Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Scimitar Pro RGB is a game-changing mouse designed for MMO/MOBA fans. Check if it is a worthy successor to the award-winning Scimitar RGB model.

There are no two opinions that Corsair is among the renowned manufacturers of gaming peripherals. One of the latest models the vendor rolled out, and comes to prove that Corsair is well-aware of MMO and MOBA players’ needs.

I am excited to bring to your attention the Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB gaming mouse. In terms of design, the Pro model is not a big departure from its predecessor – the Scimitar RGB, unleashed back in 2015. Still, it outshines the original in several aspects. The Pro model comes with improved sensitivity and max DPI, updated profile creation software and an onboard profile storage. The mouse is tailored to deliver an unprecedented level of functionality and versatility.

The new Scimitar allows you to increase the DPI sensitivity to the astonishing 16,000. Although you can barely meet a gamer who uses such a high DPI, the beefed up sensor capability is beneficial, especially when we observe a trend of gradual transition to higher resolution displays. The surface calibration ensures great tracking on almost any surface.

As you have already presumed from the review title, the Scimitar Pro offers a whole lot of RGB illumination customization options. It seems Corsair has once again outperformed itself and fixed the shortcomings of the original model. However, are there any faults that have remained unfixed? Let’s look into that matter together.

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB - MMO Gaming Mouse - 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor - 12 Programmable Side Buttons - Black
  • 12 optimized mechanical side buttons designed to pro player specifications
  • 8 millimeter of key travel with secure lock
  • Predefined profiles for MMO gaming and general purpose keyboard shortcuts
  • Gaming grade 16000 DPI optical sensor

Corsair Scimitar Mouse Ergonomics

Corsair Scimitar Pro is a right-hand gaming mouse that supports palm and finger grip styles. It works fine for claw grippers, but I believe they are going to find it a bit inconvenient. The mouse is a bit heavier as compared to similar models. Having said that, the weight does not cause troubles with acceleration or wrist fatigue. Of course, a lighter FPS mouse would ensure a better speed, but after all, the Pro model is designed for games where the raw speed is not of such a crucial importance.

You also have the freedom to adjust the keys placement. In other words, if you have smaller hands, you will be able to tweak the keys so that you can reach all buttons easily.

Corsair Scimitar Size

Corsair Scimitar Pro tips the scales at 0.32 lbs or 147 grams. That weight makes it a solid performer in Doom or Dota 2, but in FPS, you will be better off if you choose a lighter mouse. The model is not the best choice for fast twitch shooters, but the side buttons it possesses clearly indicate that it is specifically designed for MOBAs and MMOs.

Button Layout

The mouse comes with a total of 17 programmable buttons- a 12-key keypad, as well as a scroll wheel, right and left clickers and two DPI buttons. The adjustable 12-key keypad resides the left side of the mouse. The keypad has been carried over from the original Scimitar. It allows 8mm of travel. In other words, you can move it forward and backwards as you see fit.

The keys are fully programmable and illuminated. The key caps have a different texture so you never have to second-guess where your thumb is resting. The illuminated section in front of the keypad changes its color based on the DPI you are on.

On the downside, the mouse does not have a dedicated thumb rest, save for the small lip at the very rear. As for the right side of the mouse, it features a finger rest with rubber texture for added grip.

Scimitar Pro has obviously met MMO fans’ buttons demands, but I consider it relevant to tell you that the great number of buttons is a two-bladed knife. It is awesome to have all spells readily available, but the excessive number of buttons means you may not be able to hold the mouse tightly. Even if you hold it tightly, you increase the chance of misclicks.

I am pleased to tell you that you will stumble upon none of these issues with the Scimitar Pro. The great tactile feedback of the buttons prevents overpressing. They require sufficient force and accidental clicks are a rarity.

Connectiity: Wired Mode Only

The Corsair Scimitar is a corded mouse you can hook to your computer via a nickel-plated USB header. The cable is braided, so that snagging is avoided.

Mouse Responsiveness and Sensor

The Scimitar Pro has a max polling rate of 1000Hz, which translates into 1ms USB response rate. The new model features 33% higher DPI as compared to its predecessor. The Scimitar Pro features an awesome response time and remarkable accuracy. The optical sensor ensures high precision movement and allows you to move the mouse smoothly and easily. I really like the selectable DPI levels. In FPS, they make a huge difference.

Scimitar Pro RGB Performance in Overwatch

I know that I have repeatedly emphasized on mouse’s exclusive capabilities in MOBAs and MMOs, but I was curious to check how the Scimitar Pro would score in FPS and Overwatch, in particular. After all, those who can afford a mouse for every genre they play are few.

I am not going to beat around the bush, the Scimitar Pro is not an all-round solution, but it can be competitive to the FPS-specific mice out there.

In the first Quick Play game, I ran Tracer and chose the highest DPI to get some fairly twitchy action. For those who have never played Overwatch, I want to clarify that Tracer is one of the fastest characters. In the second game, I chose the Widowmaker and dropped the DPI, so I could make slow, precise movements.

The sensor tracked perfectly in both matches. I tested it on various surfaces, from a wooden desk to a cloth mouse pad. Speaking of surfaces, I think it is important to mention the calibration feature you can customize via the software. It comes in handy when you are going to use the mouse on a rougher surface.

I was quite impressed by the angle snapping feature, too. Believe it or not, all corrections felt very natural.

Corsair Software and Drivers

The main software-related shortcoming with the original Corsair Scimitar was the lack of onboard memory. Luckily, that stupid omission is now fixed and the Scimitar Pro allows you to save your settings onboard instead of saving them in the cloud.

After downloading and installing the CUE software, you have to add your mouse to the connected devices, and make some software updates, if necessary. The latest updates of the Corsair Utility Engine made it even more user-friendly. All menus are really easy to understand.

The software adjustment options include quick macros, button mapping, color customization, polling rate and DPI adjustment. As a matter of fact, I am only scratching the surface. The range of customization options is actually very deep.

Wrap Up: Should You Buy It?

Corsair Scimitar Pro has all essential features its predecessor lacks. It is accurate, incredibly comfortable and arguably, the most versatile gaming mouse I have ever tested.

Although you can customize it to your desires, Scimitar Pro is designed for MMOs and MOBAs. It is true that it performed flawlessly in Overwatch, but if you are primarily a shooter player, there might be some more suitable options for you. Other than that, the Scimitar Pro is close to perfect and I have no hesitation in defining it as an ultimate weapon of avid MMO/ MOBA warriors.

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB - MMO Gaming Mouse - 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor - 12 Programmable Side Buttons - Black
  • 12 optimized mechanical side buttons designed to pro player specifications
  • 8 millimeter of key travel with secure lock
  • Predefined profiles for MMO gaming and general purpose keyboard shortcuts
  • Gaming grade 16000 DPI optical sensor

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