9 Best Headsets for Nintendo Switch in 2023 [First-Hand Tested]

Whether you want to hear the enemy lurking behind you, are ready to pounce, or just want to keep things quiet, gaming headsets are pretty much a necessity for Nintendo Switch users. After all, the Switch’s internal speakers aren’t exactly known for their superb sound quality.

While there’s no shortage of headsets in the market, many of them are downright terrible. So, to cut straight through the noise (no pun intended), our team of experts has carefully devised this buyer’s guide of the nine best headphones for Nintendo Switch to help you with your purchase.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on Nintendo Switch V1/V2, Nintendo Switch Lite, or perhaps the new and improved Nintendo Switch OLED model; we’ve covered all the bases in one go!

TL;DR – Top Nintendo Switch Headsets for 2022

1. Razer Barracuda X: This one is the top-rated Nintendo Switch Headset and our favorite, all things considered. Offers superb sound quality, great top-end frequency response, and a perfectly manageable weight of just 250 grams. A great wireless headset with a mic for Nintendo Switch that happens to be the jack of all trades and even a master of some!

2. Turtle Beach Recon 50: An affordable headset for Switch that checks almost all the boxes. Does not make too many sacrifices on audio or built quality. The best option for people on a tight budget.

3. Beyerdynamic MMX 300: A highly versatile wired headset, great for gaming. Offers a fantastic top-end with a peak frequency range of a staggering 35 kHz. The build quality is also superb.

4. Cooler Master MH-751: The best headset for people who do a lot of in-game voice chatting. Great frequency range, above-average build quality, and overall, a very good value for money.

5. SteelSeries Arctis 3: Great multi-platform headset for gamers who happen to own both a Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Easy to use and highly versatile with good audio quality.

6. Logitech G Pro X: A headset that needs no introduction. Highly popular among Reddit’s Audiophile communities for being the best surround sound headset for Switch, the headset has boomy 50mm sound drives that offer remarkable sound quality with very deep bass and mid-range.

7. JLab JBuddies Play: The best lightweight Nintendo Switch headset for children and young teenagers. The headset is extremely lightweight at only 150 grams and offers great sound quality.

8. HyperX Cloud Earbuds: Gamers who travel often and can’t carry a full-sized headset with them at all times would be hard-pressed to find a better option than HyperX Cloud Earbuds.

9. PDP Gaming LVL40: Best color-matching headset for Nintendo Switch that’s been officially licensed by Nintendo.

What Headset Can You Use with Nintendo Switch?

You can easily connect 3.5mm headsets and USB-C and USB-A headsets with the Nintendo Switch without any issues. After firmware version 13.0.0, Bluetooth headsets have also made their way into the list of Switch-compatible headsets.

So what’s the best headset for Nintendo Switch? Let’s find out!

Best Headphones for Nintendo Switch [2022 Review]: Wired, Wireless, With Mic, & Others!

An honest disclaimer: Frankly, we don’t possess the workforce nor resources to test out each and every single headset available in the market by ourselves.

So instead, we asked the knowledgeable user base of Reddit for their opinions. For this review, we visited some very popular subreddits, including r/Audiophile, r/Headphones, and of course, r/NintendoSwitch, for the community’s opinions on the best headsets for Nintendo Switch.

After weeks of tireless research, we finally narrowed our list down to the 23 best headsets for Nintendo Switch that Reddit’s community recommended.

Then we put the headsets through a series of tests to evaluate their frequency response, 16-bit dynamic range, dithering, noise shaping, sound aliasing, stereo perception, and localization, as well as total harmonic distortion (THD).

After this diligent testing, we’ve selected the nine best Nintendo Switches headsets. And following are their reviews.

Razer Barracuda X – Best Nintendo Switch Headset Overall

Razer’s iconic Barracuda X wireless headset is our top pick for the best Nintendo Switch Headset currently available, and for very good reasons.

To start off, the headset has a very compact and minimalistic look. The headbands and ear cups have soft memory foam made of Flowknit material, and the entire headset is made of good-quality plastic. Overall, the headset feels sturdy and solid.

Regarding audio output, the Razer Barracuda X has 40mm drivers with a cup diameter of 60 x 40mm. The overall impedance is 32 Ohms with a frequency range of 24 Hz to 20 kHz.

At the side of the headset is a detachable microphone with a frequency range of 10 Hz to 10 kHz, which is rather limited. Our recorded voice sounded flat, with poor lows and practically non-existent highs. But fortunately, you can plug any 3.5mm microphone into the headset.

In terms of connectivity, the Razer Barracuda X checks all the boxes. You can connect the headset via Bluetooth (only available with 2022 models), the 2.4G wireless dongle, or the available 3.5mm audio jack. Razer also includes a 1.5-meter cable in the packaging.

In testing, we found the audio quality to be superb. While the headset lacks a little bit of oomph in the low range and bass, it more than makes up for it with its fantastic highs. Even at over 80% volume, we didn’t notice any audio distortion. Everything was smooth and crackle-free.

The comfort level was also fantastic. The clamp pressure is just about right for most people. The headset is also a bit on the lighter side at just 250 grams. Overall, we found the headset to be very comfortable to wear for extended gaming periods.

In short, the Razer Barracuda X is a fantastic wireless headset with a mic for Nintendo Switch V1/V2, Nintendo Switch OLED, and Nintendo Switch Lite users.

Razer Barracuda X Wireless
  • Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 kHz.Headphones fit type:Over-Ear
  • Wireless USB-C Multi-Platform Connectivity: With a high-speed 2.4GHz connection, enjoy seamless audio whether you’re gaming at home or out with your phone, easily jumping between devices thanks to a versatile USB-C dongle with USB-A extender
  • 250g Ergonomic Design: Built for gaming marathons yet portable enough for daily commutes, its lightweight build is complemented by breathable memory foam ear cushions and swiveling earcups for a snug, comfortable fit
  • Razer TriForce 40mm Drivers: Our patented 3-part driver design pushes out exceptional highs, mids and lows that doesn’t muddy, providing deeper gaming immersion and a more dynamic listening experience for music and videos

Turtle Beach Recon 50 – Best Budget Nintendo Switch Headset

Turtle Beach Recon 50 is a budget-oriented headset that offers great audio and mic quality for the price.

Unfortunately, it looks rather bland compared to some other headsets in this list, which is to be expected from a budget headset. The headset is available in three color schemes: Black / Red, Black / Blue, and Black / Green.

Despite the ‘unexciting’ looks, the headset feels solid with good quality plastic all around and a comfortable headband with a very soft foam material. The over-ear cups are also made of synthetic leather with quite plush and comfortable foam cushions.

The headset is powered by standard 40mm drivers with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, which is typical for a pocket-friendly headset.

At the side of the left ear cup is the microphone. Rather surprisingly, the microphone’s audio quality was quite good, with decent highs and mids. While not quite up to par with the best headsets in this list, it’s more than serviceable for in-game voice chats.

In terms of connectivity, the Turtle Beach Recon 50 is a wired-only headset and comes with a 1.2-meter cable. In testing, the headphone performed decently, with strong enough mids and lows. Unfortunately, it struggled a little bit with high frequencies. But for the price, it was pretty good.

The comfort was equally as good with a gentle but firm clamp pressure, comfortable ear cushions, and a soft headband. The headset was also very light in weight at just 180 grams. Overall, we were very happy with Turtle Beach Recon 50’s sound, microphone quality, and comfort.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50
  • Crystal Clear Chat: An adjustable, high sensitivity mic picks up your voice loud and clear, and can be removed when watching movies or listening to music
  • High Quality 40 millimeter Speakers : Hear every crisp high and thundering low with these large 40 millimeter speakers
  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Play for hours (or days) in complete comfort

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 – Best Wired Nintendo Switch Headset

Beyerdynamic is a company well known for its quality studio headsets. What you may not know is that they also make gaming headsets. And their MMX 300 headset is our favorite wired headset for Nintendo Switch.

Just by looking at the headset, it’s evident that these headsets mean business with their blacked-out looks and solid metallic construction. You won’t find any RGB lights or any other ‘gamer bling.’ The Beyerdynamic MMX 300 is all about function over form.

In terms of audio output, the MMX 300 is powered by Beyerdynamic’s proprietary audio drivers with a peak frequency range of a staggering 35 kHz. For reference, the human hearing range is limited to around 22 kHz. “Overkill” is the best word to describe these fantastic drivers!

Surprisingly enough, despite the highly tuned, powerful drivers, the overall impedance of the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 is only 32 Ohms. That means you can easily connect this headset with mobile, portable devices such as the Nintendo Switch without requiring any external amps.

The headset also comes with a cardioid condenser microphone with a wide frequency range of 30 Hz to 18 kHz. Unfortunately, the microphone isn’t detachable. It’ll be there, whether you want it or not.

For connectivity, the headset is wired only and uses either the standard 3.5mm headphone jack or the larger 6.35mm jack you typically see on professional audio equipment. The wired-only nature is a small price to pay for a class-leading 35 kHz frequency range, as Bluetooth can’t transmit such a wide range of frequencies.

The audio quality is —as expected—absolutely superb. The highs and mids of the MMX 300 are mind-blowing! Yet despite an over-emphasis on high frequencies, the headset also excels in low-frequency bass, which is no small feat.

Overall, the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 is a fantastic headset, if pricey. And the truth is that it’s worth every single penny. The headset maintains a remarkable balance between lows and highs with just the right amount of mid-frequencies to keep things going effortlessly.

beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2nd Generation) Premium Gaming Headset
  • Closed stereo headset ideal for all gaming and multi-media applications.Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Compatible with all gaming consoles. Headphone frequency response : 5 - 35,000 Hz
  • Excellent intelligibility of speech due to high-quality microphone Capsule.Nominal Impedance Headphones:32 ohms

Cooler Master MH-751 – Gaming Headset for Nintendo Switch with Best Mic

Cooler Master MH-751 headset is the best for voice chat and our favorite Nintendo Switch headset with a microphone.

Just like the Beyerdynamic MMX 300, the Cooler Master MH-751 is a headset that aims to emphasize function over form. For starters, it only comes in black and looks rather utilitarian. But beyond the flat looks lies a great headset with a fantastic microphone.

The Cooler Master MH-751 headset has an over-ear design with standard 40mm drivers and a peak impedance of just 26 Ohms. Despite the low impedance, the frequency range is slightly wider than average at a 22 kHz peak, which is quite interesting.

At the side of the headset is the microphone, which is probably the highlight of the Cooler Master MH-751. We found the microphone audio quality to be absolutely astounding, with good mids and highs yet very controlled lows with minimal unwanted booms and plosives.

In terms of connectivity, the Cooler Master MH-751 is a wired-only headset and comes with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Cooler Master also includes a 1.5 meter-long cable with the headset, which is adequately long for gaming on Nintendo Switch.

The Cooler Master MH-751 was also very comfortable to use. None of our testers had any qualms regarding its build quality or comfort. Overall, it’s a solid headset, slightly on the lighter side at just 280 grams.

In terms of audio quality, the Cooler Master MH-751 didn’t disappoint. While not quite up to par with some of the other wired headsets in this list, particularly the Beyerdynamic MM3, Cooler Master MH-751 offers great value for its price.

The bass was pretty good, and the mids were vibrant. To absolutely nitpick, the highs were just a little muted and flat, but overall, the Cooler Master MH-751 offered excellent sound quality.

Cooler Master MH-751
  • The MH751 gaming headset offers high quality sound with high comfort fit for your longest battle Royale sessions
  • 40 millimeter neodymium drivers provide full, balanced 2.0 sound for total immersion and full situational awareness of your surroundings
  • The Omni directional boom mic keeps communication in your squad crystal clear while reducing any annoying background noise

SteelSeries Arctis 3 – Best Headset for Nintendo Switch and PS4

Gamers who happen to own both a Nintendo Switch and a PlayStation 4, and are looking for a multi-platform headset should consider the SteelSeries Arctis 3 headset.

The headset is currently available in two colors: White and Black. In terms of design aesthetics, the headset is rather basic, and there isn’t too much going on. On the surface, it looks like any other headset but don’t let its bland looks deceive you because it’s actually a very capable headset!

In terms of audio, the SteelSeries Arctis 3 comes with 40mm audio drivers, which are good for up to 20 Hz to 22 kHz frequency range. The headset impedance is 32 Ohms which is typical for a headset aimed toward mobile devices, such as the Nintendo Switch.

The retractable microphone is placed on the left earcup. You can insert it into the headset’s casing when you don’t need it, and it tucks away nicely. The microphone is bidirectional but, unfortunately, has a peak frequency of just 10 kHz.

While the microphone is good enough for in-game chatting with other players, we can’t recommend it for anything else as it lacks any high-end with a very flat frequency response.

In terms of input, you can use the headset with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The headset comes with a 3-meter-long rubber cable as standard. But the good thing is, the audio cable is detachable, and you can replace it if it ever gets damaged. Unfortunately, there’s no Bluetooth support.

As for the audio quality, the SteelSeries Arctis 3 headset performed very well. We faced no issues connecting the headset with either the Nintendo Switch or the PlayStation 4 controller. The sound quality was good, with a good top end. However, some of our testers noted the slightly weak bass.

SteelSeries Arctis 3
  • Optimal PS5 compatibility requires user to change settings on Sony PS5 – disable Sony 3D Audio and then increase default volume to 100%
  • Designed for everywhere you game, with superior sound, comfort and style on all gaming platforms, including pc, PlayStation, Xbox one, Nintendo switch via detachable 3.5 millimeter cables
  • Widely recognized as the best mic in gaming, the discord certified clear cast microphone delivers studio quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation

Logitech G Pro X – Best Nintendo Switch Headset for Playing Fortnite

Looking for the best surround sound headset for your Fortnite outings? Look no further than Logitech Pro X.

The standard variants of the G Pro X come in black. However, special editions of Logitech Pro X do offer more color options. In terms of build quality, the G Pro X is built like a tank with forks made of solid aluminum, while the headband itself is made of steel.

For audio, the Logitech G Pro X is powered by dual 50mm Pro-G audio drivers. The audio drivers have Neodymium magnets and offer a frequency range of between 20 Hz to 20 kHz with an overall impedance rating of 35 Ohms.

At the side of the Logitech G Pro X is a cardioid polar pattern microphone powered by an electret condenser. But as is the case with most headset microphones, the frequency range is limited to just 10 kHz. As a result, don’t expect the microphone to offer great voice clarity.

In terms of connectivity, the headset offers both wireless and wired connectivity. The wired variant of the G Pro X comes with a 3.5mm audio jack, which you can connect directly to your Nintendo Switch’s headphone jack.

Regarding audio quality, the Logitech G Pro X gaming headset does not disappoint. The bass is extremely good, with deep, punchy lows. The mid-levels were equally as good. However, some of the audiophiles noted that the boomy bass often muffles the high range, but aside from that, the Logitech G Pro X was universally liked by our testers.

Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset (2nd Generation)
  • Detachable pro grade microphone featuring real time Blue Voice technology, including noise reducer, compressor, limiter and more for cleaner, professional sounding voice comms; Requires included USB external sound card, Windows PC, and Logitech G HUB software
  • Next gen 7.1 and object based surround sound for greater in game positional, distance, and object awareness during gameplay. Requires included USB external sound card, Windows PC, and Logitech G HUB software
  • Soft memory foam ear-pads with your choice of premium passive noise canceling leatherette or soft, breathable velour for supreme comfort

JLab JBuddies Play – Best Children’s Headset for Nintendo Switch

Parents looking for a small, lightweight, budget-friendly wireless headset should consider the JLab JBuddies Play. It’s, without a doubt, the best lightweight headset you can buy for your child.

As expected from a headset targeted at the younger audience, the JLab JBuddies Play comes in three colors: Black, Blue, and Pink. And despite the budget-friendly price tag of the headset, the build quality is surprisingly good, making the headset perfect for careless kids.

In terms of audio, the JLab JBuddies Play headset comes with 30mm dynamic sound drivers with neodymium magnets. The overall impedance of the headset is 32 Ohms with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

While the 20 kHz peak frequency range is typical for headsets in this price range, children can detect a wider range of frequencies than adults; hence we believe a frequency range of at least 22 to 25 kHz would be ideal for a headset aimed squarely at kids.

For voice chat, the JLab JBuddies Play comes with an integrated microphone which is unfortunately not detachable. The microphone’s audio quality was also on the poorer side, with a flat frequency curve.

Regarding connectivity, the headset can be connected to the Nintendo Switch via Bluetooth. There’s also an option to use the headset in wired mode via either USB or the standard 3.5mm audio jack. In short, JLabs has covered pretty much all connectivity options with the Buddies Play.

In terms of user comfort, the headset is extremely lightweight at only 150 grams, which makes the headset a perfect choice for children. It’s also remarkably comfortable to wear for extended periods.

The battery life is also very long at over 22 hours, with a standby time of up to 400 hours. Unfortunately, the headset takes almost 3 hours to fully recharge. However, you can always use the headset via a wire, so that’s not a big issue.

Overall, JLab’s JBuddies Play is an ideal headset for children.

JLab JBuddies Play Gaming Wireless Kids Headset
  • Volume Safe: Built-in volume regulator ensures kids never listen past 85db to ensure their ears aren't damaged.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Freedom. Fits Ages 6 Years Old & Up: With young ones in mind – and a game to win – we nixed the wires. The JBuddies Play Gaming Headset have 22+ hours of playtime and provide all-day comfort and cushion support for when the kids want to play games endlessly. A built-in, retractable boom microphone lets you talk to your teammates or store back in the headphone when you play solo.
  • Gaming Audio: Designed for dual-use gaming, both mobile and console, the JBuddies Play Gaming Headset offers Bluetooth 5 with aptX and super-low 60ms latency. The sound profile is tuned specifically for gaming on mobile and console. Increased mid to high frequency response delivers clear vocals and enhanced spatial awareness.

HyperX Cloud – Best Wired Earbuds for Nintendo Switch

Gamers looking for a wired, in-ear earbud with good speakers and an affordable price tag may want to consider HyperX Cloud Earbuds.

As is the case with most HyperX products, the HyperX Cloud Earbuds are very well-built and should last you a long time. They also come with a nifty carrying case for those of you who frequently travel.

The ear tips are made of comfortable silicon material, and the cables are also made of soft, flexible rubberized material. HyperX also offers various silicone ear tips, in case you find the standard silicon tip a bit uncomfortable.

As for the sound quality, HyperX Cloud took us by surprise! We simply weren’t expecting an earbud to sound that good! To summarize, don’t judge the HyperX earbuds by their looks. They punch way above their weight!

For connectivity, the HyperX Cloud earbuds come with the standard 3.5mm audio headphone jack, and you can easily connect it with the Nintendo Switch—or pretty much anything with a 3.5mm audio jack with ease.

To summarize, HyperX Earbuds are great for Nintendo Switch owners who frequently travel and can’t carry a proper headset with them at all times.

HyperX Cloud Earbuds
  • Optimized for handheld mode
  • Signature HyperX comfort
  • Immersive in-game Audio
  • In-line mic for game chat
  • Two year

PDP Gaming LVL40 – Best Matching Headset for Nintendo Switch

Gamers looking for a color-matched two-tone headset for their Nintendo Switch would be hard-pressed to find a better matching headset than PDP’s Gaming LVL40, officially licensed by Nintendo.

Just like the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, the PDP Gaming LVL40 comes in a Blue & Red two-tone color scheme. However, it’s available in several other color options as well. However, for this review, we picked the Nintendo Switch’s signature Blue & Red color scheme, for obvious reasons.

When it comes to output, the headphone comes with 40mm audio drivers. The headset is also equipped with a standard microphone, but unfortunately, it can’t be detached from the headset.

The microphone’s audio quality was as you’d expect from a super budget-friendly headset. The mic is basically all mids with very poor lows and next to non-existent highs. However, it’s still adequate for in-game voice chat.

For connectivity, the headset comes with a standard 3.5mm audio headphone jack. Surprisingly enough, despite the budget nature of this headset, the headset supports noise cancellation!

The build quality is, unfortunately, not the strongest suit of PDP Gaming LVL40. The headset feels a little plasticky, but we can’t complain too much, given the price tag. The audio quality was also decent but not spectacular compared to what we have already seen.

But overall, the PDP Gaming LVL40 headset checks almost all boxes without compromising too much.

PDP Gaming LVL40 Wired Stereo Headset With Noise Cancelling Microphone: Black - PS5/PS4
  • WIRED COMPATIBILITY - PlayStation Official Licensed Product. Works great with PlayStation (PS5, PS4, & PS3), Windows 10 PC, Mobile, Tablet, iPad, Mac, VR, Streaming Devices
  • STEREO SOUND GAMING HEADSET - Powerful 40mm speakers deliver immersive gaming experiences with deep bass and crisp highs
  • FLEXIBLE NOISE-CANCELING MIC - Enables crystal clear voice to your teammates with less background and ambient noise. Flip up to mute microphone when not in use. Perfect for back-to-school, birthdays, & holidays. Great for travel

Comparing Top Gaming Headsets for Nintendo Switch

HeadsetSound DriverWeightRating
Razer Barracuda X40mm250g9.5
Turtle Beach Recon 5040mm180g9.5
Beyerdynamic MMX300Unspecified332g9.5
CoolerMaster MH-75140mm280g9.5
SteelSeries Arctis 340mm295g9.0
Logitech G Pro X50mm320g9.0
JLab JBuddies Play30mm150g8.5
HyperX Cloud Earbuds12mm19g8.5
PDP Gaming LVL4040mm300g8.0

How to Connect Your Headset to Nintendo Switch

Here, we will be explaining how to connect all types of wired and wireless headsets with the Nintendo Switch, as well as the Switch Dock. But before proceeding, we’d like to point out that you can’t connect a headset with either the Switch Joy-Cons or the Switch Pro Controller.

●     3.5mm Headsets: You can easily connect any wired headset with a 3.5mm audio plug via the available 3.5mm headphone jack on the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the Switch Dock itself doesn’t have a dedicated 3.5mm audio jack.

●      USB-C Headsets: Headsets with a USB-C connector can be connected to the Switch console via the available USB-C port. However, you’ll need a USB-A to USB-C adapter for the Switch Dock.

●     Bluetooth Headsets: Since the firmware update version 13.0.0, Nintendo Switch offers native support for Bluetooth Headsets. To connect, go to: System Settings > Bluetooth Audio > Pair Devices. Once your headset is paired, press ‘Okay’ to connect.

●     2.4G Wireless Headsets: 2.4G wireless headsets with a USB-A dongle can be directly connected to the Nintendo Dock but require a USB-C to USB-A adapter for the Switch console itself.

Wired vs. Wireless Headsets for Switch – Which Ones Are Better?

Wired headphones are the better option as they offer superior audio quality, require no external power, generally cost less, and offer zero latency audio output. Meanwhile, wireless headsets are more convenient to use due to the lack of wiring and are great for travelers.

How to Choose the Best Headset for Switch

To choose the best headset for the Nintendo Switch, you’ll have to consider the following aspects and specifications:

1. Fit & Comfort

The overall fit and comfort is the most important characteristic of a headset. Hence, you should always pay close attention to a headset band’s padding, ear cushions, build material, clamp pressure, and overall level of adjustability and flexibility.

2. Weight

Another important factor that gamers often overlook is the headset’s weight. The weight is especially crucial for gamers who tend to play for extended periods, as a headset that’s too heavy may cause neck pain, headaches, or even a headset dent.

3. Audio Quality

For many, the audio quality of a headset is the most important factor, which largely—though not always—depends on the diameter of the ear drivers. Larger drivers offer a better frequency and dynamic range, higher sound pressure, punchier bass, and a louder overall volume.

4. Noise Cancellation

Noise-canceling headphones are ideal for travelers as they suppress or ‘cancel’ loud noises, thus allowing gamers to focus fully on the game. Hence noise cancellation must be a top priority for gamers who travel frequently and don’t like to be disturbed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nintendo Switch Headsets

What is the Best Wireless Headset for Nintendo Switch?

Razer Barracuda X is overall the best headset you can buy for your Nintendo Switch console as it offers the best sound quality, reliable wireless connectivity, and good overall build quality and durability at a very accessible price point.

Can You Use Airpods with Switch?

Yes. You can pair and connect AirPods, as well as AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, with any model of Nintendo Switch running firmware version 13.0.0 or newer.

Can You Plug a Headset into a Nintendo Switch Controller?

Unfortunately, no. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack for wired headsets. Nor can you connect a USB-C headset with the front-facing USB-C port, as it only supports charging.

However, some third-party controllers—such as the Afterglow Deluxe+ (licensed by Nintendo)—do offer a 3.5mm headphone jack. But unlike the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, the Afterglow Deluxe+ is a wired-only headset.

Do Headphones Work While Your Switch is Docked?

Absolutely. Headphones connected with the Switch via either Bluetooth, USB-C port, or the available 3.5mm audio jack continue to work while the console is in docked mode.


Our top recommendation is undoubtedly Razer’s fantastic and highly popular Barracuda X headset for its top-notch build quality, comfort quotient, and sonic superiority.

Razer Barracuda X Wireless
  • Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 kHz.Headphones fit type:Over-Ear
  • Wireless USB-C Multi-Platform Connectivity: With a high-speed 2.4GHz connection, enjoy seamless audio whether you’re gaming at home or out with your phone, easily jumping between devices thanks to a versatile USB-C dongle with USB-A extender
  • 250g Ergonomic Design: Built for gaming marathons yet portable enough for daily commutes, its lightweight build is complemented by breathable memory foam ear cushions and swiveling earcups for a snug, comfortable fit
  • Razer TriForce 40mm Drivers: Our patented 3-part driver design pushes out exceptional highs, mids and lows that doesn’t muddy, providing deeper gaming immersion and a more dynamic listening experience for music and videos

Having said that, you can’t go wrong with any of the headsets on this list with your Nintendo Switch.

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