Three New Sony Gaming Headsets Well on the Way

91Mobiles reported that Sony is nearly ready to announce a new lineup of gaming headsets, based on information from OnLeaks.

What some of you might find surprising is that the headphones are not going to be PlayStation-branded. Instead, they will be part of a new line of gaming hardware named “Inzone”. It could also include a gaming display or two in the future.

According to the leaked images there are going to be three models – the H3,H7 and H9. It seems they are all going to be in a different price range as the build quality is obviously different and the H3 is wired. It will supposedly have a USB-C port with a physical volume dial. Despite the wired connectivity there will be ANC, as there’s a button marked NC/AMB in the renders.

The higher tier models, H7 and H9 are going to connect over bluetooth. Both of them are going to support 360-degree spatial audio according to reports. Even though there are no official details on supported platforms, we have a good reason to believe they will support both PC and PS5. 

A separate report by Tom Henderson says we might also see Inzone-branded displays. According to him one will rock a 4K resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate, and the other will have a 240Hz refresh rate but a lower resolution at 1080p. Unfortunately there’s no information about screen sizes but they will both support HDR and variable refresh rates. As there’s also no information for supported devices, we can only hope that they’re not going to only support PS5.

Even though there’s no information about pricing, we might see an announcement as early as next week according to Henderson.

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