Acer Predator X34 Review and Specs: Display Done Right

I’m not being funny but the Acer Predator X34 BMIPHZ’s specs and aesthetic value spell Christmas for gamers. Its whopping 34-inch and 3440×1440 curved display is gaming goodness waiting to happen. Not to mention the neat LED lights for that extra wow factor.

An Amazing Immersive Experience

I’m not being funny, but the Acer Predator X34 BMIPHZ’s specs and aesthetic value spell Christmas for gamers. Its whopping 34-inch 3440×1440-curved display is gaming goodness waiting to happen. Not to mention the neat LED lights for that extra wow factor.

Unfortunately, the feeling in your gut is right. Gear of this class comes with a hefty price tag. Check out our review outcomes for more information. That might be the final push you need before making the big decision.

Predator X34 Specifications 

Panel TypeAH-IPS 
BacklightW-LED edge array 
Screen Size32 inches
Aspect Ratio21:9
Curve Radius3800 R
Max Resolution3440 x 1440
Refresh75 Hz (100 Hz w/overclock) 
Native Color Depth10-bit (8-bit+ FRC) 
Response Time (GTG)4 ms
Brightness300 cd/ m2 
Panel Dimensions32.5 x 18-23.1 x 12.2 inches 
Panel Thickness3 inches / 77 mm 
Bezel Width0.5-1.1 inches / 12-28 mm 
Weight21.8 lbs / 9.9 kg 

Build And Design 

Acer did go over the top in building this curved gaming monitor. This panel surely earns its namesake, with the Predator logo looking all fierce and formidable. The overall build is sleek and exudes a certain dangerous aura, courtesy of its slim black body capped with stylish aluminum legs.

The Predator X34’s aesthetic value does not end there as the manufacturer added a set of bottom-facing LED lights for a fancier light show. If RGB is your thing, then you can set the lights to red, green, blue, orange, or white. You can also set them to stay static, pulsate in, or ripple from side to side.

To better suit your needs, you can tilt the display 5 degrees forward or 35 degrees back. If the height is an issue, then you can raise or lower it about 5 inches up or down. Sadly, you can’t swivel the monitor, which makes perfect sense considering how wide the display is.

Display And Performance 

I myself am not into curved gaming monitors. I am more of a multiple monitor type of gamer. However, I must say that the Acer Predator X34 BMIPHZ has managed to make a believer out of me.

The moment I sat playing Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate on this monitor, I found myself looking through the eyes of Jacob Frye. The streets and the world of London’s Victorian-era popped out realistically. The wide angles plus the stunning resolution at 3440 x 1440 delivered a crisp and sharp image as I roamed the cobblestone streets of England.

Those who are into competitive games will not be disappointed by the Predator X34. We all know that a lag-free FPS monitor is a must if you want to gain some tactical advantage in shooters. I tried playing Battlefield V, and it ran smoothly, the extra field of view offers an optimal advantage in spotting enemies. The response time of 4ms and refresh rate of 75Hz offers fast and lag-free performance that is sure to hand you more victories.

When looking for a great gaming monitor, we prioritize the extra features that distinguish the very model we are interested in from the rest. This monitor is supported by Nvidia’s G-Sync technology. This feature is meant to ensure optimum performance. It is set to eliminate stutters and screen tears by syncing a monitor directly with your GPU.

Of course, with a monitor this powerful, it would be a shame to cage its potential, limiting it to gaming purposes alone. Video editors and other multimedia professionals will appreciate the Predators X34’s raw power.

Even watching movies is more enjoyable thanks to its engulfing 21:9 aspect ratio. Colors are vivid and crisp; the AH-IPS panel grants a crystal clear image.

There is this unique breed of folk like me who are into multiple monitors. We are skeptical and reluctant to ditch the extra panel for a single wide-sized one. Reasonable concerns, but there are just as good counter-arguments. I found multitasking on Windows 10 comfortable enough. Even when I was binging Netflix in the middle, social media opened on the sides, and other apps running, the display did not feel cramped or too stretched out.

If you are starting a Twitch streaming career and would like to play in windowed mode, monitoring the stream on the side is completely doable.

Controls And Connectivity 

The Predator X34 BMIPHZ’s control inputs are located on the bottom, near the rear panel. The menu can be accessed through six small buttons hidden on the bottom right side of the screen. The buttons are miniature. In addition to their tiny size, they are placed very close to each other. That makes it quite possible to press the wrong button.

You can also find connectivity options such as DisplayPort, which is required for G-Sync, plus an HDMI to hook up your PC, console, or whatever media box it is you want to run. There are also four USB 3.0 ports, USB Type B port, and a headphone jack available if you are willing to treat this panel like a hub for all your extra peripherals.

The downside to this control and port placement is you having to bend and strain your neck to plug your stuff in. I understand why Acer did not place ports on the side. It would just look wrong with the Predator’s overall style. Still, a few extra ports would have been to my taste. And let’s also remember that there’s such a thing as a healthy gaming lifestyle. 

Added Features 

While not really home theatre system level, the Predator’s built-in 7-watt speakers can produce loud and crisp audio. You will notice that the sound integrity of most in-game sounds is still there. But if you pair this with an immersive gaming headset like the Turtle Beach Elite 800X, then be prepared to get sucked in for a long ride.

The Predator X34 is justifying its price tag with all the add-ons available. If you really want to maximize your tactical advantage, then you can add a special crosshair overlay for a better aim.

Other features that you will find useful are an on-screen frame-rate counter and a Dark Boost. The Dark Boost is my favorite, as it allows you to lighten in-game environments without sacrificing picture quality. I found it super useful in dark-toned games like Amnesia and Bloodborne. Once you’ve tweaked to your heart’s content, then you can save them to three custom profiles, so you won’t have to change settings all the time when switching games.

Final Verdict 

The Acer Predator X34 BMIPHZ is a majestic sight to behold. Its performance rating is up there with the best in the trade. The ultra-wide monitor gives flawless color precision and a contrast-rich picture for a better gaming experience. Mix it with the quad high-definition resolution and G-Sync technology, and you have a guaranteed recipe for full immersion, second only to VR.

Designers have sacrificed convenience to maintain its sleek profile, I’m looking at you small buttons and obscure ports! So, not absolute perfection.

Indeed, the main drawback remains the steep price, and unfortunately, pocket depth varies with different people. Some will be perhaps hunting for the best budget 1440 monitors. If you are among the blessed few, this panel and all the features that it offers are well worth the splurge.

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