Future LoL Patches Bring Massive Nerfs and Buffs to Yasuo and Ornn

It seems Riot is about to implement some more or less significant changes to the League of Legends roster. According to the latest PBE update, Yasuo will receive a major buff in the next patch.

It seems Riot is about to implement some more or less significant changes to the League of Legends roster. According to the latest PBE update, Yasuo will receive a major buff in the next patch. The latest LoL champion- Ornn, will be nerfed prior its release. On top of that, a recent Riot announcement made it clear that no more couples like Xayah and Rakan will come to the game.

Yasuo the Unforgiven Buff

Since its arrival, Yasuo has always been causing troubles. Yasuo has gained recognition as players’ favorite edgy champion but in reality, good Yasuo players are a headache to play against. The problem stems from the fact that a great number of new LoL players want to try him thus enraging their experienced teammates. No matter if one has to deal with a scary-skilled Yasuo on the enemy team or a novice Yasuo on their own team, they have a good reason to ban Yasuo from the solo queue games. Consequently, Riot has decided to give him a buff.

As a matter of fact, Yasuo has been in a weak spot lately. Patch 7.11 brought him a huge nerf, and players were taken aback by the result.

Yasuo’s Q stacks decay after 6 seconds instead of 10. Therefore, he engages much faster, which leads to many more risky plays. Essentially, the nerf turned him into the epitome of a snowball champion. He is either too strong or absolutely useless.

In addition, the control mages gave Yasuo a hard time because of his inability to hang onto the Q’s tornadoes for as long as he wishes. As a result, the mages kept creating a havoc on the mid line meta.

LoL players agree that Yasuo does need the buffs. His base magic resist will be increased to 32.1 and his MR per level will be raised to 1.25. This is a massive buff that would increase his dueling potential against mages without tipping him over the lane.

Yasuo’s shield from the Way of the Wanderer is also about to undergo some changes. At level one, it will protect him for 60 points instead of 100. As compensation, it will protect him from 555 damage at max level.

According to players, the MR buffs are the most essential and the most sought-after changes expected to have a positive effect on Yasuo’s survivability.  The buffs will most probably arrive with patch 7.17.

No More Champs Like Xayah and Rakan

Xayah and Rakan are undoubtedly LoL players’ favorite lovebirds, but Riot announced that it was not going to introduce any other champions with such a unique duo synergy anytime soon.

The couple was a huge success when first released in April. Just like successful couples in real life, Xayah and Rakan give each other strength when they are together. Nevertheless, it is not crucial for them to be next to each other to be successful. Still, it is undeniable that their duo buffs are strong enough to make bot lanes want to match them together.

Despite the announcement above, players remain hopeful that Riot will consider introducing another duo of partners in crime sometime in future.

Ornn Receives a Nerf

As reported by RealGear, the newest LoL champion is Ornn- the Fire Below the Mountain. Riot has already introduced his abilities, but it seems he is to receive a major change to one of his most defining features.

Ornn has some pretty mean horns he uses to knock enemies around but they will be altered prior to his release.

There is no saying whether Riot decided to modify the horns on its own initiative or because of players’ concerns how the horns looked in-game as compared to Ornn’s splash art.

As a result of the modification, the horns will be sharper and brighter red as compared to the old version. The horns’ texture also seems to be modified. The general impression is that the new version totally fits the splash art, although those who preferred the old version argue that the sharp horns do not look as good as the old ones.

Ornn is now in PBE, and he will be released with the next League of Legends patch.

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