Cut the Cord: 11 Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards in 2023 (Tested & Reviewed)

Wireless gaming keyboards are no longer a novelty; they’re a viable option offering flexibility and freedom of movement that wired counterparts can’t match. With advances in technology, these keyboards are becoming increasingly reliable, addressing concerns about latency and battery life that once held them back.

In this guide, we cut through the noise to bring you a carefully curated list of the best wireless gaming keyboards of 2023. Our selections are based on rigorous testing, covering everything from key responsiveness to battery longevity.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a competitive esports player, our aim is to help you make an informed choice. Continue reading for our detailed reviews and insights into what makes each keyboard stand out.

TL;DR – Top Wireless Gaming Keyboards

1. Asus ROG Azoth: Our top overall wireless gaming keyboard that manages to check all the boxes.

2. Keychron K2 Version 2: Best wireless keyboard for people looking for a mid-range keyboard under $100. 

3. Logitech Signature K650: The best budget-friendly keyboard under $50 that manages to check a lot of boxes for the price. 

4. Asus ROG Claymore II: The best high-end premium keyboard that’s built like a tank.

5. Royal Kludge M75: Our favorite wireless mechanical keyboard that offers a certain degree of customization option. 

6. Corsair K57: The best wireless keyboard for people looking for a quiet keyboard with a rubber dome mechanism. 

7. Logitech G915 Lightspeed: A sub-compact wireless keyboard for people looking for a tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard.

8. SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini: The best compact wireless keyboard that punches well above its weight. 

9. Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro: Our top low-profile wireless mechanical gaming keyboard with short key travel. 

10. Logitech K380: The ideal choice for people who stay on the move. 

11. Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro: The top pick for RGB enthusiasts looking to enhance their gaming den. 

Are Wireless Keyboards Good for Gaming?

Absolutely. Wireless keyboards are a good choice for gaming. In addition to being convenient, modern wireless gaming keyboards come with advanced 2.4G wireless technology. They feature high polling rates, going as fast as 1,000 Hz, and impressively low latencies. They’re every bit as capable as wired keyboards and worth serious consideration.

Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards Reviewed

For this review, we kicked off by scouring the best wireless gaming keyboards in Reddit threads and analyzing hundreds of customer reviews. This was to see not just what people generally look for when buying a wireless keyboard but also to understand their overall expectations. Our goal was to determine which wireless keyboards are highly regarded among casual and esports gamers.

After spending hours doing online research and also getting insights from our in-house team members who have reviewed wireless keyboards in the past, we made a call. We selected 19 keyboards that we believed were top-notch and then tested them extensively in our labs. Our tests covered all aspects of the keyboards, including click response, tactility, key travel, input latency, polling rate, wireless connectivity, and everything else that matters to gamers.

After carefully testing and analyzing the keyboards in a controlled test environment, with multiple experts carefully evaluating each aspect of the keyboards, we eventually compiled a comprehensive list. This list includes 11 keyboards, each categorized specifically to cater to different types of users. Our aim is to provide each person with the perfect recommendation, depending on their needs and requirements.

So, without any further ado, here are the best wireless gaming keyboards of 2023:

1. Asus ROG Azoth – Best Overall Wireless Gaming Keyboard

The Asus ROG Azoth takes the lead as our top choice for gamers looking for a wireless gaming keyboard packed with features specifically designed for gaming, along with an array of options to personalize it.

The Asus ROG Azoth is a 75% keyboard with a total of 84 keys. When it comes to size, this keyboard leans towards the larger end of the spectrum for 75% of keyboards, measuring 12.83 x 5.35 x 1.57 inches. It’s a bit heavier, too, weighing in at 2.58 lbs. In fact, it’s the heaviest of 75% keyboards we tested, and overall, it’s the second heaviest keyboard on our list. 

Talking about its build quality, the Asus ROG Azoth is built like a tank. It features silicone gasket mounts, an aluminum top plate, and a plastic base. Underneath, the keyboard’s base has layers of silicon that absorb sound effectively and prevent the keyboard from sounding hollow. Overall, the keyboard feels quite dense because of its weight and doesn’t slip and slide around on the desk.

The Asus ROG Azoth offers Blue, Brown, and red switch choices. When it comes to gaming, we suggest going for the Red Switch. They give a smooth, linear response without the tactile bump of Blue and Brown switches, making them perfect for gaming. The switches are also hot-swappable and come pre-lubed right out of the box.

The Asus ROG Azoth has all the bases covered for connectivity: You can connect via 2.4G ROG SpeedNova wireless, Bluetooth, or plug it in using the USB Type-C port at the front. The SpeedNova is the way to go for gaming since it features a polling rate of 1,000 Hz and only 1 ms of latency. While Bluetooth is nice, it has a downside – the polling rate drops to 125 Hz. 

In the test, the Asus ROG Azoth impressed us with its performance. The version we reviewed came with the Red switches, and we found them to be smooth and responsive with just the right amount of actuation force and key travel. The build quality also left a lasting impression, and the SpeedNova wireless tech worked brilliantly, practically indistinguishable from the wired USB connection. 

ASUS ROG Azoth 75% Wireless DIY Custom Gaming Keyboard
  • ROG SpeedNova Wireless Technology -- ROG SpeedNova wireless technology offers up to 2,000+ hours of stable, uninterrupted near-zero-latency gameplay in 2.4 GHz RF mode (RGB and OLED off).
  • OLED Smart Display Screen -- 2-inch OLED panel can show the settings menu, media visualizations and system monitoring. Three-way control knob for adjusting RGB, Media or Music settings for a fantastic game experience.
  • Unique Gasket Mount Design -- Silicone gasket mount with three layers of dampening foam combined provides a silent keyboard and unrivaled typing experience for gaming players.
  • Hot-swappable ROG NX Mechanical Switches -- Pre-lubed switches for smoother clicks and eliminates bouncing noises respectively; fast actuation and ROG-tuned force curves provide great keystroke feel and consistency.
  • EDIY Switch Lube Kit -- The ROG Azoth includes a complete set of tools for DIY switch lubing. The kit includes a switch opener, keycap puller, switch puller, lube station, brush, and a bottle of Krytox GPL-205-GD0 lubricant, allowing players can customize the keyboard on their preference.

2. Keychron K2 Version 2 – Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard Under $100

The Keychron K2 Version 2 presents a solid choice for gamers looking for an affordable wireless mechanical keyboard with a focus on customization. 

Being a keyboard with a 75% form factor, the Keychron K2 Version 2 packs a total of 84 keys. Measuring 12.48 x 5.07 x 1.51 inches, the keyboard leans slightly toward the smaller side of 75% of keyboards. However, it’s remarkably lightweight at only 1.46 lbs. This makes it the second lightest keyboard on our list, just behind the featherweight Logitech K380.

In terms of build quality, the Keychron K2 Version 2 is available with plastic and aluminum frames. The plastic variant might feel somewhat hollow and less substantial, which is why we went for the aluminum frame version. The aluminum frame provides a solid and sturdy feel, striking the right balance in terms of weight. While the keyboard is light, its rubber feet ensure it holds its place on your desk.

As for the switches, the Keychron K2 Version 2 covers all the bases with Gateron Blue, Brown, and Red switches. Furthermore, the keyboard is also available with hot-swappable Red and Brown switches, allowing you to experiment with different switches later. Our review unit came with Gateron Reds, which we found to be a great choice for gaming.

Regarding connectivity, the Keychron K2 Version 2 offers Bluetooth and USB Type-C wired options. Unfortunately, there’s no 2.4G wireless option here, which is a bit of a letdown since Bluetooth only supports polling rates of up to 125 Hz. However, it’s important to remember that it’s a budget-friendly Bluetooth keyboard, so a few corners had to be cut to meet such an aggressive price point. 

In testing, we were impressed by Keychron K2 Version 2’s customization capabilities. Despite its budget-friendly price, it surpasses many other budget keyboards in terms of customization potential, including customizable keycaps and switches. The only real drawback is the lack of 2.4G wireless connectivity, but the keyboard’s performance is more than adequate for casual gamers. 

Keychron K2 Version 2 Wireless Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
  • A 75% layout (84-key) RGB backlight compact Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. The ultimate tenkeyless keyboard that retains shortcut and arrow keys. Aluminum frame.
  • Connects with up to 3 devices via Bluetooth 5.1 and switch among them easily. With high reliable and broad compatibility Broadcom Bluetooth chipset, the K2 is best to fit home, office and light gaming use while connecting with your smartphone, laptop and iPad. It also has wired mode with USB Type-C connection.
  • With a unique Mac layout, K2 has all necessary Mac function keys, while compatible with Windows. Extra keycaps for both Windows and Mac operating system are included.
  • K2 can last up to 72 hours typing, or up to 7 days normal use (count 8hrs per day) with a 4000 mAh big battery, which is one of the biggest in mechanical keyboard. N-key rollover (NKRO) on wired mode or 6KRO on wireless mode.
  • Charming RGB backlight with elegant keycap legends helps to type in dime environment, you can also choose other static color backlight mode. Durable Gateron mechanical switch with 50 million keystroke lifespan, providing unrivaled tactile responsiveness on the linear red switch.

3. Logitech Signature K650 – Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard Under $50

The Logitech Signature K650 is a budget-friendly, full-sized mechanical keyboard that somehow brings a lot to the table. Gamers working with a tight budget and in search of a wireless keyboard will find their match in this keyboard.

Being a full-sized keyboard, the Logitech Signature K650 is among the larger keyboards on our list, measuring 18 x 7.62 x 0.96 inches and weighing a mere 1.56 lbs. It features 104 keys, an integrated wrist rest, and a row of multimedia keys at the top. However, its weight remains manageable due to its non-mechanical, rubber dome membrane design.

Designed with a focus on budget, the Logitech Signature K650 is made entirely of plastic, which should explain why it’s so lightweight. The shell of the keyboard is made from post-consumer recycled plastic, making it both eco-friendly and remarkably durable. While the build quality may not be the best, it surpasses what one might expect from a keyboard that costs a mere $50.

The Typing experience of the Logitech Signature K650 is, unfortunately, quite lackluster, being a rubber membrane keyboard. The experience feels somewhat diluted when compared to mechanical keyboards on our list. The keys offer minimal travel and lack tactile feedback. However, it’s one of the quietest keyboards on our list, making it the perfect choice for those who prefer not to disturb others.

For connectivity, the Logitech Signature K650 uses low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) and is compatible with Logitech’s Logi Bolt receivers. Given its budget-oriented nature, this keyboard doesn’t include an integrated battery and is powered by two AA batteries. Furthermore, it does not offer a 2.4G wireless option, meaning Bluetooth is the only way to connect the keyboard to your PC or Mac wirelessly.

In conclusion, the Logitech Signature K650 is a compelling option for those on a budget. It delivers a lightweight build, a full-sized layout, multimedia buttons, and decent build quality. Its membrane keyboard is its main drawback, falling short of the auditory and tactile feedback provided by mechanical keyboards on our list. However, considering its price point, it’s difficult to be overly critical of its few shortfalls. 

Logitech Signature K650 Comfort Full-Size Wireless Keyboard
  • All Day Comfort: Integrated soft-touch keyboard palm rest meets deep-cushioned keys with that instantly familiar feeling for a satisfying typing experience
  • Achieve More with Less Effort: Wireless full-size keyboard layout with convenient access to all the right shortcut keys; save time with commands like mic mute, unmute, screenshot, and web navigation
  • Connect the Way You Like: Wireless connectivity via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) wireless technology or the included Logi Bolt receiver
  • Works on Multiple Platforms: Signature K650 Logitech Wireless Keyboard works with multiple operating systems—Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux, iPadOS, iOS and Android
  • Reliable and Hassle-Free: Your cordless keyboard won’t require new batteries for up to 36 months (may vary based on user and computing conditions); it is also easy to clean and spill-resistant
  • Simply Better Together: Upgrade to better productivity and flexibility by combining your K650 with the M650 Logitech mouse; personalize via Logi Options+ Software (Windows 10 and macOS 10.15 or later)
  • A Design Choice You’ll Feel Good About: Plastic parts in Signature K650 include certified post-consumer recycled plastic (4) (Graphite: 28%, Off White: 21%)

4. Asus ROG Claymore II – Best Hi-End Wireless Gaming Keyboard

The Asus ROG Claymore II stands out as a top-tier wireless gaming keyboard with distinct features that set it apart. Let’s take a closer look to see why:

Asus ROG Claymore II is a full-sized keyboard with the standard 104-key layout, weighing 2.54 lbs. At the top of the numeric keypad, there are four additional keys that are customizable. The numeric keypad is modular, allowing placement on either the left or right side of the keyboard, based on your preference. Removing the numeric keypad shifts the keyboard into an 80% or TKL keyboard with 87 keys.

Designed from the ground up as a high-end gaming keyboard, the Asus ROG Claymore II features a robust metal frame with durability in mind. The chassis feels solid, stiff, and rugged, and the key press feels solid with no hollow feel to it. The keyboard is undoubtedly very well made, which is to be expected, given its price point.

The Asus ROG Claymore II offers tactile Blue and Red optical switches for input. For our review, we ordered the keyboard with Red switches, ideal for gaming and general typing. These switches offer a smooth key travel without a tactile bump, accompanied by a satisfying ‘click’ upon each press. Thanks to the optical mechanism, key presses are registered almost instantly.

Regarding connectivity, the Asus ROG Claymore II uses proprietary 2.4G wireless technology called Asus Aura. During our testing, we found the Asus Aura to be one of the best wireless technologies available. It delivers a remarkable 1,000 Hz polling rate with a mere 1-millisecond latency. The performance of Asus Aura is practically on par with wired USB connectivity, a notable achievement.

Overall, the Asus ROG Claymore II checks all the necessary boxes. It features a modular numeric keypad, four extra programmable keys, and optical switches with minimal input latency. If we were to point out a minor drawback, the keyboard could benefit from a row of multimedia keys for more seamless media consumption. However, as a gaming product, it achieves excellence, as expected from a ROG-branded item.

ASUS ROG Claymore II Wireless Modular Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
  • VERSATILITY EVOLVED – With the ROG Claymore II, you can create your ideal gaming setup by placing the new detachable numpad on whichever side you prefer; then choose between wired or wireless mode and light it all up with Aura Sync. Assume full tactical control with ROG RX Optical Mechanical Switches and customizable hotkeys.
  • PLAY IT YOUR WAY - The detachable numpad can be attached on either side of the keyboard, or it can be removed entirely if you prefer to use ROG Claymore II in TKL mode (80%). It can also be programmed to be used as a macro keypad for complex in-game commands. This flexibility gives you various combinations to suit your play style and gaming setup.
  • ROG RX OPTICAL MECHANICAL SWITCHES - ROG RX Red and RX Blue Optical Mechanical Switches offer consistent, wobble-free keystrokes with a superfast 1 ms response and 100-million-keystroke lifespan. These premium switches have a hollow-square stem design and they feature embedded RGB LEDs providing all-round per-key lighting.
  • LAG-FREE CONNECTION - Play in wired or wireless 2.4 GHz RF mode, with a superfast 1 millisecond response time.
  • FAST CHARGE OR USB PASSTHROUGH - 30 minutes of USB-C fast charging* allows ROG Claymore II to be operated for up to 18 hours (lighting off). The fast-charge function can be switched off to use the provided USB passthrough for convenient connection to other devices.

5. Royal Kludge M75 – Best Mechanical Wireless Gaming Keyboard

The Royal Kludge M75 is a great mechanical keyboard for enthusiasts who want a certain degree of customization potential without dropping a small fortune on a custom-built keyboard.

It’s a 75% keyboard measuring 12.9 x 5.5 x 1.7 inches and weighs 2.7 lbs, making it the second heaviest keyboard on our list. The keyboard features 81 keys, a volume dial on the upper right side, and a small LCD display next to the arrow keys. The LCD display shows information like the battery percentage and volume level.

The Royal Kludge M75 has a minimalist design that is similar to some custom-made keyboards. It is made of plastic and metal and feels solid and sturdy. The rubber feet on the bottom prevent the keyboard from sliding around on your desk.

The highlights of the Royal Kludge M75 are its switches. It comes with a choice of Red, Brown, and Silver switches, all of which are hot-swappable. This means that you can easily change the switches if you want to. As expected, the red switches are linear, the brown ones are tactile, and the silver ones are hybrid. We tried the silver switches and found them to be perfect for gaming.

The Royal Kludge M75 has both 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. It also has a USB Type-C port for charging the built-in 3,750 mAh battery. The battery life is very good, as expected with such a large battery. The 2.4GHz connectivity is also good but doesn’t quite match the performance of proprietary wireless technologies like LightSpeed, Aura, or Hyperspeed.

Overall, the Royal Kludge M75 is a great mechanical keyboard. We especially liked the optional silver switches, which are perfect for gaming. We also liked the keyboard’s minimalist design and the hot-swappable switches. The only downside is the 2.4GHz wireless option, which has a polling rate of just 125 Hz.

RK ROYAL KLUDGE M75 Mechanical Keyboard
  • 75% layout Gasket-Mount Mechanical Keyboard: This gaming keyboard features a gasket structure, which uses gasket material between the plate and keyboard housing on both top and bottom sides. It gives the board a slightly cushioned feel, which provides a consistent, softer, and more comfortable typing feel and pleasing acoustic feedback.
  • Multi-function OLED Smart Display and Knob: Royal Kludge M75 keyboard has built-in brand new OLED screen and rotary knob, making this wireless mechanical keyboard fun! Display functions: battery level, WIN/MAC, wired/2.4G/Bluetooth mode, volume level. Knob function: switch machine, volume adjustment, switch mode.
  • Triple Mode + Multi-device Connection: This hot swappable keyboard supports 3 connection modes, including USB-C wired mode, 2.4G wireless mode and Bluetooth 5.1 mode. Up to 3 devices can be connected via Bluetooth at the same time, and can be easily switched by the knob. Compatible with Win/Mac dual system, unlimited use.
  • Hot-swappable Brown Switch: High-quality PCB supports 3/5-pin hot-swappable, so you can enjoy the fun of making your own unique keyboard without soldering. The brown switch has strong mechanical sense and quick response. It meets the needs of the public. Perfect for novice mechanical keyboard users and typists.
  • RGB Rainbow Backlight: RK gaming keyboard supports 18 RGB backlight modes, 8 monochrome backlight modes and 1 full-color backlight. The lighting can be customized by software, which shows brighter and brings more fun for customization. Please note: The RGB backlight does not come thru the keys.

6. Corsair K57 – Best Membrane Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Although many appreciate mechanical keyboards’ sound, it’s not always welcome. Often, gamers want to play quietly without disturbing others, and this is where mechanical keyboards and their loud clickety-clack-clack can pose a problem. This is when membrane keyboards come into play, and the Corsair K57 stands out as an excellent option.

In terms of size, the Corsair K57 is a full-sized keyboard with a total of 110 keys and weighs 2.09 lbs, noticeably lighter than most full-sized mechanical keyboards. A row of multimedia keys is at the top, while an additional six function keys are on the left side. These function keys are easily accessible to the left hand’s pinky finger during gaming.

The Corsair K57 is made of plastic, though it doesn’t feel flimsy or inexpensive. It also includes a detachable wrist rest at the bottom, offering ample room to comfortably place your wrists. The wrist rest is soft rubber textured and can be removed as needed. Furthermore, the keyboard features customizable RGB LED lights, a pleasant surprise considering its budget-friendly price tag.

The hallmark of membrane keyboards is their quietness, and the Corsair K57 exemplifies this trait. It’s one of the quietest keyboards we’ve tested for this review, even quieter than linear Red switches. Overall, the keyboard operates remarkably quietly, although it lacks the tactile feedback present in other keyboards on this list, which is to be expected.

Regarding connectivity, the keyboard offers both 2.4G wireless technology, dubbed ‘Slip Stream’ by Corsair, and Bluetooth connectivity. The Slip Stream wireless technology delivers a rapid 1,000 Hz polling rate with 1 ms latency. Wireless connectivity was a simple plug-and-play affair, and we encountered no notable glitches or hiccups.

Overall, the Corsair K57 is the premier membrane keyboard on the market. It’s dustproof, water-resistant, and operates very quietly with smooth key travel. However, it lacks mechanical keyboards’ tactile feel, longevity, and customization options – a trade-off inherent to membrane keyboards.

CORSAIR K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard
  • Connect with hyper-fast sub-1ms Slipstream wireless low-latency Bluetooth or USB wired
  • Light it up anywhere with dynamic per-key RGB Backlighting from capellix LEDs shining brighter and consuming far less power than conventional RGB LEDs
  • Six programmable macro keys give you the in-game advantage of powerful macros or key Remaps
  • A detachable soft rubber palm rest reduces stress on your wrists so you can play longer in comfort
  • Dedicated Volume and multimedia controls give you direct control over your audio without having to interrupt your game

7. Logitech G915 Lightspeed – Best Tenkeyless (TKL) Wireless Gaming Keyboard

The Logitech G915 Lightspeed is a wireless tenkeyless (TKL) mechanical keyboard from Corsair, and it quickly became our favorite mid-sized wireless gaming keyboard with a TKL layout.

Being a TKL keyboard with 84 keys, the Logitech G915 Lightspeed’s overall dimensions fit right in the middle, measuring 15.2 x 5.9 x 0.9 inches and weighing a mere 2.26 lbs. As expected, there’s no dedicated numeric keypad. However, there’s a row of multimedia keys at the very top of the keyboard, a nice addition that allows easy control of music playback while playing a video game. 

Regarding build quality, the Logitech G915 Lightspeed is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. It feels sturdy and surprisingly light, striking a perfect balance between them. Overall, the keyboard exudes a premium feel with high-quality keycaps. Apart from the standard Black, which has become a hallmark for gaming-branded products, the keyboard is also available in White, which is a nice touch.

For input, the Logitech G915 comes in all three variations: Linear, Clicky, and Tactile. These low-profile GL switches have slightly shorter key travel than standard Cherry MX or compatible switches. In our testing, we opted for the Linear switches, widely considered to be ideal for gaming. Unsurprisingly, they proved excellent for gaming, with their low-key travel contributing to quicker in-game movements.

As the name suggests, the Logitech G915 Lightspeed employs Logitech’s iconic Lightspeed 2.4G wireless technology. For those unfamiliar, this is the very same technology found in the legendary Logitech G Pro wireless gaming mouse – often regarded as the finest wireless gaming mouse available. It’s no surprise that the wireless connection turned out to be remarkable, with a 1,000 Hz polling rate.

Overall, the Logitech G915 emerges as an exceptional keyboard for gamers looking for a performant tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with low-profile mechanical switches, and the inclusion of RGB lighting and multimedia keys is just icing. 

Logitech G915 TKL Tenkeyless Lightspeed Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • LIGHTSPEED wireless delivers pro-grade performance with flexibility and freedom from cords. Creates a clean aesthetic for battlestations. Delivers 40 hours on a single full charge.
  • LIGHTSYNC technology provides RGB lighting that synchronizes lighting with any content. Personalize each key or create custom animations from ~16.8M colors with Logitech G HUB software.
  • Low Profile mechanical switches offers the speed, accuracy and performance of a mechanical switch at half the height The GL Tactile switch produces a discernible bump at the point of actuation. Comes in 3 options: GL Tactile, GL Linear or GL Clicky.
  • Tenkeyless design provides more room for mouse movement. Store the USB receiver in the back of the keyboard for additional portability.
  • Beautifully crafted, the G915 TKL uses aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to deliver incredibly thin but rigid and durable design.
  • Enjoy 40 hours of game time on a single charge. Low battery warnings at 15 percent on the keyboard battery LED and via pop-up notification in the Logitech G HUB software. Quickly recharges in 3 hours.
  • Dedicated media controls with a precision engineered, edgeless volume wheel provide convenient and easy control to quickly play, pause, skip or mute your media.
  • Connect to multiple devices uses LIGHTSPEED or Bluetooth. Toggle between high-performance LIGHTSPEED wireless via USB receiver and Bluetooth— quickly and easily.

8. SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini – Best 60% Wireless Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini surprises with its compact size but powerful performance. Despite its tiny footprint, this 60% mechanical keyboard keeps up effortlessly with even some of the more premium keyboards.

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini features only 61 keys due to its 60% design and measures 11.5 x 4.0 x 1.6 inches. This makes it the smallest keyboard on our list. However, its size doesn’t equate to lightness as it’s surprisingly heavy at 2.48 lbs. This heft adds a dense feel, ensuring it stays steady on your desk even during vigorous typing. Overall, we really like its weight.

The keyboard’s heavy weight is due to its solid build quality, which ranks among the finest. It sports a solid metallic base paired with premium PBT keycaps that use double-shot molding. This means the text and fonts on the keys won’t fade over time. Overall, this keyboard stands out for its remarkable build quality, and we struggled to find any flaws in its craftsmanship.

Switches are another area where the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini stands out. Unlike other keyboards on our list, this one features adjustable switches. You can modify the keystroke registration depth from a mere 0.1mm to up to 3.8mm. In testing, we found the 0.2mm depth to be the sweet spot for gaming, enabling rapid, responsive key presses.

Connectivity is another aspect where the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini truly shines. It uses proprietary 2.4G wireless technology, dubbed ‘Quantum 2.0’ by SteelSeries, which provides a 1,000 Hz polling rate and 1 ms response time. The keyboard also supports Bluetooth 5.0 with a 125 Hz polling rate. A USB Type-C port is at the front for charging the internal battery or using the keyboard in wired mode.

In a nutshell, the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini is a compact keyboard that exceeds expectations. The stand feature is the adjustable switches, allowing users to customize their typing or gaming experience, and with Quantum 2.0 wireless technology rivaling wired connectivity, it’s the best wireless 60% mechanical keyboard for gaming you can buy right now.

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless HyperMagnetic Gaming Keyboard
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE & STUPIDLY FAST with OmniPoint 2.0 Adjustable HyperMagnetic switches
  • WORLD’S FASTEST KEYBOARD — 20x faster actuation, 11x faster response than traditional mechanical keyboards
  • RAPID TRIGGER — Eradicate latency arising from the physical movement of the switch through dynamic activation and deactivation of keys based on travel distance rather than a fixed point in the key travel.
  • ULTIMATE CONTROL — 40 levels of per-key actuation (0.1 – 4.0mm) – set WASD for light, ultra-fast movements and set ability keys to deep presses to avoid accidentally triggering specials
  • 2-IN-1 ACTION KEYS — Program two different actions to the same key, such as walking with a light touch or sprinting with a deep press
  • Lag-free Quantum 2.0 Dual Wireless with a 2.4GHz connection and Bluetooth 5.0
  • 60% form factor. Full-size functionality. Premium aluminum top plate. Detachable USB-C.

9. Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro – Best Low-Profile Wireless Gaming Keyboard

The Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro is a low-profile wireless mechanical keyboard that maintains full-profile keyboards’ tactile and auditory feedback.

Coming in at full size, the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro offers a complete set of 104 keys, measuring 17.22 x 5.52 x 1.1 inches and weighing 2.27 lbs. You’ll find a dedicated media key and volume roller alongside the standard keys in the upper right corner. These allow for quick volume adjustments while gaming, watching movies, or streaming online content.

As for the build quality, the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro features an aluminum top plate crafted from durable plastic that enhances the stiffness and structural rigidity of the chassis. The keycaps receive a laser-etched treatment with Razer’s ‘hyperguard’ coating, shielding them from scratches and text fading over time. Overall, the keyboard is well put together with remarkable attention to detail.

Turning to the switches, the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro features Razer’s signature optical switches, available in both linear and tactile variations. Our review unit arrived with linear switches, which proved excellent for gaming. With smooth key travel and lower noise compared to tactile switches, they produce a satisfying sound that isn’t overly loud. Additionally, these switches are rated for up to 70 million clicks, thanks to the optical mechanism – a noteworthy advantage over other switches.

For connectivity, the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro offers 2.4G wireless connectivity, leveraging Razer’s renowned HyperSpeed wireless technology found on some high-end gaming mice like the Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed. The connection was near instantaneous, thanks to a 1,000 Hz polling rate and 1 ms latency. Moreover, there’s the option to pair the keyboard with a PC or Mac via Bluetooth 5.0.

All in all, the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro left us impressed. Despite its low-profile design, it somehow delivers the tactile response of full-size keyboards, a feat in itself. Coupled with Hyperspeed wireless technology, minimal key travel, and optical switches, you’re looking at a blazing gaming experience. Overall, it’s the best low-profile keyboard you can buy right now. 

Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard
  • LOW-PROFILE LINEAR OPTICAL SWITCHES — Perform quicker keystrokes with all-new switches that have a shorter actuation height for reduced key travel, backed by a 70-million keystroke lifespan for long-lasting performance
  • TOP-CLASS CONNECTIVITY — Experience lag-free gaming and instant response with Razer HyperSpeed Wireless (2.4GHz) connection or unlock greater functionality with Bluetooth 5.0 and toggle between 3 devices
  • ULTRA-LONG UP TO 200-HOUR BATTERY LIFE — Power through an entire day of gaming without breaking a sweat, also includes a detachable Type-C cable for continued use while charging
  • ULTRA-SLIM CASING WITH DURABLE ALUMINUM TOP PLATE — The keyboard’s slim profile ensures neutral hand positioning for long hours of use with little strain, while its aluminum alloy top plate provides greater durability with a satisfying heft
  • LASER-ETCHED KEYCAPS WITH HYPERGUARD COATING — Greater protection against wear and tear compared to regular keycaps
  • MULTI-FUNCTION ROLLER AND MEDIA BUTTON — Configure them to pause, play, skip and tweak everything from brightness to volume

10. Logitech K380 – Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard for Laptop

The Logitech K380 is a lightweight, compact wireless keyboard, perfect for gamers looking for a portable option to pair with their gaming laptop on the go.

The Logitech K380 features a 75% form factor with 80 keys, designed with portability in mind. Measuring 10.9 x 4.9 x 0.6 inches, it’s the smallest keyboard on our list by far. As expected from a 75% keyboard, there’s no numeric keypad here. However, it compensates with a function row at the top, which doubles as multimedia keys – a smart space-saving feature.

When it comes to the build quality, the Logitech K380 is made entirely from plastic. This choice is logical, considering its focus on portability, and plastic tends to be much lighter than metal. Although the overall feel is somewhat plasticky, the keyboard doesn’t feel cheap or fragile. It’s made from durable plastic material that can easily withstand a few drops, if necessary.

As expected from a portable keyboard, the Logitech K380 uses a rubber dome membrane instead of mechanical switches. The keys are rounded for easier touch-based recognition, as there’s barely any key travel here. While these keys are well-suited for gaming, they may not be the best choice for typing, as they lack the tactile feedback of even low-profile mechanical switches – a little something to consider.

Regarding connectivity, the Logitech K380 only supports Bluetooth connectivity, and there’s no option for 2.4G wireless connectivity. This is reasonable given that the keyboard is designed for travelers and a dedicated RF receiver might easily be misplaced. However, that also means the keyboard is limited to a 125 Hz polling rate, more than adequate for casual gaming but a bit lacking for eSports gaming. 

All in all, the Logitech K380 shines as the perfect keyboard for frequent travelers. Its lightweight, compact design makes it highly portable, and can seamlessly fit in a laptop bag without adding significant weight. The primary drawback lies in its keys. While they deliver a satisfying gaming experience, they lack the tactile feedback necessary for extended typing sessions, and the polling rate is also a bit lacking.

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Designed for Mac: Compatible with Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac & iPad models..Wireless Type : Radio Frequency
  • WORK FROM ANYWHERE: This slim Bluetooth keyboard for Mac works with your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone -with a lightweight, minimalist iOS layout that lets you multitask at home or on the go
  • TYPE ON ANYTHING: this iOS keyboard connects to all Bluetooth wireless devices with external keyboard support. With an Apple specific layout for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS
  • EASY-SWITCH & TYPE: Pair with up to three devices— and switch between them with a tap. So you can type on the iPad, switch to your Macbook, and keep on typing
  • COMFORTABLE LAPTOP-STYLE TYPING: the compact keyboard footprint allows for less arm reaching and better body posture. Scooped, low-profile scissor keys offer a fluid, quiet, familiar laptop-like typing
  • WORRY-FREE 2-YEAR BATTERY LIFE: Two years, two AAA alkaline batteries—pre-installed. With automated power-saving technology and on/off button

11. Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro – Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard with RGB Lighting

If you’re wondering whether or not you need an RGB gaming keyboard, then the short answer is ‘Yes.’ An RGB keyboard brings its share of perks to the table, and the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro RGB wireless keyboard is a tough one to beat. But there’s more to it than just the colorful lights. Beneath the flashy RGB, you’ve got a great keyboard with the cool stuff you’d expect from a Razer-branded product.

But first, let’s talk about its size. The Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro is a full-sized mechanical keyboard with all 104 keys. It’s one of the bigger keyboards on our list, measuring 17.76 x 9.79 x 1.67 inches. And it’s on the heavier side, too, tipping the scales at 3.14 lbs. In fact, it’s the heaviest keyboard on our list. 

The heft of the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro comes from its build quality, which is top-notch, just like you’d expect from anything with the Razer brand slapped on it. The top plate is made from aluminum, and Razer claims it’s made from ‘military-grade metal.’ While the term ‘military grade’ is thrown around a lot these days, we don’t really have a reason to doubt it, as the keyboard does feel sturdy and well put together. 

Underneath the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro’s keys, you’ve Razer’s special Yellow switches. These are like a twist on the traditional Red switches but with an even shorter key travel of just 1.2mm. Each switch has a built-in RGB light, which can be customized via the Razer Chroma RGB suite. The flashy and bright lights put on quite the show, especially in dimly lit environments.

Just like the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro on our list, the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro also runs on Razer’s iconic HyperSpeed 2.4G wireless technology with a 1,000 Hz polling rate and 1 ms latency. Besides the 2.4G connection, the keyboard also features Bluetooth functionality. Lastly, there’s a USB Type-C port right up front for charging the battery and going wired if you want.

When all’s said and done, the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro is the king of RGB keyboards. With Razer Chroma RGB, you can dial in the RGB lighting just how you like it and sync it up with your games and even some apps. But even with all those colorful lights, the keyboard doesn’t compromise on usability, as the Green mechanical switches provide a great gaming experience.

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Mechanical Wireless Gaming Keyboard
  • 3 Modes of Connection: HyperSpeed Wireless for lag-free performance when gaming, Bluetooth for efficient power consumption with ability to connect up to 3 devices, and detachable USB-C for charging during use.1000 Hz Ultrapolling
  • Razer Yellow Mechanical Switches: Built for speed with an actuation point of just 1.2mm, these smooth switches have no tactile feedback and include sound dampeners to reduce its already low sound profile even further.
  • Brighter Than Ever Transparent Switch Housing: A completely clear design allows for intense lighting for better immersion in integrated games and lighting setups
  • Doubleshot ABS Keycaps: Using a doubleshot molding process to ensure the labelling never wears off, the keycaps also have extra-thick walls for toughness
  • Ergonomic Wrist Rest: Made of plush leatherette that perfectly aligns to the keyboard to relieve wrist pressure and maximize comfort over extended gaming sessions
  • Durable Construction: Supports up to 80 million clicks; made of military-grade metal top plate

Comparison Table 

KeyboardForm Factor2.4G WirelessWeight (lbs)
Asus ROG Azoth75%Asus Nova2.58
Keychron K2 V275%No1.46
Logitech K650100%No1.56
Asus ROG Claymore II80/100%Asus Aura2.54
Royal Kludge M7575%Yes2.7
Corsair K57100%Corsair Slip Stream2.09
Logitech G915TKLLogitech Lightspeed2.26
SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini60%Quantum 2.02.48
Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro100%Razer HyperSpeed2.27
Logitech K38075%No0.88
Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro100%Razer HyperSpeed3.14

Wireless Gaming Keyboards: A Quick Buying Guide

Now, you might be curious about what features to consider when choosing a wireless gaming keyboard. Well, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Most wireless keyboards offer both 2.4G RF wireless and the more traditional Bluetooth connectivity. Notably, Bluetooth is quite handy and works with almost all modern devices, like smartphones and tablets. On the other hand, 2.4G wireless needs a separate RF radio dongle to insert into the PC. Moreover, 2.4G wireless can’t work simultaneously on multiple devices like Bluetooth.

Polling Rate & Latency

The next important thing is how well the keyboard performs, which depends on its polling rate and latency. Bluetooth is limited to a 125 Hz polling rate. Meanwhile, 2.4G has no such restrictions and can be just as good as wired with up to 1,000 Hz polling rate and an impressively low latency of just 1 ms. 

So, if you want top-notch performance, go with 2.4G. If convenience matters more, then Bluetooth might be your preference.

Battery Life

Battery life is another vital aspect to consider. Here, 2.4G wireless technology offers noticeably better battery life than Bluetooth. This makes it another reason to lean toward 2.4G connectivity. Not only does 2.4G provide better performance, but it also delivers longer battery life, whereas Bluetooth tends to be more power-hungry.

Wireless Congestion

Bluetooth and 2.4G RF wireless work on the same 2.4 GHz band. Therefore, adding another wireless device could lead to more congestion if your PC setup already has many wireless 2.4G or Bluetooth devices and components.

One solution is to use more wired devices to reduce congestion a bit. Also, consider using a Bluetooth keyboard if most of your devices run on 2.4G RF wireless. Bluetooth supports FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum), which might help decrease congestion.

Optional Wired Functionality

Choosing a keyboard with added wired flexibility can be quite beneficial. This guarantees you can continue using the keyboard even when the battery is fully discharged. Moreover, keyboards relying solely on Bluetooth also get a performance boost from a wired connection as USB offers near instantaneous response time compared to Bluetooth.

Wired vs. Wireless Keyboard for Gaming

Here, we will take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of wireless keyboards over wired keyboards to see which keyboard type is the right choice for you:

FeatureWired KeyboardWireless Keyboard
Polling RateHigherLower
PriceCheaperMore expensive
PortabilityLess portableMore portable
AestheticsWires cause clutterOffer a simple, clean, and minimalistic looks to your gaming setup
Ease of useSimple. Just plug and play.More complex, requiring periodic battery recharging or replacement
Best forCompetitive gamers, people who want the most responsive keyboardMostly for casual gamers with high-end wireless keyboards able to match wired keyboards

Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

If you’re looking for not just a wireless keyboard but an entire keyboard and mouse combo, then you want to consider the following:

  1.  Amazon Basics 2.4GHz Wireless Computer Keyboard and Mouse Combo: An affordable yet surprisingly capable keyboard and mouse combo for gamers on a very tight budget.
  2.  Logitech MK570 + M705 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo: A mid-range keyboard and mouse combo from Logitech with the timeless MK570 keyboard and the compact yet capable M705 wireless optical mouse. 
  3.  Logitech MX Key S Combo: A premium keyboard and mouse combo with the Logitech MX Keys S keyboard and the highly popular Logitech MX Master 3S wireless gaming mouse. 

And if you want to learn more about wireless gaming mice, then don’t forget to check out our comprehensive guide to the best wireless gaming mice available in 2023

FAQs- Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards

What Wireless Keyboard Is the Best?

Asus ROG Azoth is one of the best – if not the best – low latency wireless gaming keyboards you can buy right now thanks to its blazing fast 1,000 Hz polling rate, Asus ROG NX mechanical switches, good battery life, and great gaming performance thanks to 1ms latency.

What Is the Best and Cheapest Wireless Gaming Keyboard in the World in 2023?

Logitech Signature K650 is one of the cheapest wireless gaming keyboards you can buy that offers performance comparable to some high-end offerings. It manages to check a lot of boxes for its highly affordable sub-$ $50 price tag. 

Do Pros Use Wireless Keyboards?

Yes. A lot of professional esports players use wireless keyboards, such as Asus ROG Azoth, Claymore II, Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro, and Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro, to name a few. 

Should You Use a Bluetooth Keyboard for Gaming?

While decent for casual gaming, Bluetooth keyboards aren’t the best choice for serious gaming. They do provide a satisfactory gaming experience for casual gamers. However, the main issue with Bluetooth keyboards lies in their 125 Hz polling rate, which is a limitation of Bluetooth wireless technology. For gamers, it’s recommended to go for wired keyboards or wireless keyboards with 2.4G wireless connectivity.

Why Are Wired Keyboards Better than Wireless?

Wired keyboards aren’t necessarily superior to wireless ones in terms of pure performance nowadays. However, they tend to be more cost-effective than comparable wireless keyboards. Additionally, they don’t rely on batteries or recharging and can keep functioning as long as they’re connected to the PC via USB.

And if you’re also considering a wired keyboard, then don’t forget to check out our universal gaming keyboard buyer’s guide to see which keyboard is the right option for you.    


And with that, our comprehensive look at the best wireless keyboard comes to a conclusion. Our top pick is the Asus ROG Azoth. This keyboard is packed with features specifically designed for gaming, including a hot-swappable switch mechanism, a 2.4G wireless connection with a polling rate of 1,000 Hz, and a durable aluminum construction.

The Keychron K2 Version 2 is a great choice if you want a more affordable option. This keyboard offers a 75% layout, Gateron mechanical switches, and both Bluetooth and USB Type-C connectivity. But no matter what your budget or needs are, there is a wireless gaming keyboard on this list that is perfect for you.

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