Paww Wavesound 3 Headphones Review

Are you looking for inexpensive Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones that possess all bells and whistles of their high-end siblings? If you do, check our extensive Paww WaveSound 3 Headphones review.

Even if you are not the geekiest person on Earth, you must have noticed the increasing number of manufacturers keen on replacing the 3.5mm headphone jack with Bluetooth connectivity and the Paww WaveSound 3 headphones are not an exception.

Many people shy away from buying wireless headphones that have a noise cancelling feature simply because most devices of this kind leave you no choice but to stalk the reduced food items at the grocery store for a week or two. And this is where the WaveSound 3 headphones come in. They incorporate an elegant design, amazing noise cancelling feature, premium build quality, wired and wireless connection and the best of all is that you don’t have to break the bank to get yourself a pair.

The WaveSound 3 active noise cancelling headphones are your perfect companion for your daily commute. Also, if you find the noise at home or at the office distracting, put on your headphones and the piercing sound of the paper shredder, the co-workers talking right next to you or the screaming neighbors will no longer bother you.

What’s more, the active noise cancelling capabilities of the WaveSound 3 make it ideal for air travel. The headphones ship with a carrying case, tangle-free cables for charging and plugging into the 3.5 mm headphone jack, as well as an airplane adapter. If you do the math, you will find out that the WaveSound 3 is actually a bargain deal.

Now, let’s explore WaveSound 3 strengths and weaknesses in detail. The active noise cancelling feature is undoubtedly one of its huge selling points but is that the only feature that sets it apart from all competitors?

The headphones come with a CSR chipset with multiple microphones and block as much as 20db of unwanted ambient noise. According to existing owners, the WaveSound 3 headphones are a great budget option for long flights across the country.

Paww Wavesound 3 Design and Build Quality

The first thing that captured my attention when I opened the box was the solid looking metal frame of the headphones which explicitly proved their durability. The plastic highlights look nice and it seems to be they are integrated into the design because of aesthetical concerns.

The control buttons are conveniently placed on one earphone and you can play and pause the music, adjust the volume, skip a track and more. The other earphone houses the switch for the active noise canceling function.

During my tests, I found out that the WaveSound 3 produces a beautiful, well-balanced sound with clear highs and warm mids. Frankly, I thought the bass would be too disturbing to my liking but I was wrong. No matter if you are a fan of rock music, country, or classical, the WaveSound 3 is your perfect match.

The headphones are versatile and suitable for travelling. They arrive with an auxiliary cable as well as an airplane adapter. No need to purchase them separately. All you have to do is to connect the cable to the headphones and the viewing system of the airplane and enjoy your flight.

The built-in microphone allows you to take calls when the headphones are connected to your smartphone.

To switch off Bluetooth, you have to hold the Bluetooth button until you hear a voice prompt. When you use the noise cancelling feature, you can turn off the Bluetooth via the switch. The independent controls come in handy, especially when you want to connect the headphones to an airplane AV system.

If you want to connect the headphones to a PC, you can either use the auxiliary cable or use the Bluetooth feature. In case your PC does not support Bluetooth connectivity, you can purchase a separate Bluetooth dongle. The same principle applies when you want to connect the headphones to a TV. For the purpose, you have to get a Bluetooth transmitter and hook it to the audio output of the TV.

If someone calls you on your mobile while you use the headphones, you can answer the call by pressing the Bluetooth button. To hang up a call, press the silver Bluetooth button on the right earcup. If you press the Bluetooth button twice, you will redial the last number you have called.

Audio Quality

To write an unbiased review, I searched far and wide for users’ feedback and I was surprised to find out that some customers compare Paww Wavesound 3 to giants like Bose, Audio Technica, or other cool headset vendors. How’s that even possible? Let’s have a listen.

If you are an audiophile used to hearing the subtlest nuances of every tone, you’d better have a look at some high-end Bose or Audio Technica models. However, if you are looking for an inexpensive device to get you through the boring daily commute or flights across the pond, I recommend you to keep reading.

The WaveSound 3 does a great job with isolating the noise and as I mentioned above, it is great for classical music or rock, but I believe some improvements are needed as far as hip-hop or electronic music is concerned. Don’t get me wrong, the headphones are gorgeous, but the bass is not as strong as I expected. Although the lowest bass tones felt a bit too soft, I still think that the headphones ensure amazing sound clarity.

As for the active noise canceling, it is one of the essential features that make the WaveSound 3 stay ahead of its counterparts in the same price category. The active noise cancelling acts as an amplifier. The volume and the bass are increased when the active noise cancelling feature is enabled.

Paww Wavesound 3 Battery Life

The battery life of the WaveSound 3 headphones is decent. Mine lasted about 24 hours before the low battery indicator started blinking. That battery life would suffice a few long flights or one week of commuting to and from work.

You can use the headphones while charging but keep in mind that without power, the noise cancelling feature is inactive. As for the battery, it is non-replaceable. Its lifespan depends on the frequency of charges, but the manufacturer claims that the battery has several years lifespan.

Are Paww WaveSound 3 Headphones Comfortable?

Wireless headphones are notorious for being a bit heavier as compared to their corded siblings. When you use the WaveSound 3 headphones for the first time, you will notice that they are a bit heavy, but I guarantee that after a few hours, the weight will not be a bother.

The earcups have a soft padding, so does the headband. To be able to cut the price, Paww has not used memory foam but in all cases, the headphones are comfortable for prolonged use, especially if you give yourself some time to get used to the weight. When not in use, the headphones can be safely stored in the compact carrying case.

If you wear glasses, you must have experienced the pressure most headphones put on your temples. I used the headphones with my computer glasses and I did not feel any pressure whatsoever.

You can even take the WaveSound 3 to the gym, although I do not recommend doing that. I mean, the headphones are made of solid materials and the sweat would not damage the electronics, but the ear cushions can get saturated. Also, I am not sure how stable they would sit on your head when you run on the treadmill.

Connectivity & Signal

According to manufacturer’s manual, the signal is strong as long as you do not go more than 30-40 feet away from the paired device. However, keep in mind that walls and other transmitting devices can affect the signal clarity. In all cases, the WaveSound 3 does a way better job than Bluetooth earbuds.

Are WaveSound 3 Headphones Better Than WaveSound 2?

At a first glance, the two models look identical in terms of design and performance. Similar to its successor, the Wavesound 2 is compatible with most smartphones and tablets. It can be paired with most devices via Bluetooth and offers an active noise cancelling feature. Its retail price is slightly lower as compared to WaveSound 3.

However, the WaveSound 3 headphones have superior noise canceling capabilities. They also have an independent control of active noise cancelling and Bluetooth meaning that you can use the noise cancellation in wired and wireless mode.

Are WaveSound 3 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones Worth the Purchase?

The WaveSound 3 headphones are my favorite budget Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancelling function. If you are planning a long trip or you need a cost-effective device that can take a lot of abuse, get the WaveSound 3 and don’t look back.

The audio quality is great and if you are more interested in getting headphones focused on sound quality rather than an overemphasized bass, the WaveSound 3 is an option to consider.

Paww WaveSound 3 Bluetooth Headphones – Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

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