Turtle Beach Recon 50X Stereo Gaming Headset Review

New gaming peripherals arrive every other month, but Turtle Beach Recon 50X remains the ultimate headset for console gamers on a budget. Check out if its capabilities meet your requirements for quality and affordability.

Have you guys heard of Turtle Beach? If you pretend to be serious gamers, you must know the brand. For me, Turtle Beach is one of the manufacturers creating the best quality headsets out there and I always keep a close eye on the products they release.

You have my word that you will get in-depth reviews of the upcoming Stealth 600 headset, but this time, I want to draw your attention to the Turtle Beach Recon 50X Stereo Gaming Headset.

It would be excessive to say that Recon 50X is among the most popular Turtle Beach-branded headset, which is a shame, given its price and capabilities. The model is suitable for PC and console gamers with tight wallets and I am positive that you will not regret the purchase. Well, I know I have to draw some arguments that justify what I have just said, so let’s explore 50X’s strengths and weaknesses.

If you want to find out more details about the Turtle Beach Recon 50X Stereo Gaming Headset before buying it, read the review below.

If you have ever asked fellow gamers to recommend a good affordable gaming headset, you must have heard the advice to allocate some more money and buy an expensive model instead. Although I cannot deny that inexpensive products usually do not deliver as promised, some exceptions apply. The Recon 50X is a vivid example that you don’t have to hunt reduced goods at the supermarket just because you were reckless enough to buy a new headset and now, you wonder how to make it until the payday.

The Recon 50X headset enables you to hear gunfire and explosions from miles away. If your enemy is sneaking behind you, you may rest assured they will not go unnoticed. You will be able to hear your enemies’ footsteps in Black Ops 3, or watch your favorite Netflix movie without disturbing your roommates or family.  Also, if you use TeamSpeak or a similar platform, you can count on hearing your teammates loud and clear.

The headset features an in-line boom mic, so you can hear your teammates even during the most heated battles. The volume control adjustment is a no-brainer. Whenever you want to watch a movie and eat some snacks, remove the mic for a complete peace of mind.

In terms of compatibility, the headset works with Xbox One and PS4 consoles, but it also runs on PCs, Mac, and mobile devices. If you want to hook up the headset to your smartphone, simply plug it into the 3.5mm jack adapter.

The headset is made of durable materials. The headband is adjustable, but still, I consider it relevant to tell you that if you wear glasses, you may feel a little pressure.

Recon 50X Design and Build Quality

When you take the Recon 50X out of the box, don’t expect to get a feeling that you have purchased the most luxurious headset currently in existence. This is a classic headset and only the Turtle Beach logo hints at its decent capabilities. The ear cups are adjustable, so is the headband.

The ear cups are covered with synthetic leather padding, so that the sweating during prolonged use is minimized. As for the mic, it is detachable, but it is a bit stiff. I mean, I was afraid not to break it the first few times I tried to remove it.

The ear cups stay firm on your head. I have to tell you that Turtle Beach did the right thing with opting for circumaural design (around the ear) instead of supra-aural (on top of the ear). The circumaural design makes the headset even more comfortable to wear.

The headset is lightweight and pretty comfortable although the padding is a bit thin for my liking.

The Recon 50X may not be made of the fanciest materials, but I am positive that it is among the best gaming headsets under $50.

Recon 50X Sound Quality

Well, the Recon 50x sounds… promising, but it will not satisfy the audiophile in you. Still, if you are a casual gamer with a tight budget, the headset would suffice. The Recon 50X does not possess 7.1 surround sound or Superhuman Hearing.

As a matter of fact, it is a this is a stereo headset and I would kindly disagree with manufacturers’ statement that it delivers “crisp highs and thundering lows”. Well, okay… most headsets in the same price category have much more muddy sound. From this point of view, the 50X delivers superior sound as compared to its counterparts. That being said, the headset provides clear low to mid volumes, but clarity deteriorates at higher volumes.

The frequencies are relatively well-defined and the distortion is kept to the minimum. The 40mm Neodymium speakers allow a reasonable bass reproduction.

Microphone Quality

If we put aside the mic stiffness, I was pleasantly surprised by the mic quality. I have no hesitations in comparing the mic quality of the 50X model to the mics of the Turtle Beach headsets that cost ten times more.

If you are looking for a headset tailored predominantly for listening to music, I would not recommend the 50X. However, it is definitely among the decent budget-friendly picks for gaming purposes.

Recon 50X Compatibility with Xbox 360

Wireless gaming headsets come with a major advantage. They are compatible with every gaming device you may think of. That’s not applicable to the wired devices, though.

The Recon 50X connects to your device via a 3.5mm jack. In other words, you can plug it into a PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and even a PC. However, if you are yet to upgrade to an Xbox One and you still use the Xbox 360, you will have to take some further steps. To make the 50X compatible with your Xbox 360, you have to buy an adapter that will give you a 3.5mm jack on the bottom of the 360 controller.

Is Turtle Beach Recon 50X Worth the Purchase?

If you are determined to find a good, affordable gaming headset, you should totally give the 50X a thought. It is a good value for money, so if you do not want to go beyond your strict budget of $50 for a headset, the 50X is a great option.

I would like to point that if you are a hardcore gamer, you’d better turn your attention to the other Turtle Beach peripherals such as the Stealth 400 or Stealth 520.

However, if you want to keep it simple, and you consider the available features sufficient, you will not go wrong with the Recon 50X. When it comes down to basics, it possesses everything a casual gamer would need for an adrenaline-fueled, trouble-free gaming session.

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