to answer all these questions, so we can recommend the right, comfortable chairs that will be perfect for your gaming quest.

The Process of Finding out the Best Gaming Reclining Chair with Footrest

Finding the perfect gaming chair is like a quest, a journey searching for the holy grail of comfort and support. First, you must gather information and do your research, much like a knight scouring the land for clues to the grail’s location. This means looking at different brands, reading reviews, and comparing features.

After the research, you’ll need to decide on a budget. Some chairs may be more expensive and offer better quality and comfort, while others may be more affordable but still provide a good experience.

But don’t worry; we’ve done you a solid. To save you from the daunting process of research and trial and error, we’ve tried several chairs ourselves and scouted Reddit and other platforms — and compiled a list of the best gaming reclining chairs with footrests. Let’s begin!

Footrest Series GT800A – Best Reclining Gaming Chair with Footrest Overall

If you want the best computer gaming chair with a footrest, Footrest Series GT800A should be your number one choice. We were highly impressed with its overall feel and quality. Considering the costs and quality, it’s the ultimate gaming chair that gives you the best bang for your buck.

Imagine a throne fit for a gaming king or queen; it’s crafted from the finest materials to provide ultimate comfort and support during those marathon gaming sessions. Like other GT chairs, it’s designed and certified for durability, so you can rest assured (no pun intended) that it’s going to last you a long time.

The Footrest Series GT800A has an adjustable recline, allowing you to lean back and relax as you vanquish your enemies and conquer new worlds. 90°- 135° backrest tilt, 360° swivel, and seat height adjustment make it an incredible choice for long gaming sessions.

The chair’s ergonomic design emulates the spinal curve, which helps relieve fatigue. As you recline, a built-in footrest extends, cradling your feet and giving your legs a much-needed break. The footrest is also adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect angle for maximum comfort.

Moreover, it comes with a massage lumber pillow that can greatly help relieve back pain. You can simply plug it in via USB and enjoy a relaxing massage to soothe your back. It comes in 8 color variants, so you have plenty of options available to mix and match with your gaming setup.

Though it doesn’t have LED lighting, which could have given it an extra touch of style, it makes up for it by featuring thickened linkage soft armrest, giving you full control over your sitting position and comfort. You also get wear and tear coverage for 12 months.

Overall, Footrest Series GT800A is a perfect mix of style, comfort, and functionality that makes for a true gamer’s paradise. It has won several awards, including Forbes Best Gaming Chair for Serious Gamers, USA. With a price tag of around $130 to $150, it’s a total steal!

GTPLAYER Gaming Chair
  • Most Comfortable And Relaxing: Equipped with headrest and massage lumbar pillow. When your neck feels sore from gaming or working with head down for a long time, the headrest will relieve your fatigue. When tired from maintaining a same sitting posture, please rest assured to lean back and charge your waist pillow, it will relax your tired waist energetically.
  • More Stable Than Others: Common gaming chairs are equipped with plastic legs generally to save costs, but we still insist on applying the same material as the built-in metal frame. No fear of high or low temperature, no fear of the sunshine, no fear of wind, it will not rust and break. Whether child rolls on the chair or a pet jumps up excitedly, the sturdy metal legs will keep the chair stable firmly.
  • Liberate Your Feet: Will you feel tired for sitting all the time? Sure. Then you can choose the chair with footrest to relax your feet. When you don’t want to straighten your back and sit, just take out the footrest, put your feet up, turn on your favorite music, and start enjoying the comfort! And don’t worry about clean, it is also made of high-quality PU leather, just wipe it with a soft cloth and it will shine as new.

YSSOA Swivel Recliner Chair – Best Budget Reclining Gaming Chair with Footrest

The $110 YSSOA Swivel Recliner Chair is a great option if you’re on a budget. It comes wrapped in beautiful, soft PU leather in red and black color with detailing done via carbon-fiber material. The design is sleek and inspired by sports cars, providing an incredible gaming experience.

The design isn’t just aesthetically appealing but also very ergonomic, which ensures you sit in a balanced, straight posture. The seats are very well-padded, and we were highly impressed with the quality of the headrest and lumbar cushions from the Chinese brand.

Like the top gaming chairs, it allows full 360-degree swivel rotation to ensure seamless movement across the room. We were impressed with the attention to detail. The smooth roller wheels don’t make an annoying sound as many gaming chairs do. Also, you can lean up to 120 degrees

For a cheap gaming chair with a footrest, it surely delivers great value!

Now, let’s talk about a few downsides. First, their installation manual is not very clear about the installation, with all the screws thrown in a single box. Therefore, you may struggle to put it together if you haven’t assembled a gaming chair before.

The build-quality albeit is really good, but if you apply too much pressure on the armrest, they might start wobbling. So, you must use it a tad bit more carefully than other options in the list. But as long as you treat it gently, you’d be good to go!

YSSOA Backrest Ergonomic Video Game Chair
  • [Racing Style] This gaming chair is wrapped in black and red leatherette and carbon-fiber in a sleek, race-inspired shape, providing immersive gaming experience.
  • Comfort Design - Ergonomic design helps you maintain a neutral, balanced posture. Well-padded seat, lumbar & headrest cushions make gaming sessions more enjoyable
  • [Fully Adjustable] Large angle adjuster provides perfect angle support from 90 to 120 degrees to suit all your needs. Gas lift cylinder allows height adjusting from 16 to 19 inches. Full 360 degrees of swivel rotation enable dynamic movement.

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair– Best Heavy-Duty Gaming Chair with Footrest

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair is a heavy-duty gaming chair with a footrest designed to elevate your gaming experience to a whole new level of luxury and comfort. With a design that exudes power and prestige, it can be your iron throne in the virtual kingdom.

This gaming chair is constructed with sturdy materials and upholstered in high-quality PU leather —it feels like sitting on a cloud due to the soft, thick leather padding. It’s designed to recline 90° – 165°, allowing you to lean back and relax as you embark on your gaming adventures.

As you recline, a built-in footrest extends, giving your legs a much-needed break and allowing you to fully immerse in the game. The adjustable footrest is made of sturdy steel and allows you to sit at the perfect angle for maximum comfort.

This chair is a great option for your gaming room, bedroom, or home theater. Whether you want to engage in long gaming sessions, watch baseball/Netflix, or simply want to enjoy a nap, you can count on this chair. The best part? Our team was able to assemble the chair in roughly 7 minutes without using any extensive tools.

Carrying the price tag of $249.99, Homall Gaming Recliner Chair might seem like a tad bit of an expensive choice, but if you’re a heavy guy or gal, it’s well worth the investment. With a maximum capacity of 265 lbs, it’s one of the best heavy-duty gaming chairs with a footrest currently available in the market.

There’s just one catch. Some folks from our extended gaming community complain that this chair is not suitable for people taller than 6’1, so if you’ve got the potential to become an NBA star, perhaps you might want to consider opting for another chair in this list.

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair Racing Style
  • Quality Material:This gaming recliner is made with comfortable skin friendly high-quality PU leather and high-resilience & high-density thicker sponge which create a more comfortable gaming environment.
  • Diverse Use: The recliner can be used as three kinds of shape from 90 to 180 degree, suit for gaming, working, watching movies and napping.
  • Gamer Friendly: Compared with the racing gaming chair, gaming recliner is bigger and softer, it’s more suitable for your long time gaming. A built-in waist massager can relieve discomfort from sitting too long.

RESPAWN 110 – Best Gaming Chair with Footrest and Massage

Spending extended hours gaming can leave you with back pain. Regular office mesh chairs or even regular gaming chairs don’t cut it, so it’s worth looking for massaging gaming chairs with a footrest. We believe that RESPAWN 110 is arguably the best option in this category.

Equipped with the USB-powered massaging function, this plush gaming chair can help soothe your lumbar region and provide you ultimate comfort. You get a retractable footrest with soft padded armrests, a backrest, and a seat to keep your legs comfy.

In our opinion, the recline of 90 – 155° is pretty decent. Though the armrests are fixed — not to our liking —they are sturdy and super comfortable. Designed by SPAWN, an award-nominated brand, it’s a brilliant option for long gaming sessions.

RESPAWN 110’s 330 lbs weight support allows everyone to enjoy massaged seating experience without worrying about overloading the chair.

All things considered, this product by RESPAWN is definitely one of the best gaming chairs with footrests and massage in the market.

RESPAWN 110 Fabric Gaming Chair
  • RESPAWN 110 has been upgraded with a new redesign for 2023. With a sleeker look the updated 110 still provides the comfort personality and support needed for gaming sessions while remaining professional enough for your streams or team meetings.
  • This elevated favorite features a durable plush upholstered black faux leather with a variety of subtle color accents to fit your personality and help slay your style. The 2023 Series also welcomes a new fabric gaming chair option for a more cozy fit.
  • Integrated lumbar support and high back headrest allow for this comfy ergonomic gaming chair to always have your back. Height adjustability for a perfect fit to your PC Computer Desk at home or in the office.

Homall Gaming Chair – The Most Comfortable Gaming Chair with Footrest

Finding a really comfortable gaming chair can be an uphill battle. Cheap gaming chairs don’t cut it. The additional condition of a footrest further complicates the buying process. Luckily, Homall has stepped up its game when it comes to designing chairs that provide the ultimate comfortable seating experience.

Equipped with an ergonomic high back and footrest, this chair’s level of extra comfort is amazing! The recline range of 90° to 180° on this chair and the lumbar support cushion are key selling points of this chair.

It remains completely stable at a 180° position, which is extremely remarkable. The strong metal base and sturdy framing material keep it well-balanced and stable. So, you can sit back or even lie down and relax for long periods of time without any trouble.

Homall Gaming Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support
  • Selected Material: High density shaping foam, more comfortable, elasticity resilience and service life. 1.8mm thick steel frame, more sturdy and stable. Pu Leather, skin friendly and wear resisting.
  • Upgraded Configuration: Class 3 gas lift, durable, reliable and supports up to 300lbs. Rubber casters, rolling quietly and tested by 1000 miles rolling.
  • Multi Function: 360 degree swivel and multi direction wheels, load capacity: 300-pound maximum weight capacity. Recline function. Between 90 to 180 degree. Rocking function: chair can rock back and forth when you adjust the knob beneath the seat.

Music Series GT890MF – Best Gaming Chair with Footrest and Speakers

Music Series GT890MF can add a whole new dimension to your gaming experience with its immersive and exciting audio juggernaut. Equipped with two Bluetooth speakers, it improves the game’s overall audio quality and realism.

You must be wondering why we are raving so much about the speakers. Well, because the headphone-free experience feels great for a change. It’s like switching to a 240 Hz monitor, you think it won’t make a difference, but once you try it, you’d never revert to the 60 Hz monitor.

Aiming beyond the immersive audio experience, the 360-degree swivel chair also provides great comfort. Donning the cold polyurethane foam provides a pleasant feeling to the touch. Unlike regular PU leather, it’s more resistant and less prone to peelings, so it remains in great shape longer.

The design of Music Series GT890MF is inspired by sports car seats, so it ticks all the boxes when it comes to ergonomics. So, suffice it to say that this chair has got your back. The backrest can be set between 90° to 155°, and the footrest provides extra comfort and relaxation.

The price of the Music Series GT890MF is in the same bracket as Footrest Series GT800A, which is phenomenal, considering it comes with Bluetooth speakers. Also, like the latter chair, you get 12-month wear and tear coverage.

GTRACING Gaming Chair
  • Designed with 2 Bluetooth speakers. The surrounded sound system brings the best in your entertainment
  • Connect it to your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled devices, and enjoy music, mobile games
  • Ergonomic Design: Strong metal frame designed to help promote a comfortable seated position

Dowinx 6689 – Best Reclining Gaming Chair with Footrest for Console Gamers

Are you a console gamer on your beanie bag and couch? Consider switching to Dowinx 6689. It’s an ideal reclining gaming chair with a footrest for console gamers that will help you get rid of your slouchy posture. For test purposes, we made one of our friends — whom we call a beanbag enthusiast — try this for a week, and he couldn’t be happier.

Made with eco-friendly material, it’s a sturdy chair constructed with an alloy frame. It has a LANT gas cylinder and supports up to 350 lbs capacity, making it a suitable option for big folks. Moreover, you get a high level of mobility with ultra-smooth caster wheels, so you can remove around in it without any hassle.

The 90°-165° reclining angles are amazing for unwinding and enjoying gaming or Netflix binging sessions on your console. The rocking and retractable footrest ensures your weight is distributed evenly between your feet. You also get a flexible head pillow and lumbar support.

Moreover, the chair has a built-in massage function that runs off of a 5V USB source. It’s worth mentioning that the assembly tools that come with this chair can deform when tightening the screws. So, you might want to have Allen wrenches handy for assembly.

Dowinx Gaming Chair with Footrest (Black&Red)
  • 【NEWLY-ARRIVED】: Extraordinary sitting experience guaranteed by our newly improved linkage armrest and the massage lumbar pillow with a fits-all USB port which helps a lot with easing back pain.
  • 【EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR A CHAIR】: High level mobility supported by a 360-degree swivel and ultra-smooth caster wheels; 90°-165° reclining for working, gaming, reading or napping; 20° controllable rocking and retractable footrest for relaxing; Up to 350 lbs capacity, adjustable seat height, highly flexible head pillow and lumbar support.
  • 【FOR NOT ONLY GAMER】: The trustworthy wingback provides multi-contact for releasing your lumbar pressure while your spine is also well protected by the neck pillow. Plus, the retractable footrest and the re-designed soft wing frame further upgrade your sitting experience.

Comparing Top Gaming Chairs for Back Pain for 2022

ProductCategoryReclining AnglesMassageFootrestRatings
Footrest Series GT800ABest Reclining Gaming Chair with Footrest Overall90°- 135°YesYes9.5
YSSOA Swivel Recliner ChairBest Budget Reclining Gaming Chair with Footrestup to 120°NoYes7.0
Homall Gaming Recliner Chair PU LeatherBest Heavy-Duty Gaming Chair with Footrest90° – 165°NoYes8.0
RESPAWN 110Best Gaming Chair with Footrest and Massage90 – 155°YesYes9.2
Homall Gaming ChairMost Comfortable Gaming Chair with Footrest90 to 180°NoYes8.5
Music Series GT890MFBest Gaming Chair with Footrest and Speakers90 – 155°NoYes9.0
Dowinx -6689-Best Reclining Gaming Chair with Footrest for Console Gamers90° – 165°YesYes8.5

How Do I Choose a Reclining Gaming Chair with Footrest

Here are some important factors that you must consider during your pursuit of finding the best reclining gaming chair with a footrest:

  • Comfort: This is one of the most important factors. A chair that is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time will help prevent muscle fatigue and cramping and allow you to focus on the game.
  • Adjustability: All reclining chairs with a footrest should be able to adjust the angle of reclining and the chair’s height, so you can set it to the most comfortable position.
  • Durability: Heavy-duty gaming chairs with a footrest should be built to last and withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. Important things to watch for are frame quality and manufacturer warranty.
  • Ergonomic design: A chair that is designed with ergonomics and lumber support in mind will help reduce strain on the back, neck, and shoulders and promote good posture.
  • Additional features: Some gaming chairs with a footrest come with Bluetooth or built-in speakers, vibration motors, and other features that can enhance the gaming experience.
  • Brand and Price: Prices can be a deciding factor in many instances. Some gamers prefer specific brands and are willing to pay extra for the name, while others are looking for a chair that fits within their budget.
  • Look and Style: Gamers often look for a chair that matches their style and room. The availability of different colors can help you narrow down your options.
  • Weight capacity: It’s worth checking the supported weight of a gamingchairif you’re aplus-size individual to ensure it lasts you longer. Most chairs have a maximum weight capacity of over 200 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Gaming Chair Does PewDiePie Use?

PewDiePie uses Throttle Series chairs. The Swedish YouTuber has signed an exclusivity contract with Clutch Chairz, which are super ergonomic and designed to recline up to 180 degrees. He’s true to his heritage as it’s made by the Swedish company IKEA. In reality, these chairs are truly magnificent and come with premium features and a sturdy design.

How Much Does a Good Reclining Gaming Chair with a Footrest Cost?

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $120 to $400 for a quality reclining gaming chair with a footrest. The cost of a good reclining gaming chair with a footrest varies, depending on the brand name, features, and quality. It also depends on the additional features you are looking for. Some gaming chairs come with built-in speakers or vibration, while others have more customization options.

Keep in mind a higher price tag doesn’t equate to better quality. It’s also worth considering that a gaming chair with a footrest is a long-term investment to enjoy comfortable gaming sessions and even for your relaxation or work-related needs. Therefore, finding the right balance between cost and quality might be worth the few extra bucks.

What Is the Most Comfortable Reclining Chair for Gaming for Long Hours?

Homall Gaming Chair, with Footrest Series GT800A a close second. All the reclining chairs with a footrest that we’ve suggested in this list are super comfortable and would make for a relaxing gaming session. They are built with durable and premium-quality material to deliver a cozy and restful seating experience for gaming and relaxation.

Which Reclining Gaming Chair Is Best for Back Pain?

To alleviate back pain, we recommend using Footrest Series GT800A, RESPAWN 110, and Dowinx 6689, as all of these come with a massage feature. While you can always use an external massager, it’s great to have this option available in your gaming chair.

Also, it’s recommended that you practice good posture and step up from your seat many times a day as opposed to constantly sitting for hours to ensure your back is well-rested.

Final Words

A reclining gaming chair with a footrest allows you to fully relax and kick your feet up while you play, so you can have a more comfortable and immersive gaming experience. The premium-quality built, customizable comfort, and additional features will translate to more fun and exciting gaming sessions and keep your spinal health in check.

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair Racing Style
  • Quality Material:This gaming recliner is made with comfortable skin friendly high-quality PU leather and high-resilience & high-density thicker sponge which create a more comfortable gaming environment.
  • Diverse Use: The recliner can be used as three kinds of shape from 90 to 180 degree, suit for gaming, working, watching movies and napping.
  • Gamer Friendly: Compared with the racing gaming chair, gaming recliner is bigger and softer, it’s more suitable for your long time gaming. A built-in waist massager can relieve discomfort from sitting too long.

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