Gigabyte Xtreme XM300 Gaming Mouse Review

Gigabyte Xtreme XM300 offers xtreme accuracy and durability and faces no xtreme price competition. Check how affordability and functionality blend together perfectly.

The first thing that probably crosses your mind upon mentioning Gigabyte is motherboards. However, the company has also gained recognition as a manufacturer of a decent quality gaming peripherals. The products are budget friendly and the in-built advanced features secure them a spot among the best cheap gaming mice out there.

The Xtreme XM300 model precisely matches the above description and I am glad that I have found a low-cost gaming mouse that can compete with Redragon’s Mammoth for the title “Best gaming mouse under 50”.

The XM300 comes with durable Omron switches, RGB lighting, as well as an SDNS 3988 optical sensor. That sounds great on paper, but after all, there must be a good reason why some brands are more popular than others. Below, I am outlining the major pros and cons I have encountered and I am positive that by the end of this review you will have a clear vision as to whether the XM300 is the best choice for you.

If you want to find out more details about the Gigabyte Xtreme XM300 Gaming Mouse before buying it, read the review below.

Basic Specifics

The mouse is suitable for almost all gaming genres, save for MMOs where you need at least twice as many buttons. The implementation of the top-of-the-line 3988 optical sensor is probably the best you can expect from a budget model.
The Omron switches, the LEDs and the DPI indication makes the mouse a good option for novice players as well as gamers who need a replacement of their rodent and want to settle for the best quality-price ratio.
Of course, the Gigabyte Xtreme XM300 has its disadvantages, the most serious of which is the high lift-off distance that can mess up your precise aiming. Let’s explore the other pros and cons in detail, though.


I found the XM300 pretty comfortable. The rubber grips on both sides aid the comfort during long gaming sessions. Although the mouse is said to be suitable for all gripping styles, I am likely to believe its design promotes mainly palm grip. The XM300 is suitable for right-handers only, but if you are looking for a good inexpensive mouse with ambi shape, check out the Roccat Kova.


The mouse dimensions are: 8.5 x 2 x 6.5 inches. It weighs approximately 102g or 3.5oz.


The mouse has six programmable buttons as well as a scroll wheel. The latter is not tilting right and left. The left side of the mouse houses two thumb buttons and LEDs indicating the DPI you are on. The right side is devoid of any buttons. It does have a rubber grip, though.
The mouse bottom is equipped with three Teflon feet that reduce the friction and ensure faster and smoother movement. The right and left clickers use DCFC-F-7n Omron switches. Their lifespan is 20 million clicks, which makes the mouse excellent for intense clicking in MOBAs.
Right below the scroll wheel, you will find 2 buttons. Their default purpose is shifting the DPI up and down. The browser forward and back buttons are on the left side of the mouse. However, you have the freedom to remap these buttons via the Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming software.

Wired Mode Only

Gigabyte Xtreme XM300 can be hooked to your computer via a thin, light rubber cable. The USB connector is gold-plated.

Responsiveness and Sensor

The Xtreme XM300 employs the renowned SDNS3988 optical sensor and offers a DPI reaching 6,400. The sensor comes with up to 50G acceleration and supports up to 200 inches per second.
In my tests, I did not notice any jitter. The sensor ensures a reliable tracking on all matte surfaces, but if you are going to use the mouse on a glossy surface, I highly recommend investing in a good mousepad.


The software isn’t great, so arm yourself with patience and some free time. The good news is that when you adjust the settings to your liking, there will be no need to interact with the software so much.
You can rebind every button; assign macros, and shortcuts. In fact, it was the macros implementation that impressed me most. The software also enables you to adjust the lighting options, DPI sensitivity, and polling rate. You can save up to 5 profiles. On the downside, the software does not allow you to adjust the lift-off distance, which is probably the biggest pitfall of the XM300.

Wrap Up

If your rodent causes you wrist pain, you will consider it a privilege to use the Gigabyte Xtreme XM300. It feels natural in hand; it is lightweight and at the same time sturdy enough. The unobtrusive design is also praiseworthy.
Although it has its faults, the XM300 can be a formidable rival of some of the most established gaming peripherals. If you are not a brand slave and price and functionality is all that matters to you, the XM300 is well worth the purchase.

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