Get Ready For Aerial Warfare In Gta Online!

Rockstar Games is set to release a new update for their popular game GTA Online on June 13th, titled San Andreas Mercenaries. This expansion will introduce aerial warfare, smuggling, and various quality-of-life changes to the game. Players will have the opportunity to team up with military pilots and vets to take on Merryweather Security, steal valuable data, launch raids, and drop bombs on specific targets.


Call of Duty to Start Taking Away Cheaters’ Guns

Call of Duty is going to introduce a new anti-cheat system that’s seemingly going to make cheating a lot more difficult by taking away the cheaters’ weapons.


What to Expect from the Xbox Event on June 12?

As you probably know E3 isn’t happening this year. That’s not stopping Microsoft from having their event though. It’s happening this Sunday (June 12) and it’s titled Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase.


The Last of Us Is Coming to PC and PS5

One of the most iconic games to ever grace the PS world, The Last of Us is being remade for PC and PS5. Rumors about a remake have been flying around for ages, and the release date was first made public as a leak, but was later confirmed.


Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege Will Be Free for a Week

Great news for Tom Clancy fans, as Rainbow Six Siege will be free to try for a week. The Free Week will start August 28th and will end on September 4th. The free version of the game will offer access to all maps, modes, and over 20 Operators available in the full version. So, the trial period is sure to give you the whole Siege experience over the Free Week. Plus, all progress made during the free week period will be carried over if you choose to purchase the game after the free trial is over.


Rocket League Rocket Pass 4 Will Include New Car and Updates

The new car, which will be made available for you when you purchase the Rocket Pass, is called the Mudcat. This is the latest rally-inspired Battle-Car, which features an Octane hitbox. Basically, it is safe to assume a lot of it will be seen, as the Octane hitbox is currently the most popular one in the game. Very much like the previous Rocket Passes, you’ll get the Mudcat as soon as you pay for that Rocket Pass Premium.